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  1. fyzygy

    Acacia phlebophylla research

    Another great question. Last year's batch (same seller) they were boiled/refrigerated for several months with nothing happening. After a few months, I planted out in humidity tent, regardless. 8/12 successful germinations. Next year's (this year's) batch: sprouted tails in the fridge in a matter of weeks (this seed bought December, rather than say Feb). When transplanted, not much activity at all. A few germinations with sickly appearance. One died off. etc. But expect father germinations come spring? My theory is, the summer sun is too hot for germinated seedlings. Best to leave in fridge until (next) spring time. That said, these are 2 different batches of seed (albeit from same seller), just my observations. I've got one beauty (alone) to back me up.
  2. Interesting question. How long is a piece of string? Price: to buy, or to sell? For personal (medicinal, aesthetic, spiritual) or resale value? Including or excluding eBay/PayPal fees? Irrespective of existing or future eBay listing policies? For a seedling? For a clone of a seedling? For a clone of an established mother? Blemish? Disease? Postage? Etc. Provenance? Can you hype up your listing by dropping a few SAB forum names and dates -- with the (all-but-guaranteed) promise of "future interest"? Sheesh! Athletic WTF? (For what it's worth, I predict a massive downturn in the price of TBM, according to law of supply and demand. And something I read in Rupert Sheldrake.) The market is fickle, to be sure. Per column inch, I'd bank on recouping your initial investment, if you tend your plants with the love & respect they deserve. Break even, if you can. Don't do it for the profit (as opposed to money, per se -- all good hobbies pay for themselves. Eventually.) @Gluakus: It's been a buyer's market, all this summer. I'd be lucky to get $2 per cm for anything, even a live plant that knows how to juggle. @migraineur: How much should one pay for lophs and their seeds? Well, obviously, ... nothing at all. Perhaps "should" is not the right question? Hey, my two cents.
  3. fyzygy

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    I see the need for a dedicated legals website. I can't understand so much hostility in a forum devoted to (ahem) entheogens.
  4. fyzygy

    Acacia phlebophylla research

    This is a good question. I tried Herbalistics boiling water/refrigeration for several months/germinated slowly over several further months in humidity tent. From memory, this process yielded about 8 from 12 seeds, which is a good rate for this species. But I think this whole process I started in autumn, and took best part of a year. Next year I did the same thing again, but this time the process was started in summer from fresh seed from same grower/supplier. This time, the seeds germinated much more quickly in the fridge (previously they hadn't even begun to germinate before I put them out in the greenhouse). But, on the whole, this new batch of seedlings seemed both scarcer and weaker. At least one died off in early stages, and the few that have germinated (so far) seem a bit sickly compared with last year's batch. That's my experience, just this year and the last.
  5. fyzygy

    Passiflora incarnata

    Looking for viable cuttings or seedlings, to trade or buy.
  6. Any tips on how to harvest/brew the leaves -- any special precautions to observe?
  7. fyzygy

    Lets talk metaphysics

    The perennial philosophers mention the unmanifested principle underlying all manifestations -- the Vedic conception of the Absolute. The unchanging, immutable is inferred by the existence of its opposite (constant dynamism, change, evolution). Anything that can be conceptualised, imagined regarding the Absolute ... is anything but the Absolute Itself, which cannot be spoken about with any degree of fixity or certainty (only ever allusively, intuitively, if at all). No doubt such conceptions flunk the test of western metaphysics (e.g. logical positivism). But they do have spiritual power. Human being is extremely limited in its grasp of the All, in part due to our limited sense/perception and cognitive capabilities. The notion that human reason might comprehend, accommodate, and eventually master It -- through, say, technology -- is truly wishful ("magical") thinking.
  8. fyzygy


    I'm keen to meet growers in the area (no longer there myself, but family is, and keen to make it back in future) ...
  9. I don't think anybody should resort to tiptoeing around unjust laws -- except, of course, professional psychedelic researchers.
  10. Clinical trials of psilocybin a year or two ago at St V's in Melbourne. I think for treating mental health issues during palliative care? I know that in the USA, the fast-track to clinical research using these substances has been given impetus by the US military (looking for PTSD remedies).
  11. fyzygy

    Liquid extract - oil

    Store dried powdered mushroom in honey for many years without losing potency, or so I read (and even tried once, though not for years).
  12. fyzygy

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Hey, you're driving up my winning bid!
  13. Brahmi cuttings? Oh, yes please ... me too!
  14. fyzygy

    Harvest Ethics

    I'm actually with Glaukus on this: For conservation purposes, it doesn't make sense (to me) to collect only from only the healthiest-looking (to my eye) specimens. For non-conservation purposes, that kind of artificial selection is advisable, perhaps. Of 20 or so A. phlebophylla seeds that I planted, 9 germinated, 8 of which seedlings I killed inadvertently through my own stupidity. The sole remaining seedling survived only because it was a straggler: being a late bloomer, it happened to miss out on being dosed with a top dressing I hadn't realised contained fertiliser. That whole process took the best part of a year, and I'm back where I started, waiting on sprouts to emerge. Although the 1 seedling that survived, is doing well. Like Glaukus, I plan to populate a certain hillside, though on a smaller scale. Another year or two, and maybe. ... The site I have in mind (not mine, but a friend's) adjoins a bushland reserve. There are plenty of acacia species around there already.