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  1. i_sounds1234

    Some modular techno

    awesome stuff man, nice set up,looks like a lot of fun
  2. i_sounds1234

    New stuff today

    nice specimens
  3. i_sounds1234

    Post your track of the day

    Really loving this piece at the moment, not sure if you guys have heard of Moondog or if he's been posted before but he is one of my favourite classical composers, the story behind him is so awesome. I recommend reading about him, he was blind from 16, was a VIKING street musician for thirty years in NYC during the 1940-70s, people thought he was homeless but he was well a respected composer who influenced the minimal composers that shaped contemporary music. A true legend.
  4. i_sounds1234

    My home made greenhouse.

    solid effort, looks awesome man!
  5. i_sounds1234

    Cactus flowering photo heavy 2015

    very nice!
  6. i_sounds1234

    seedlings to give away