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  1. seta

    Lithops porn for trichocereus seeds

    hey pimento do you grow any Conophytum? Just came across them googling Lithops(about 30 seconds ago) One site said the only difference between the two is the lack of a dormant cycle in the Conophytum.
  2. seta

    Lithops porn for trichocereus seeds

    Reminds me of quail eggs. I really want to start collecting these! I've never seen anything like it quick lithop time lapse
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys. She's been living in a dog run for the past year so I don't think she's had much exercise, she's keen to follow our kelpie pup around so hopefully that might help build up the muscles. I gave her a bunch of fresh sardines for dinner tonight, so might make that a weekly think if you think it helps. I'll mix some tumeric, parsley and gotu cola in with some rice and her roo meat and get her onto a mainly raw meat diet. thanks again for the help
  4. Hey guys does anyone know of any natural remedies for an old dog with athritis? We just picked up an old Golden Retreiver that was going to be put down and she has a pretty stiff rear end that could do with a bit of oiling up. any suggestions? cheers
  5. seta

    Cactus Giveaway

  6. seta

    Commercial Shiitake farming - album guide

    Thanks SC, some really nice photos in there
  7. seta

    Hydroponic Lophs

    I love the look of that setup, pretty cool being able to see the roots. Like the others said though, its probably best to change to a black container and add some H2O2 to get rid of the algae. Certainly going to keep an eye on this thread! awesome stuff
  8. I was looking at average rainfall for the past 20 years in my area down south and there's been a fairly significant decline in recorded rainfall. There were numerous years of 600+mm then from the early 2000's most years have received in the 300mm's with the odd 500. Its not looking good. Doesn't help that people are tapping in to salty bore water when the dams are empty either.
  9. seta

    Tobacco seeds giveaway (Shirazi)

    How are the plants looking Gimli? Is it too late to put my name on the list? cheers
  10. seta

    'dont feed after midnight' strain super grow

    I can't wait to get going with this strain. I've got some spawn colonising as we speak so hopefully I can pull off similar results.