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  1. Insequent

    CBD oil?

    So here's a little info if anyone wants to try the route of getting a prescription for MedCan. There's a Canadian company set up in Melbourne who handle everything about your application. (www.tetrahealth.com.au). Your G.P. gets in touch with them and they will guide the G.P. through the process (they have greatly simplified the things the docs have to do), then they take care of all the bullshit dealing with TGA and other regulators, submitting applications and the required letters. Up front cost is $350.00, which is pretty good considering the first couple of patients I was involved with forked out between $1500.00 and $2000.00 before they got a yes or no. Average cost of oils works out to around $150.00 per month, depending on what you're using and there are a number of pharmacies around Oz (and the number is growing quite quickly) who are set up to fill the prescriptions. Tetra Health can advise you of your closest one, and the pharmacies are permitted to post the oil. Myself and the G.P. I've been working closely with over the last 10 years are now seeing a turn around time anywhere between 48 hours and 2 weeks from application to approval. There are a lot of G.P.s who are not interested in having anything to do with Cannabis prescription, but there are a growing number who are, and some of them are consulting all over Oz via Skype. If anyone would like more info, have a squiz at their website, have a chat with your G.P. and if you think I can help further in any way, please PM me. Peace and Love. Insy.
  2. Insequent

    CBD oil?

    Amen Brother.
  3. Insequent

    Watch this space

  4. Insequent

    Watch this space

  5. Insequent

    CBD oil?

    Noted your post was quite a while ago now, but if you're still looking, give The Hemp Embassy in Nimbin a call ((02) 6689 1842 they have an answering service and it's "dial 1 for medicinal Cannabis). This'll put you through to the volunteers who run the show. They have a range of oils available, produced by an industrial chemist. I've used them for the last 5 years, helping patients with conditions from cancer to pain management. They deliver via post as well.
  6. Insequent

    In light of poetry

    GARDEN OF EDEN I stood before the doorway To a thousand different worlds Some in darkness, some in light I saw the shape of my reflection But it was shaded by the night All the wise words rise inside me All good intentions wax and wane The evil and the saintly Are all standing hand in hand Next to the modest and the vain Now I'm a hostage to my visions That parlay in my mind In a gamble for my soul My heart exposed for everyone to see Along with every thought I stole All the martyrs still have work to do Saving souls of all the dying All the heathens, all the pagans Are at one with Mother Earth 'Cause it's a story they're not buying The dogs of war lay sleeping In the shade of our demise Yesterday they fought for truth Today they place a price on every life Then exact it from our youth Greed and envy send their tendrils out Feeding off our every breath All the forests, all the oceans Are giving up their life Fading, and leaving only death Our grip on life is slipping And we recognize our fate We see darkness cloud our eyes In ignorance, we've cracked Pandora's Box While Prometheus kneals and cries Finally our echo starts to fade Returning to the earth Leaving stillness, leaving silence To remind us who we were And everything we're worth.
  7. Insequent

    Watch this space

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/06/20/france-urged-government-experts-legalise-cannabis-take-back/ --- In their report released on Thursday entitled “Cannabis: how to take back control”, the two CEA-mandated economists wrote: “The system of prohibition promised by France for the past 50 years has been a failure. ”State-controlled cannabis stores would be the best way to control drug trafficking and “restrict access” to younger would-be users, they argued. "By their calculations, cannabis could bring up to €2.8 billion (£2.5bn) per year into state coffers and create up to 57,000 jobs."--- So really, it's about the $$. Are we heading in the right direction for the wrong reasons. And if we are, what will be the consequences?
  8. Insequent

    Watch this space

    Mmmmm…. gotta watch them gummy bears....
  9. Insequent

    Watch this space

    https://www.inverse.com/article/56573-does-medical-cannabis-lead-to-more-opioid-overdose-deaths Title may be a bit misleading, but interesting none-the-less.
  10. Insequent

    Hello world

    Welcome friend. Nice to hear from ya.
  11. Insequent

    Youtube vids

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    Watch this space

  13. Insequent

    In light of poetry

    CONTRADICTION You were standing like stone A rock amongst boulders Like a sentinal under pale moonlight We were together yet alone Like a child amongst soldiers Afraid we'd get drawn into the fight I'm divided in two Inside a cell of my making Like a mirror I am facing myself I keep expecting my due While inside I am shaking Instead of embracing my wealth I'm a loser, I'm a winner I'm a saint and I'm a sinner Begging for his final benediction I am dark, I am light I am wrong and I am right I'm nothing if I am not a contradiction What if you want me there To carry some of this weight Instead of giving up and letting you go What would you have me share Of this burden that I hate And a cost for me if I'm to watch you grow You bring with you a story That which makes you who you are And trust in me the pages I must fill Am I so vein in all my glory That I would think to go so far And change the storyline against your will. I am low, I am high I am truth and I'm a lie I'm a fact buried deep within a fiction I am hot, I am cold I am young and I am old I am nothing if I am not a contradiction. You are life and you are pure In both your strength and need And your essence is a salve which eases pain To my disease you are a cure To my decay you are a seed Which blooms to wrap my world in love again. I'm assertive, I am meek I am strong and I am weak And helplessly a slave to my addiction I am expressed, I am unspoken I am whole and I am broken And I am nothing if I am not a contradiction.
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  15. Insequent

    In light of poetry

    DEMON. I'm an ordinary man with a demon inside me Waiting and hoping for my consciounce to hide me Constantly searching for a victim to guide me Back home. I wrestle my soul with this tiring affliction My crutch and my monkey, my endless addiction I can no longer tell is this truth, is this fiction I've known. What would you say, would you turn away Leave your seat in the theatre, let the tragedy play I trade my silence for screaming Bathed in nightmares while dreaming Lock your doors, draw the curtains at the end of the day. With so many around me, of course it is only For the price of my soul, my demon ain't lonely For a sin which it loathes Dressed up in fine clothes Like a high class whore who is comely. I'm guided by morals, but I'm certainly no saint A host bearing goodness with a dark, silent taint A canvas alive with only grey shades of paint I'm alone. Society dictates I'm an outcast, a reject A threat and a burden with a character defect Ignoring the fact it was out of the prefect I'm grown. So now what would you say, would you run away Knowing I can't keep this demon at bay My soul endlessly screaming For a silence redeeming And a debt incurred for my spirit to pay.