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  1. Looks like I got mine today too. Thanks! I cant wait to get them into some dirt.
  2. Himdumb

    Spring Cleanout GIVEAWAY

    In. Woohoo!
  3. The newest issue of Dragibus is out now and available in the SAB shop (http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/shop/dragibus_volume_2_3_pr_1600.php). This issue features a piece on Entheogens of Africa, Forgotten Malpighiaceae's: Sacred vines of the Amazon, Mummy In The Pharmacopoeias Of The Past, and more. I am also looking for content for the next and upcoming issues. We welcome submissions that relate to medicinal and entheogenic plants; their cultivation, identification, historical and cultural usage, and their related compounds. Thanks, Steve
  4. Hey everyone, the newest issue of Dragibus is available in the SAB shop now. This issue features an article on Trichocereus potency, a collection of Pre-Columbian Snuff Antiquities, a look at a Witching Ointment from Southern Italy, and more... Enjoy!
  5. Himdumb

    Trichocereus seed giveaway :)

    Count me in!
  6. Id be interested in a pack. Sending a PM now!
  7. Himdumb

    Holiday Season Giveaway

    Im down if you are willing to send overseas.
  8. You should have received the last two issues by now, I would think. Definitely, the fourth issue. Another casualty (or two) to the post office. Send me your address and I will get another copy of the last two issues out to you.
  9. Hey everyone. The new issue is out and available in the SAB store. The new issue of features an article on Psychoactive Insects, a review of Breaking Convention 2013, a Calamus Porter and more...
  10. Hello everyone, Issue 4 is out now and should be available at SAB any day now. This issue features articles on Salvia divinorum, Ancient and Modern uses of Mandrake, a look at Flavonoids, Deeply Hopped Ale and more...
  11. The third issue is out now and available in the SAB store. The third issue features an article on the Piper genus, an excerpt from 'Sacred Cacti' Third Edition, a juniper ale recipe, an article on shamanic art of the Americas and more...
  12. Himdumb

    georgia town makes gun ownership mandatory

    I saw this on the news last night. It is not the first Georgia city to do so. There is another town in Georgia, Kennesaw, which has had an equivalent law since 1982. Even with 'everyone' not owning a gun, just knowing that a majority of people have guns prevents crime, or at least makes people think twice. From wikipedia: We will see if the same holds true for Nelson, Ga...
  13. Himdumb

    Free Peganum harmala Seeds

    Im interested if you dont mind sending to the US. Thanks, himdumb
  14. I was editing the post to add this information as you were posting. Yes, i have shipped a box to SAB and they should have them in the next week or so. Thanks everyone for the continued support, himdumb