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  1. highdesertcacti

    Beautiful new Trichos

    the hj huanucoensis seedlings, that are still known to be what they are **edit** (plants that still have the original source attached to them, found primarily in san diego through los angeles, and up at bk's. his and zelly's are the most peruvianus like of all the ones ive seen), are typically considered a peru, altho occasionally described as a bridgesii on roids (they were peru collected, meh, i like calling them huanu's my self. i wont open a can worms here and imply others like to call them sausage from that time fields ordered from harry johnson.oops, cracked the can... dont beat me up). "And the second one? Peru x Macro got more spines for true." (sorry im def not smart enuff to figure out the multiquote,,,) ...that time when youre homie sowed out a grip of SS01 x SS02 and got some really nice variation especially that one with short spines- it happens #texasedition
  2. highdesertcacti

    Myrtillocactus geometrizans monstrosa variations

    this some sort of variegated myrtillo crest that i sunburned last year,, its under shade cloth now as i try to restore it to its former glory
  3. "flowers market" :D lol... the one on the far right looks alot like the typical tpm clone in the united states
  4. highdesertcacti

    Cactus id

    i love it that zed said sausage to #2,,, ive hold back saying,,,,,,, HUANUCOENSIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. recvd mine,,, thanks for doing a special sale!!
  6. highdesertcacti

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    pc flowering on the 2nd shortest daylight day of the year in southern california
  7. highdesertcacti

    The Macrogonus Onus pt. 1 -- 001

    GREAT read! thanks for your work on this.
  8. highdesertcacti

    Hybrid Naming Conventions

    im upgrading from a box to a folder with cardholder sheets,,, between you and interbeing im going to need a filing cabinet!
  9. highdesertcacti

    KK1688 Ancash Peruvianus

    if ONLY i lived in oz!
  10. highdesertcacti

    Hybrid Naming Conventions

    is it based on the numbers you are currently using on the seed packs? i noticed you are reusing numbers for recrosses; if so, will you give them a seperate identifier, like .1, .2, or 2014, 2015, to indicate which seed batch they were from??
  11. highdesertcacti

    Hybrid Naming Conventions

    the problem with naming hybrids is you are refering to a whole batch of seeds and eventually batcheS (ie, i have to identify my seedlings from misplant by year when he does the x over again) of seeds... on the other hand i dont have a more suitable solution...
  12. highdesertcacti

    cacti seeds for trade

  13. highdesertcacti

    Kimura's giant

    looks like a pc xtersch, or tersch pc, imo, but yep here is one, btw its been out in the freezing cold for 2 months, and has seen the teens without shelter
  14. highdesertcacti

    Kimura's giant

    auxin, you are absolutely correct,,, there are two seperate clones,, i have the kimura giant, but not the ksg,,, tbc tho, most of the kimura giant hybrids, are pretty spiny, spinier then there counter parts i will pic the kimura giant in a bit