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  1. A SAB member says he'll send back a heap of seeds as a thanks for sending him seeds. Guess I'll do another tobacco seed giveaway
  2. Changed end date to Monday 28th so it's a full week for people to get entries in I do hope everyone entering CAN graft. I am not just giving away seeds for the sake of them to be wasted. If you can't graft and want some seeds to grow and learn with, I will get you some tricho seed for the purpose. PM me if that's the case (offer only extends to entrants here) and I'll kindly ask you to retract your entry. Continue on
  3. Got any TBMC?
  4. Thanks for that generous offer! Changed it. 45 fresh seed is heaps I think. No doubt will do more seed giveaway from this mother in the future
  5. Hey guys and girls, I recently acquired a big grafted loph which came with some fruits. From these fruits I picked 90~ seed - two lucky people will receive 45~ each! Conditions for entry: Live in Australia Can graft Willing to pay it forward I will ask of the winners that you put up 5-10? successful pere grafts on the forums as a pay it forward (within a reasonable time period) as part of your own giveaway! Sharing is caring! As mentioned by Halcyon Daze, this will allow more manageable numbers. Let's call these the lophs of SAB All you have to do is post below. Entries close 7pm AWST Monday, 28/5 and then I'll use a random picking tool to find the winners GO! (Some photos of the mother plant - came labeled as L williamsii) Thanks @Halcyon Daze and also thanks to @MountainGoat for offering pere for graft on if winners don't have their own.
  6. Plenty of dreamers around
  7. Did you just assume its gender?
  8. Bridgesii OP Dawsons Bridgesii OP Secret Garden OP
  9. Got home late last night and went for a walk around the yard with a torch. Next door have a passionfruit (pictured) running across the fence line, with heaps of fruit on my side. Spotted this lil guy
  10. Rosei 1 x Scop Tersch x Tersch Rosei 1 x Rosei 2 Rosei 2 x Rosei 1 A few I did as learning grafts to work out what does and doesn't work. Got a little TBM segment grafted and now fattened up. Spring can't come fast enough
  11. Had a few messages lately asking about getting into shooting as a sport and to eventually get into hunting animals later on with the mindset "from paddock to plate" (and as a secondary you are helping dispatch introduced/feral species!) All state laws are different but for PTA you need a genuine reason. Here in Western Australia we are only allowed to shoot on private land with permission from the landowner or manager (if a pastoral station). NSW and VIC offer public land hunting in state forests after applying to relevant authorities. Duck can be hunted in season after passing your WIT test (VIC only I think?) Check your state laws. A few tips for new shooters 1) SAFETY. TAKE A FIREARM SAFETY COURSE. Plenty of cowboys around unfortunately. 2) PPE. Good PPE goes a long way! A good pair of ear muffs or ear plugs. I use custom molds but somewhat pricey. Some people I've met wear safety/sport glasses such as Pilla Sport (brand), again, these are quite expensive but a range of lens colours helps with contrasts etc. Dressing appropriately is another to mention, especially when at the range. Hot brass landing on bare skin is not pleasant. 3) For first time shooters, start out on a small caliber such as a .22 / .22LR. Starting on a bigger caliber can cause unwanted flinching. Bad habits are hard to correct. 4) PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. All animals deserve to be dispatched quickly and humanely with correct shot placement of the suitable caliber Plenty more I could have mentioned, but these are the most important in my eyes. Safety and discipline. Discipline and safety. The biggest issue people have is gaining access to properties. You may know someone who is willing to let you on. Joining SSAA and using their ranges is a good way to network with members. They have a farmer assist program although I've never used it. The main thing I tell people is to go door knocking out in the bush. Get dressed nicely and offer assistance to farmers ie fencing, welding. If you have a trade or are good with your hands etc. I do fencing for a few farmers. They are busy people and always have something to do. You'll get a lot of people say no but leave your contact details anyway as you might get a call back. Filling your freezer with real free range organic meat is amazing. Don't let people tell you otherwise! Will try answer questions if people have them
  12. We brain tan our hides. A lot of work but a far superior end product. Better than using the kits you can buy. Learnt from an old gentleman years back. Want to learn how to make some arrow heads. I love steel broadheads but always wanted to try stone. One day.. I'm surprised the arse hasn't fallen out of the kangaroo meat industry. The price processors are paying to shooters (primary producers) is getting lower all the time. A lot of shooters have hung up their guns and moved on to other careers.
  13. Is it an actual clone Is it already listed Should I change it to Scopulicoloid? Nice robust comment and comments in this thread.
  14. Camping/hiking/hunting and prospecting. Always wanted to learn how to knapping stone and flint though... one day
  15. Bunnings is good for snags. That's about it