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  1. Gimli

    don't cha hate it when..

  2. Gimli

    Post your native plant pics

    Nothing goes to waste here on the plantation. Removed 5 dead Acacia acuminata today. Cutting up the wood for a few members for making shamanic tools etc
  3. Not sure what sort of bird(s) is eating them, but I know we had some ripe fruits and then we didn't - nothing laying on the ground either. Sorry to hear about your dog. Hope all is good now! Will PM you shortly Not really that desperate for fruit but would be nice to make some jam etc
  4. Gimli

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Feeding the neighbors animals some Acacia acuminata foliage
  5. The expensive way and have the kernel and husk of the fruit tested in a lab. Will be some years away though.
  6. Oh, my bad. This is not the poison specimen. I should have mentioned that. The poison experiment will have to be started again unfortunately.
  7. Welcome to the second installment of Acacia acuminata broad phyllode seed giveaway! Half of the seed will be collected from my sandalwood plantation and the other half from another stand of jam trees, approx 80-90km away. I will send 5g of seed to every person who posts below. Seed will be sent out around early jan Only for members in Australia. I do not post internationally. All you have to do is post below Happy (belated) wattle day!
  8. To get some ripe fruits before the birds get them. I want the seed for growing purposes and the husk to eat/make jam. Last year I think from memory we only had 3 fruits but the birds managed to get them before I got back to pick them
  9. Our biggest specimen. It has some fruits and hopefully we can beat the birds this year...
  10. Gimli

    [PERTH] Acacia acuminata tip run

    Will also do mailouts as of next week PM for info
  11. Gimli

    [PERTH] Acacia acuminata tip run

    When I get back to WA next week I'll be cutting back more trees if anyone is interested Cheers
  12. First LW flower of the season. My Jourd flowered today too! Didn't realize how good LW are as a seed factory
  13. @MeanGreen just took this about half hour ago (wasn't there this afternoon) Peekaboo!
  14. Surely not? It's been well over 6 months?