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  2. Did a few loph pups today
  3. @Martyh64 memories...
  4. Inyan, with so much flesh exposed, do you not hit with sulfur?
  5. Postage: Doesn't post to Australia Try this
  6. Did one a few weeks ago, seedling was "I" size approx according to this photo. Seems to have taken as it's quite firm but stalled? Been told it's quite common for it to stall. My 2 lophs on the other hand already have 10 pups between them in the same time period!
  7. Yeah. Sorry, should have been more specific.
  8. A graft I did tonight. Tersch x Peru. Used a little leaf glue and stuck it in my makeshift humidity box. Trying things. Learning the hard way.
  9. Some jams from the plantation Someone decided they wanted to be different! A few self sown jams Took a mistletoe spp berry, squished it and placed it on a A acuminata branch. Don't think it'll grow but worth a try Some fat little terscheckii x terscheckii Grew some Bhut Jolokia plants this year as I gave it a miss the last season. I always top my plants when they have 4-6 nodes. Dehydrated and powdered what was ripe. The trunk on them is a good 3cm diameter
  10. Managed to get a few minutes to stop and get some photos from around the plantation Sandalwood flowers. For all the flowers in the second photo, it will only set maybe 4-5 fruits maximum. Absolutely love the color of the foliage! Some leaves are short/wide and some are narrow/long. Can find both types in full sun or part sun Acacia aneura - most hosts in the more arid areas of Australia are this species. Otherwise known as 'Mulga'. A dense wood. Great to use in your camp fire when out bush. Unlike other woods that go cold in your fire pit, mulga will stay hot until the next morning, even in frosty conditions. Scrape out the charcoal at the bottom, chuck some twigs on and away you go. Sandalwood growing like weeds. We have to remove all excess seedlings as to not overload the hosts and the host:sandalwood ratio This little specimen really wanted to live. The kernel was approx 100mm under the rock. Can't wait to see it in some years, pushing the rock. Husk decaying, a cracked nut and a seedling in one. Perfect.
  11. Any Perth members interested in some cuttings? Did one load today for a member. Will be doing another load next weekend (24/3). Will be enough to fill a 6x4 box trailer Swap for: Cool cacti columns (clones/nice hybrids) Please do not offer stuff other than cacti as my reply may offend PM and we can talk it out
  12. Ah, I'll keep an eye on it and get back with a photo in the future Thanks
  13. Guess so Just curious what it is