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  1. Welcome to the third (and possibly the last?) installment of the Acacia acuminata (raspberry jam) broad phyllode seed giveaway To receive a bag containing 5g of seed: 1) Post below, preferably with a photo of any wattle you've grown yourself 2) Immediately send me a PM containing mailing address and a name to go on the package in the following format: Name Address Suburb State Postcode If not in the above format, I will skip you. This year I will just print a stick on label instead of handwriting This is limited to the first 40 people and only for members in Australia. I do not post internationally Happy belated wattle day First few flowers coming in only a few weeks ago
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    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

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    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Let's get a "ebay/gumtree finds" thread for stuff you find and want to share with others. I'll start.... Is this worth the money that is being asked? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CRESTED-Trichocereus-Bridgesii-Monstrose-VERY-RARE-button-cactus-lophophora-/281573639607?pt=AU_Plants_Seeds_Bulbs&hash=item418f18c5b7
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    eBay/Gumtree finds

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Syn-Trichocereus-pupper-new-clone-Bridgesii-X-tricho-red-huasca/372851757882?hash=item56cfb2533a:g:1ZUAAOSwJBdd2UB~ LOL
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    eBay/Gumtree finds

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/syn-trichocereus-Bridgesii-psycho0-Massive-Graft-on-top-of-cereus/372851241387?hash=item56cfaa71ab:g:MyoAAOSw3tdd2Hgm Massive graft alright... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Some people may have seen this posted elsewhere but for those that haven't, this is Sandalwood. A slow growing, hemi-parasitic plant, meaning it is parasitic but can also photosynthesize on its own. The usual host tree in plantations is the Acacia acuminata. Other host plants can be Acacia victoriae (and other nitrogen fixing plants - so other FABACEAE also?). Even Casurina obesa can be used. The common host in the wild is Acacia aneura (Mulga), which is also extremely slow growing. I will be doing some experiments to see if they are able to use Eucalyptus for hosts, among some other Genus Seed ripening on the tree. It consists of the brown husk which contains a hard nut which holds the seed. Some nuts will rattle around inside the husk and some the husk will shrivel over the nut - this is a pain in the ass as you have to de-husk them. I find if you leave seed over an ants nest they will do the work for you but it may take some time. This is the first time I have seen the husk and hard nut splitting open while still attached to the tree. I took all the seed from the split ones and planted them with some jam saplings. I am taking notes to see if these are viable. Sandalwood seedlings can survive for approximately 12 months from time of germination until they require a host. The nuts need to be cracked before germination will occur. These nuts have a natural weak spot along the micropyle. A few gentle taps with a hammer and it will split open. Then the imbibing of water will kickstart the process. Loaded with unripe fruits. Another 4-6 weeks and we will have bucket loads - literally. I love the foliage colour. Cool photo of growth stages. I have removed 8 seedlings and will also take notes on how well they adapt to being transplanted, if at all. Hopefully can do a seed give away towards the end of the year for those who have good climate, soils and host trees which are at least 1 year old. Said seed giveaway won't take 2 years either Note: all from private land
  7. Variegated? This has been yellow from the get go. Never seen one like it in the hundreds/thousands I've grown, all in the same potting mix
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    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Okay, I got carried away with the knife... Sharxx Blue x TPM
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    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Sharxx Blue x TPM (Peru x Juuls) x TPM TPC x Juuls Before and after. Starting to build that crest army
  10. As some of you may know, I got into beekeeping a little over a year ago and I have learnt much in that time. Making this thread for anyone interested in seeing inside a hive I started with a swarm (below) which I caught with the help of an acquaintance. The bees simply marched into the nucleus box from their temporary residence on some blokes lawn About 3 months later I got it home and perched it under my Eucalyptus torquata (Coral Gum, from the Goldfields region of WA) for a bit of arvo shade The brood box needed a bit of work unfortunately...
  11. Had a quick look in the flow super. 3 middle frames are pretty much the same as far as how much has been capped off already
  12. Bloke at work and I put on a brew this morning, after months of talking about it and being unable to do it due to other commitments We used 5kg of my honey, 2.5kg of cherries, 2kg of sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Finishing off some of his chocolate coffee vanilla stout while we got the brew on. Damn tasty!
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    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    How'd it go mate?
  14. The mob on the lawn were a swarm from hives on the other side of the fence. Often they land on lawns it appears. Odd place though
  15. Bees are filling the flow frames nicely. I ended up not waxing the flow frames and the bees took to them very quickly I've noticed a lot of Flow owners posting in various groups about their bees not moving up into the super. The issue is their colony wasn't ready for it (re not big enough)
  16. Seen a few lists cobbled together, so thought I'd try put together a more complete list? If there are any I've missed (no doubt I have) or a clone is under the wrong category, please comment or swing me a PM Bridgesii: 33 Albi Alko Anna Arid Art Baker5452 Ben Bert Bendigo Big Bertha Brad Bruce Cactus Land ? Cliff Con Cornucopia ? Crazy Spine CSD Eileen Emerald City Emma Essendon ? Ferret ? Fields Bridgesii Funkoid Glenrowan Greedo ? Hans ? Helen JB Kai Killer Green Cactus Light ? Lorraine ? Lotusland Lumberjack MB95 Medicine Man Melted Wax Mike (Old Mike - WA) ? Mongy Mum & Dad N1 Nats Wax Psycho0 Serra Canyon ? Sherman Short Spine Sina Sir Jeans SS02 TBM TBM Variegated TBMC TBMC Variegated Tig ? Tim ? Urban Tribes #1 Urban Tribes #2 Wowie Chalaensis: SS04 Knuthianus: Bluth Fields Knuthianus SS03 Macrogonus: Bendy ? Fields Macrogonus Hyperspacepixie ? Tipz Tripsis ? Pachanoi: Alf Altmans Monstrose ? Awful Bogan Clone One (MT01) Clone Two (MT02) Fields Pachanoi Frasers ? Hahn Hamiltons Huarazensis Hutchison 1597 Hutchison 6212 J2 Justin Juuls' Giant KK339 Kimnach Kimura’s Giant Landfill L.E.R. Mike ? MT03 Woody MT06 Lupita Music Teacher NoThink Olivia Omar Oscar OSP (Old School/Skool/ Pedro/Pachanoi) Ogunbodede PC Rob Rod Roy Saquarema Skip Strybring Torres & Torres TPM TPQC ? WA Pachanoi ? Warrah ? Yowie Zeus Peruvianus: 86 Anakie Argentinensis Bonny Bryan Cactus Garage ? Chavin (MT05) Christies Clyde Colossus Dawson's Peruvianus Fahim01 Endorfinder (Huancabamba) Gawler Gnosis Goliath Hahn Hamiltons HB1 - Herbalistics? (HB01*) ? Ivan J1 J3 John Kimba ? Len Los Gentiles MG Red Spine Norma Ohlone Old Teds Rosei #1 Rosei #2 Sausage Sharxx Blue SS01 TPC TPM TPM Variegated Trent Tripsis #2 Yoda Scopulicola: Scop A Scop B Cordobensis FR991 HELON Hulk SGC16 Super Pedro ? Worm Zed's Terscheckii: Big Blue ? Dawsons Long Spine Ruby Visions Validus: Fields Validus ? SA SS 1 - South Australian Short Spine 1 SA SS 2 - South Australian Short Spine 2 Other: Dr Funkenstein Judith Eventually I'll add link to trichocereus.net or other for each
  17. It's around. More than you can poke a stick at if you know the right people
  18. Welcome to the second installment of Acacia acuminata broad phyllode seed giveaway! Half of the seed will be collected from my sandalwood plantation and the other half from another stand of jam trees, approx 80-90km away. I will send 5g of seed to every person who posts below. Seed will be sent out around early jan Only for members in Australia. I do not post internationally. All you have to do is post below Happy (belated) wattle day!
  19. Anyone who just messages their address without posting will be skipped (2 so far). It just helps me keep track 9 seed lots spoken for so far Thanks all, can't wait to share some more love
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    Rate my setup

