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  1. Coschi

    I need a new name, and would love your input!

    That's a great idea! I did put a few into google and checked out some of the translations, but nothing stood out, but I didn't think to translate them back! I'll be sure to give that a go Spacemonk and Psylo Dread, thanks kindly for the suggestions but I'm not feeling it But don't think that means I don't like them! It's just that this is such a big decision for me.. I'm sure you understand that's also an interesting idea Halcyon Daze, I'll give it some thought and Alienteaparty (geez that's a name right there!).. honestly I have no idea where the future will take me (or where I will take it should I say). I'm all about the musician and what they want, so from that angle I'd say the people I'd connect with would likely be into some psychedelic fusion of blues/soul/funk/rock/world with a modern approach, either commerical or indie. I do understand though that for a music production company to survive in this day and age, the income will come from marketing the product, and not from the musicians. so, genre? whatever sells (without selling out myself.. should be interesting) I'll just say, this will probably be really annoying for all of you You'll be like 'hey what about this great name' and i'll be all like 'naaah because >insert some silly reason<' I need to find a way to rationalise with what I'm feeling, and translate that into something.. but please bear (bare? bear.. bear? beer.. mmm) with me! I'd really love it if the answer came from here
  2. So, like minded folk, perhaps you can better verbalise / phrase / imagine than I can I am so useless with this in fact! I have no idea how to go about devising a name, or thinking of one, or identify words I like, or.. really, I have no idea what I'm doing I don't know, maybe I shouldn't even be asking, maybe I'm missing the point altogether. I certainly didn't get what I hoped for on facebook (I know, that's not saying much). after all.. what do I care how many people like it? well hold on, I guess I never said this was about 'do you like this name', moreso 'can you please help me find a name I like?', what I pain in the butt, this has been dragging out already So anyway, this is for a business the business is in the music industry, and aims to give opportunity to musicians and other creative talent by co-forming a product and pushing it into the market. The name will serve as a brand name in fact, and be used as a marketing label for its products - so, it's got to be good! but it has to mean something to me too, this place and all things related are very close to my heart so I would love to hear anything you have to say I know I'm being vague, but that's kind of intentional I don't want it to be specific to the business, but it shouldn't be too far removed either. I don't mind a playful / friendly aspect to it, but it must not lose respect or authority either. In fact, it should assert authority in a playful and friendly manner Is there a google tool or something that can take my ramblings and spit out a few relavent words? that'd be nice
  3. Coschi

    Time Lapse Videos

    That's lovely mate! Can't wait for someone to find a
  4. Coschi

    Baby Alice

    Warm wishes to you and your family Alice congratulations!
  5. Coschi

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Winter!!!!

    I'd love to come, hopefully responsibilities keep out of the way. see you there george_667 !! LOVE BB
  6. Coschi

    What are your ethnic origins?

    wow, such little deviation from the european lines! I'll keep an eye on this one, very interesting to see how it evolves I'm born here, mother is Chilean and dad is Lebanese Mum's father is Slovenian, but her mum is Chilean (somewhere up that line though there might be an italian thrown in) One of dad's Great's or Great Great's might be Iraqi, I don't think we ever found out for sure
  7. Coschi

    Hello Musicians in Melbourne

    If you love the old dub stuff, and it certainly sounds like you do, I bet you'd really love something like a Tascam 388 (if you can find one locally) these guys certainly seem to enjoy theirs! www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aDxXDUxiaI they've got the nice Roland 301, 8 tracks is where it's at
  8. Coschi


