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  1. As seen here. Got approx 40-50 Free to good home. You dig out.
  2. Cytokinin used to induce pupping on cacti I'll be using it this week to make some crests hopefully throw reverts.
  3. Nice first post... Feel free to introduce yourself...
  4. This happened. The smaller ones are in a humidicrib. Doing one of the big ones in water. (Peru x Juuls) x TPM just before grafting. Hadn't seen the vascular in a crest until now Tips from grafting stock. All I have left and it's not even spring...
  5. 3 upside down bits I did. Still firm, especially the middle one
  6. Frosty Pink doing its thang
  7. Herbalistics
  8. Bump
  9. ...
  10. Hailed just before.
  11. Looking for N tabacum seed Bright Leaf Burley Dark Virginian If you have varieties of the above types, please swing me a PM Cheers
  12. @Torsten commented about this on the facebook group a while back "No herb is getting banned as far as I understand it. It's about permitted ingredients on the ARTG. ie you can use the affected herbs as a food but you can't put them in a registered preparation. While there is certainly a problem with all that, the Health Australia party just wants to raise it's own profile with some hysteria so they can push their antivaxx agenda"
  13. Haha short and stumpy Good one
  14. @Inyan I search brugmansia grafting and ended up here lol anywho, Did a long wedge style and then used 2 bits of parafilm to tightly bind each end of the graft and then a larger sheet to cover the entire thing. It's 'Sacred Sunset' onto 'Frosty Pink', both provided my @Glaukus - top bloke! Might go try FP to SS and play with an adhesive roll use for sports, elastoplast brand.