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  1. This notion of adding precursors to substrate also got Shulgin looking at the end-results of adding 5-MeO-DMT to come up with 4-HO-5-MeO-DMT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4-Hydroxy-5-methoxydimethyltryptamine There's also a 1988 paper called 'Biotransformation of tryptamine derivatives in mycelial cultures of Psilocybe’' by Jochen Gartz which I've attached here Gartz 1989.pdf
  2. what volume is Thomas' Lyttle's Psychedelic monographs and essays...or is it all 6 ?
  3. The re-framing of language around drug-use is certainly a key aspect of moving away from the shackles of prohibition and the media will continue to be a powerful driver of this. Focussing on the medical benefits and applications of a substance (cannabis perhaps leading the way here) is a vital if not foundational step in exposing the scheduling system of 'no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse' as not only contradictory and outdated but patently false. However, shifting the puritanical attitudes entrenched in drug policy politics, rhetoric and discourse will perhaps be a more cultural shift as one that requires the novel step of acknowledging that fun and pleasure, healing and wellness need not be mutual exclusive phenomenon. Moreover, what is required in the broader conversation is a wider recognition of humanity's inherent impulse to alter mood and mind within our long-standing history of utilising different compounds to achieve specific states of being as an evolutionary advantageous one: https://theconversation.com/why-do-humans-have-an-innate-desire-to-get-high-60671 I can't really see 'entheogen' gaining any real traction in mainstream reporting though as introducing new conceptual models and language usually runs counter to the narrative on substance use unless they serve the sensationalist approach. So given the general public's already established familiarity with 'psychedelic', I imagine this will continue to be the parlance. The intersection between non-theistic users of psychedelics and the conceptual basis of 'entheogen' is a really interesting one, though even considering the etymology of 'psyche' (as meaning 'soul'), the meaning of 'psychedelic' as 'manifesting mind (or) soul' is already problematised in this sense. As the John Hopkins' studies have shown, the occurrence and extent of the mystical experience has a direct correlation with the efficacy of psychedelic therapy be it for depression, anxiety or PTSD and the pure experiential nature of this state often transcends religious or ideological systems of belief unless viewed through the lens of specific religious/spiritual frameworks. However, as James Oroc points out in this great article in Entheogen Review from 2008, for most psychonauts it is 'the primacy of consciousness that clearly lies at the heart of the entheogenic movement'; https://erowid.org/entheogens/entheogens_article3.shtml "One likely reason that "entheogen" has been so widely adopted by proponents of such drugs is the fact that it throws a cloak of obscurity over the taboo topic of psychedelics: enthusiasts may not be as interested in finding God as they are in staying out of jail. Furthermore, once the term is understood by mainstreamers, it can add an air of respectability to the dialog. Images of freaked-out 1960s youth are less likely to spring to mind, when the discussion appears to focus on community-based spiritual groups making positive changes in the world. Mainstream respectability is clearly a goal for some people in the movement, who put a great deal of effort into obtaining government approval for their activities. Yet within such a matrix, science still trumps spirituality." Oroc, J 2008
  4. Hi folks, UnHARM are hosting an important discussion addressing the notion of 'coming out' from the drug using closet as a strategy towards normalisation, decrimilisation and harm-reduction an welcome you to join the conversation. Come and share your ideas with key thinkers from the fields of health and consumer activism, sexual politics and queer theory to strategise around the question "is coming out the next step in achieving real change around drug law reform". https://www.facebook.com/events/357841314705607??ti=ia Tickeys available from the link above: Concession card holders are free and it is $10:00 for general admission, or $49:99 to include a donation. with thanks, Australian Psychedelic Society - Sydney
  5. Is this still available- finding it hard to source in Au edit (never mind just saw it listed on the SAB webstore
  6. I was under the impression that 'Golden Teacher' was just a colloquial name for Psilocybe Cubensis anyway. The season around those parts varies quite a bit each year but now should be pretty ripe especially if the humidity is up in the %90 range with decent rain- which i believe you've had a tonne of. I've found Cubes up around the Promised Lands as early as December but never much past April but this is also when Panaeolus Cyanescens seemed to appear, i.e. after the Cubes were no longer around. Plenty of fertile sites around there so only one way to find out for sure Happy Hunting
  7. Hi curaezipirid, Fantastic to feel your enthusiasm toward this! This is exactly what the APS is all about and the formation of a Gold/Coast Brisbane chapter has been simmering for a while just waiting for someone to take the lead. I am central to the running of the Sydney chapter and anything I can help with please let me know. The APS has now established formal guidelines for setting up and seeding APS chapters, establishing committees and their requirements as well as the various communication channels used. I think the first thing to do would be contact one of the APS crew through the website: http://www.psychedelicsociety.com.au/contacts/ There seems to be a decent size community up there and all you really need to do is put some cohesive structure around that and it will grow organically from there. Small meet-ups are a great way to start, particularly if there is only a small expression of interest via things like the Facebook page. We started off the Sydney chapter by hosting a film-screening of 'Dying To Know: Leary & Ram Dass' which had just been released and this was a great way to get everyone in the same place, announce the presence of the APS and introduce our aims and objectives.You might find that lots of people know each other already from ceremonies and other events like EGA as well as there being many individuals with varying degrees of interest in psychedelics who may feel isolated or have simply been able to find connection to other like-minded people which is a critical part of integrating any psychedelic experience or ongoing work. Let me know how it progresses and thank you for stepping up to do this cheers, Flux
  8. Hey Folks, Just a reminder that the Australian Psychedelic Society-Sydney is hosting Julian Palmer's talk 'The Involvements of Psychedelic Tools' followed by a Q&A this Sunday 25th in Redfern./ Tickets selling fast but plenty left at the moment. Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/julian-palmer-on-the-involvements-of-psychedelic-tools-tickets-42862625266 cheers, Flux
  9. Hey Sydney folks - Julian Palmer will be in town to do a talk and Q&A for The Australian Psychedelic Society. Julian will address key aspects and nuances of working with psychedelics as a tool for personal growth, self transformation and/or as a spiritual path and how we might best get the most out of the psychedelic experience, thus utilising these tools to their full efficacy; i.e. maximising benefits and reducing risks. Julian Palmer has been deeply exploring psychoactive plants for the last 17 years and has spoken at conferences in Australia and overseas on this subject over the last 13 years. He facilitates non-traditional spaces for psychedelic plant medicine work and is also the inventor of ‘Changa’. Tickets and details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/179124179485745/
  10. Got 'em yesterday - Many thanks Gimli, will try and remember to post some photos when they grow up
  11. oh yes - looking forward to the spread of Courtii love
  12. Thanks to @Horus for introducing me to the amazing guitar tones and textures of Jack Rose
  13. I guess most people here have checked it out it due to its relevance -but damn for anyone who hasn't seen it, Hamilton Morris' PHARMACOPIA is very good! Season 1 has been on Viceland on SBS (and is still on catch up below I believe) and Season 2 has almost completely aired in the US and can be streamed through a bunch of different sites (like Putlocker) https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/hamiltons-pharmacopeia
  14. Had 3 goes at grafting Lophs so far have failed, I think the first 2 times was allowing too much moisture (heavy rain) to get at them ...and the second was not crossing over the scions, so I'll get there one day