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  1. Australian_dream

    Bridgesii cuts central coast

    Looking for 3-4ft of bridgesii cuttings on the central coast, preferably pick up today. please help!
  2. Australian_dream


  3. Australian_dream

    Anyone interested in rooted caapi cuttings?

    Definitely interested either now or in the future. Shoot me a pm!
  4. Australian_dream

    All prints are for Microscopy ONLY!

    Alright I'll offer 1 PESA print. Of coarse only for observation under microscope.
  5. Australian_dream

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Sure thing dicko! Next gets: One small cacti cut(taker can choose) 1 mush print (taker can choose) Some fresh OP scop seeds Some P. Som seeds Some extras.
  6. 32. Nice giveaway man! Cheers.
  7. Australian_dream

    Kava kava

  8. Australian_dream

    Kava kava

    I'd say it will over winter fine in my greenhouse as i have other plants that are more frost sensitive and doing fine. It be more of a problem in the 45c days were getting at the moment. Those ones are even burning my cacti lol. Was not aware seeds were sterile though as I haven't payed much attention to this particular plant, my interest has only just been sparked after my mate came back from holiday and was talking to me about it. Thought it would make him super happy to have one growing for us. Still searching if anyone can help.
  9. Australian_dream

    Kava kava

    Seeking some plants or seeds for my Tongan friend for a present. Got some stuff to trade, cactus, prints, random seeds. Let me know if you can help.
  10. Australian_dream

    3 x Tabernaemontana Pandacaqui seedlings available

    Will pm once I'm home and try and sort something out. Peace.
  11. Australian_dream


    Sorted, thanks.
  12. Australian_dream


    Looking for any and all tobacco. My first year growing so i wanna get some variety. Got cactus, prints and many other seeds to trade. Thanks.
  13. Australian_dream


    I'll take you up on that if you can't find a trade around here. Just pm me and we will sort it out.
  14. Australian_dream

    Cactus seed giveaway #2

    Keep up the good work man! and send an invite for one of those bbqs next time...
  15. Australian_dream

    Cactus seed giveaway

    I was waiting for 7 but times running out... #6