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  1. Starting a thread for people to post photos of acuminata grown from my seed. Surely must be a lot of small trees out there by now I'll start off with this specimen, germinated 01/2018 and planted 25/3/18 and now a lovely 3.3m tall Love to see what others have grown
  2. Photo from a SAB member a while back
  3. Nice one, @Glaukus! Are those narrow from Sallubrious?
  4. Welcome to the second installment of Acacia acuminata broad phyllode seed giveaway! Half of the seed will be collected from my sandalwood plantation and the other half from another stand of jam trees, approx 80-90km away. I will send 5g of seed to every person who posts below. Seed will be sent out around early jan Only for members in Australia. I do not post internationally. All you have to do is post below Happy (belated) wattle day!
  5. Hey guys, if you've grown acuminata from my seed, could you please post photos in the thread linked below. Love to see them http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47053-gimlis-acuminata-giveaway-show-off-thread/
  6. Seed pods are starting to appear on our plantation trees and I have bags on the way so I can save a bloody tonne of seed. I will start off with 10 lots, but I have no doubt there will be enough to do many more mailouts. Thread will be updated when seed are ready to go into a big red box with auspost written on it. It will be a giveaway, but if anyone feels generous enough to want to send some tricho seeds in return - I will be more than happy to accept Post to AUS only. And go!
  7. Gimli

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    Hey guys, if you've grown acuminata from my seed, could you please post photos in the thread linked below. Love to see them http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47053-gimlis-acuminata-giveaway-show-off-thread/
  8. Gimli

    Acacia seeds!