    First and foremost, put them in the ground
  21. Added some new clones Waiting for @Torsten to fix the html code input problem so I can upload the table of clone info. Would be cool if we could devote a subforum to clones, listing each with info and photos? I know there are some clones on trichocereus.net named clone database but it's far from complete
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    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Thanks @Glaukus
  23. On our property, we have 3 Quandong trees and only 1 produced fruit this year. Unfortunately, it only produced 3 and birds got the first 2 Following on from my other post, this tree and its fruit is fast becoming sought after as a bush food in restaurants and markets around Australia. Makes a good jam too. Some info: https://www.anbg.gov.au/gnp/interns-2002/santalum-acuminatum.html http://www.florabank.org.au/lucid/key/species navigator/media/html/Santalum_acuminatum.htm === http://cropsfordrylands.com/wp-content/uploads/ACFDsample.pdf "..the plants acquired insecticidal compounds from their host tree, which accumulated to some degree in the fruits. Therefore, caution should be taken not to plant Desert Quandongs near poisonous plants as toxins may be transferred" This is the basis of the following experiment. I will try host it with 1x Acacia acuminata and 1x Gastrolobium spinosum (Prickly Poison). Both nitrogen fixing FABACEAE. I decided I will host use both hosts just in case a single poison pea isn't enough. Hopefully a 100L pot will suffice as I am running out of room unfortunately and I can't think of where else to do said experiment The Acacia and poison pea will go in the pot tomorrow and get settled in, before I germinate and transplant quandong in around 2-3 months Here is the seed:
  24. Civil site I've been on recently has a small pocket of Quandong trees of varying sizes. Harvested a few fruits to make jam and germinate Had a few germinate recently after quite some time (3+ months) and can't wait to plant them out in the garden