    I'd start a skilled labour business There are many available streams of cash you can tap in to, easier than you may think If you pick the right industry, you can land yourself in a position of reliable high returns for decades to come One fine example is getting on board with the National Broadband Network This would involve the following: -register yourself as a pty ltd company, and attain relevant insurances (workcover, public liability, tools and trade) -purchase vans and tools -employ technicians with relevant experience, and provide any training to attain necessary qualifications if they don't already have -secure a contract with one of the companies managing the customer side of the rollout -your outgoing would approximate 15% of earnings Each technician should pull in $100k/yr without breaking a sweat To put things into perspective: -NBN involves every house in Australia being attended to and in most cases several wiring tasks will be required -An estimated 60,000 technicians are required to complete this task, there are currently only 40,000 registered cablers in Australia -So long as Australians have a need for telephone and internet services in their home, there will be an infrastructure to maintain -This infrastructure will always be maintained by contractors You know how much electricians and plumbers can make, right? Well, they have to do four year apprenticeships before they can earn this kind of money. Cabling technicians earn very comparable rates, and only 1-2 months of training is required to get them on the tools independantly. Choosing employees with relevant experience (antennas, local techy telephone and data point guys, ex foxtel) will be a huge head start on their earnings If you'd like to know in more detail then feel free to ask Also, and most importantly, how would YOU like to spend your days?
  9. Coschi

    Hello Musicians in Melbourne

    you got some really nice grooves playing there mate, I love all the dub you're playing with there. I'm big on old dub and reggae, and find it really hard to get into anything more recent. but, your stuff is great! Are you mixing on a desk? tape delay on a send? I sure hope that's how you're doing it I'm also curious how you're approaching mixing Zen dude? by the way, I had the first track on repeat for ages, loving it!
  10. Coschi

    I'd like to say hello

    welcome back to you too amanito
  11. Coschi

    I'd like to say hello

    ay thanks fellas
  12. Coschi

    I'd like to say hello

    Yep, Hello Its been some four years since I left, honestly I don't really remember how I left or on what terms I left, but I had to, and haste was the word of the day. I had to leave in the interest of self-preservation, and just so we're clear, it wasn't a legal thing or anything like that, it was in regards to health and mental stability. In fact, I was pretty darn lucky it wasn't legal.. I was being far too open with what I was doing with myself - I'm just thankful that everything worked out in that regard Although.. I was selfish. I was far to absorbed in what I was doing to even spare a thought for how my actions affected others I recognise that I could have welcomed unwanted attention here, and ignored requests not to do so. For that, I apologise to anyone (moderators especially) I may have wronged i'll say though that I didn't wrong myself To this day I'm very surprised at how things all turned out In fact, I shouldn't be surprised. I met some amazing people here (you know who you are) and you all changed everything for me. Being a part of this community turned my life in a completely different direction and I would never wish it any other way. I cannot give thanks enough to the community, the teachers, and the spirits I have connected with over the years I've recently been given the green light so to speak well, more of a proceed with caution at a snail pace.. so here I am I don't think it'll ever be as it was, nor does it need to be, but I consider myself very lucky that I can come back here and say hello to you all once again I'm very involved in music these days, still love meeting new and interesting people, and would love to make some new connection and reconnect with some old ones (Ian, Carl, you guys are amazing, if you're out there please get in touch!). I'm on facebook too, so if you feel like making a friend just shoot me a pm and I'll find you Great to be back, and it's great to see this place is still going so strong! peace, congratulation, and happy days for all -Lex
  13. Coschi

    Hello Musicians in Melbourne

    That's great mate No such thing as too electronic! Boards of Canada, Richard D James are mostly what I listen to these days. What I love most about electronic audio is I feel it's transparent, and I can hear right through it and meet, and know, the creator, the inspiration. Much of the commercial instrumental music around at the moment has so much bad attitude and pour intentions involved.. It bypsses the point for the mostpart (just my thought, feel free to tell me to shut it!)
  14. Coschi

    Hello Musicians in Melbourne

    Hi Dave Settlers of Catan ay. ? never heard of that! but you're right it's pretty similar It's actually of one of my favorite groups, So NegativeDave you get up to some music stuff yourself?
  15. Coschi

    First subs of 2012 season

    geeeez zac you're not messing around are you