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  1. fyzygy

    Another Petition for Cannabis Reform to QLD Government

    In Victoria, meanwhile, the state parliament is currently accepting public submissions -- beyond an official cutoff date of 31 August 2020 -- to its Inquiry into Cannabis Use: https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/974-lsic-lc/inquiry-into-the-use-of-cannabis-in-victoria By default, submissions are not confidential.
  2. fyzygy

    Ogunbodede´s Pachanoi

    If you search "legendary matucana" on eBay, you will currently find an international seller offering something similar, if not identical: "Thought to be the same as the legendary Ogun clone" -- but the listing doesn't state the method of pollination. Could have been crossed with another Matucana variety.
  3. fyzygy


    Looks like T. peruvianus, but could be a lookalike ...
  4. Just thinking, "healthy subjects" -- WTF? Another DSM box-ticking exercise for psychedelics research? MDMA + LSD might not be that great, depending on one's circumstances. More research wouldn't go astray. I'm suddenly fearing the worst, now that ABC TV The Drum (tonight) is featuring a panel discussion on magic mushrooms, LSD and other psychedelics for therapeutic use... Yikes! being my initial reaction.
  5. Interesting. Both set and setting will be controlled, presumably over multiple sessions, to determine the effects of MDMA co-administered with LSD. But: individual brain chemistries differ too (MDMA doesn't do much for me, that I've ever noticed; but then neither does psilocybin have much of an effect). I think "set" is perhaps the most important variable when it comes to negative LSD experiences -- probably not reducible to the 5HT2A receptor. It seems that the current paradigm (research funding, etc.) is governed by the theorem that consciousness is primarily (and perhaps exclusively) a byproduct of neurochemistry. To me this seems a bit reductive, especially in light of psychedelic experience. But these researchers may well be on to something. It would be certainly good to document scientifically any risks associated with combining MDMA with LSD.
  6. The definition of PTSD may be expanded, eventually, to include traumas that occur during early childhood -- the root of so-called "borderline personality disorder" e.g.. It's sad that sufferers "self-medicate" (fall into patterns of substance abuse), all because of the way in which our dualistic western civilisation segregates permissible from illicit substances. In the age of Big Pharma/DSM, the situation has become intolerably worse (not to mention ironic), with routinely prescribed, ineffectual cures pharmacologically blocking routes to genuine (psychedelic) self-healing. Mescaline is such a gentle healer, it seems counter-intuitive to micro-dose. With much stronger psychedelics, such as LSD, I can see the appeal of fractional doses.
  7. Interesting (to me) in this podcast was the mention of MDMA's potential for psychoanalytic therapy. I'd be astonished if micro-dosing mescaline would induce nausea -- or if there were any published data on its use in this context. I think by definition the microdose precludes any noticeable effects (or side effects). 5ht2b apparently unmentioned (?) in Paul Austin's book on microdosing LSD: https://book4you.org/book/5222947/1098b9 Further critique of Strassman's hypothesis: https://www.samwoolfe.com/2017/09/is-dmt-really-produced-in-pineal-gland.html
  8. fyzygy

    cactus seed giveaway

    I’m a shaman not a gardener-- Doesn’t mean we can’t be partners in these crimes against insanity, Preserving ancient worlds
  9. "Obtusifolia" = obtuse + foliage = blunt-leaved. To my (inexpert) eyes, the tips of these phyllodes look rather sharp. And long -- A. longifolia? Keep an eye out for flowers and seed pods, for a positive ID.
  10. fyzygy

    What TV series would you recommend as a much watch?

    Tales from the Loop Dispatches from Elsewhere Homecoming DEVS
  11. fyzygy

    Chemical shamans dick

    Joining that FB group is not very straightforward. I reactivated my FB account just to join, but so far no response from moderators. How long does it usually take to be (ahem) approved?
  12. fyzygy

    Chemical shamans dick

    One eBay seller has a small CSD graft, another lists a small CSD cutting, $485 (and counting) for this little chunk:
  13. fyzygy

    Chemical shamans dick

    Current listing > $100 per column inch on eBay. Must be the catchy name.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wattle_Day
  15. fyzygy

    Medicinal plants - wormwood

    Wormwood, mugwort same family but different plants (both are sacred to Artemis, hence their botanical family name). The "-wort" suffix designates a herb's traditional utility (either as food or medicine) -- so "common mugwort" (Artemesia vulgaris) is worth growing too. Many plants considered weeds -- stinging nettle, common mallow --- are actually healing herbs. A textbook like Herbs & Natural Supplements (Lesley Braun) includes monographs on various herbs and supplements, presenting scientific evidence of efficacy in treating various ailments. It's available (recent edition in 2 volumes) via book4you.org. Consult the index to browse your symptoms, you'll have a list of herbal candidates in no time. 200+ Artemesia absinthium (wormwood) seeds are currently available on eBay, $2.99 incl. postage.