    Acacia acuminata are extremely frost hardy, for weeks at a time
  9. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9781588292810 Humana.Press.Medicinal.Plants.of.the.World.Volume.1.Chemical.Constituents.Traditional.and.Modern.Medicinal.Uses.Second.Edition.pdf Thought someone might like this
  10. Welcome to the third (and possibly the last?) installment of the Acacia acuminata (raspberry jam) broad phyllode seed giveaway To receive a bag containing 5g of seed: 1) Post below, preferably with a photo of any wattle you've grown yourself 2) Immediately send me a PM containing mailing address and a name to go on the package in the following format: Name Address Suburb State Postcode If not in the above format, I will skip you. This year I will just print a stick on label instead of handwriting This is limited to the first 40 people and only for members in Australia. I do not post internationally Happy belated wattle day First few flowers coming in only a few weeks ago
  11. I apologize for my tardiness with this giveaway and taking so long for people to get the goods
  12. One for our friends across the pond in the US lc-timber.press.southwest.medicinal.plants.identify.harvest.and.use.112.wild.herbs.2020.pdf
  13. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319995458 Springer.Lessons.on.Caffeine.Cannabis.And.Co.Plant-derived.Drugs.and.their.Interaction.with.Human.Receptors.2018.pdf
  14. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319158136 Springer.Practical.Pharmaceutics.An.International.Guideline.for.the.Preparation.Care.and.Use.of.Medicinal.Product.pdf
  15. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9789401792752 Springer.Medicinal.and.Aromatic.Plants.of.the.Middle-East.pdf
  16. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319903644 Springer.Cannabis.Use.Disorders.2019.pdf
  17. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9781588291295 Humana.Press.Medicinal.Plants.of.the.World.Volume.3.Chemical.Constituents.Traditional.and.Modern.Medicinal.Uses.pdf Thought someone might like this
  18. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9780896038776 Humana.Press.Medicinal.Plants.of.the.World.Volume.2.Chemical.Constituents.Traditional.and.Modern.Medicinal.Uses.2001.pdf Thought someone might like this
  19. As some of you may know, I got into beekeeping a little over a year ago and I have learnt much in that time. Making this thread for anyone interested in seeing inside a hive I started with a swarm (below) which I caught with the help of an acquaintance. The bees simply marched into the nucleus box from their temporary residence on some blokes lawn About 3 months later I got it home and perched it under my Eucalyptus torquata (Coral Gum, from the Goldfields region of WA) for a bit of arvo shade The brood box needed a bit of work unfortunately...
  20. G'day guys, Putting together a small meetup for Trichocereus enthusiasts via the fb group. If it goes well we'll do it more often The purpose is for buying, selling, trading and is strictly cacti only. Also allowing Lophopora, Ariocarpus, Aztekium, Astrophytum etc Sunday 16th Feb 9am @ John Macmillan Park, car park where the bowls club is Cheers
  21. Seen a few lists cobbled together, so thought I'd try put together a more complete list? If there are any I've missed (no doubt I have) or a clone is under the wrong category, please comment or swing me a PM Bridgesii: 33 Albi Alko Anna Arid Art Baker5452 Ben Bert Bendigo Big Bertha Brad Bruce Cactus Land ? Cliff Con Cornucopia ? Crazy Spine CSD Eileen Emerald City Emma Essendon ? Ferret ? Fields Bridgesii Funkoid Glenrowan Greedo ? Hans ? Helen JB Kai Killer Green Cactus Light ? Lorraine ? Lotusland Lumberjack MB95 Medicine Man Melted Wax Mike (Old Mike - WA) ? Mongy Mum & Dad N1 Nats Wax Psycho0 Serra Canyon ? Sherman Short Spine Sina Sir Jeans SS02 TBM TBM Variegated TBMC TBMC Variegated Tig ? Tim ? Urban Tribes #1 Urban Tribes #2 Wowie Chalaensis: SS04 Knuthianus: Bluth Fields Knuthianus SS03 Macrogonus: Bendy ? Fields Macrogonus Hyperspacepixie ? Tipz Tripsis ? Pachanoi: Alf Altmans Monstrose ? Awful Bogan Capel Clone One (MT01) Clone Two (MT02) Fields Pachanoi Frasers ? Hahn Hamiltons Huarazensis Hutchison 1597 Hutchison 6212 J2 Justin Juuls' Giant KK339 Kimnach Kimura’s Giant Landfill L.E.R. Mike ? MT03 Woody MT06 Lupita Music Teacher NoThink Olivia Omar Oscar OSP (Old School/Skool/ Pedro/Pachanoi) Ogunbodede PC Rob Rod Roy Saquarema Skip Strybring Torres & Torres TPM TPQC ? WA Pachanoi ? Warrah ? Yowie Zeus Peruvianus: 86 Anakie Argentinensis Bonny Bryan Cactus Garage ? Chavin (MT05) Christies Clyde Colossus Dawson's Peruvianus Fahim01 Endorfinder (Huancabamba) Gawler Gnosis Goliath Hahn Hamiltons HB1 - Herbalistics? (HB01*) ? Ivan J1 J3 John Kimba ? Len Los Gentiles MG Red Spine Norma Ohlone Old Teds Rosei #1 Rosei #2 Sausage Sharxx Blue SS01 TPC TPM TPM Variegated Trent Tripsis #2 Yoda Scopulicola: Scop A Scop B Cordobensis FR991 HELON Hulk SGC16 Super Pedro ? Worm Zed's Terscheckii: Big Blue ? Dawsons Long Spine Ruby Visions Validus: Fields Validus ? SA SS 1 - South Australian Short Spine 1 SA SS 2 - South Australian Short Spine 2 Other: Dr Funkenstein Judith Eventually I'll add link to trichocereus.net or other for each
  22. Gimli

    Looking for straight razors

    Hey guys, bit of an odd one. Looking for some straight razors that I can refurb for my own collection, so not looking to spend too much per razor or can trade for something Brands such as: Böker CV Heljestrand Dorko Dovo George Wostenholm J.E. Bleckmann Joseph Wostenholm Joseph Elliot Joseph Rodgers Le Grelot Le Jaguar Mappin & Webb T.R. Cadman & Sons Taylor Thiers Issard Wade & Butcher Pretty much anything that has "SHEFFIELD" or "SOLINGEN" on the blade If it has any of the following I probably won't be: Chips in the blade edge Lots of pitting or substantial rust Hone wear on the spine If you have a razor and want to give it a good home, please make your way into my inbox! Thanks
  23. Gimli

    Looking for straight razors

    Bump. Always looking for new additions. That they do. I've got an E.M. Dickinson 'Invicta King' from the 1920s doing all my seedling and pere grafting work. Absolute workhorse
  24. Gimli

    seed sale gone wrong

    That money is gone. Sorry Matt has a history of scamming people. Recently busted for the thefts of some decades old Ariocarpus spp?