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  1. Photo from a few months back just after a nice shower. There is just something about the foliage colour that I love.
  2. Thanks to @Sallubrious I have 310g~ of reasonably clean seed of my own for this giveaway I'll leave this open until Friday 22/12 and then I will inbox all of you for a mailing address.
  3. Accidentally snapped a Vienna White x Narrow branch, so dipped it in clonex purple and chucked it in a humidity dome:( *prays to the plant god*
  4. Gave this bad boy a few love taps with a hammer and wondered why it wasn't cracking Today I learned Quandong nuts are a lot thicker than their brethren Sandalwood. It's just a little cracked. It's still good, it's still good.
  5. 12/12/17 16/12/17 - 7.47am 16/12/17 - 2.56pm Tobacco spp All these Ceylon spinach (Talinum fruticosum) have roots. Hopefully see shoots soon Nexus city out there! All rooted. Put in 12x 'DW02' leaves and 20x 'Brazil' Psychotria leaves into my humidity dome Got 3x Datura metel cv Wondrous Bella seedlings pop up so far. 9 days since sown. Thanks to whoever sent these seeds. I do apologize for forgetting, I've had so many packages lately it's been hard to keep up Cracked and sowed close to 40 more sandalwood seed in the last few days. These I have no idea what I will do with. Maybe plant around Perth? Giving some of my broad phyllode jam seeds hot water treatment Pricked out 20 or so Hakea francisiana seedlings into bigger pots. Tedious as f*ck.
  6. Went up today and there is a few trees done and some are another week or so away from being done. Removed most bags and freehand picked what I could see. Once all bags are off and I've got all the seed ready I'll start sending out. Hopefully around xmas~ Keep getting your name down people
  7. On our property, we have 3 Quandong trees and only 1 produced fruit this year. Unfortunately, it only produced 3 and birds got the first 2 Following on from my other post, this tree and its fruit is fast becoming sought after as a bush food in restaurants and markets around Australia. Makes a good jam too. Some info: navigator/media/html/Santalum_acuminatum.htm === "..the plants acquired insecticidal compounds from their host tree, which accumulated to some degree in the fruits. Therefore, caution should be taken not to plant Desert Quandongs near poisonous plants as toxins may be transferred" This is the basis of the following experiment. I will try host it with 1x Acacia acuminata and 1x Gastrolobium spinosum (Prickly Poison). Both nitrogen fixing FABACEAE. I decided I will host use both hosts just in case a single poison pea isn't enough. Hopefully a 100L pot will suffice as I am running out of room unfortunately and I can't think of where else to do said experiment The Acacia and poison pea will go in the pot tomorrow and get settled in, before I germinate and transplant quandong in around 2-3 months Here is the seed:
  8. Chasing some viridis leaves of the following strains: DW03 (herbalistics) UDV Shipibo Luna any others? (I have Nexus, DW02 and Brazil) PM what you have and prices Thanks
  9. Don't you love it when you wait nearly all day for a parcel, leave the house to head bush and 15 minutes after leaving, auspost deliver said parcel -_-
  10. 4/10/17 - placed 2 cracked seed in a pot which contains a Hakea burrendong 15/12/17 - nice little sprout with a decent root system. The second one I accidentally snapped:( This has been potted up and like the above it will never get a host. It's interesting to note that some have germinated properly (like the above has) and some just keep sending taproots until it exhausts its energy reserves from the kernel. Odd. I am going to setup one pot (80-100L) with a Gastrolobium sapling and in it I will place a Quandong seed. Interested to know if the toxin from the Gastrolobium is transferred to the Quandong fruit. This is a semi-long term experiment. Think it takes about 5 years for it to fruit.
  11. Someone (I have forgotten, sorry) sent me Brugmansia suaveolens 'Sacret Sunset' and 'Frosty Pink' and finally seeing new growth on the Sacret Sunsets Frosty Pink Someone sent D metel seedlings a few weeks back. Can't remember who, but they are growing well thanks for these! I've always been quick with a knife to remove cacti pups, but I am going to leave this (and many others) attached for another season Yowie going nucular. it's pronounced nucular
  12. Chasing some rooted Catha edulis Green (not PH. From what I can see these are 2 different - if I'm wrong then all good) Narrow leaf Pink Vienna white? PM what you have and price/photos. Doesn't matter if they're only a basal cutting, as long as it will survive mailing in a damp cloth or something, but I would prefer something a little more advanced.. Cheers
  13. When an ebay seller cancels an order of an item you won but has no mention of "can't send to WA" in the item description Guess I'm not getting TBM...