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  1. I spent some time with this plant back in my jungle dayz. I was told that to those who have the vision (and not under the influence of anything) ajo sacha appears as an old man of the forest (sacharuna) surrounded by children, and this is a spontaneous experience one might have when walking in the forest. I met one non-indigenous (whitefella) person who confirmed this, said he'd seen this old man walking along with a bunch of children, and was later told it was the spirit (genio) of ajo sacha that he had seen. I don't know how consistent this belief is but it was a story that stayed with me. A number of the plants had a spirit figure associated with consistent attributes.
  2. Mate, some of the stuff you are producing is pure gold, the mixture of personal stories and in depth research. And you seem to be producing quite a bit of it. I would encourage you to collate this into one place, make a blog or something, it doesn't matter how many people look at it. In many forms of social media things just disappear after a while but some of this deserves to be retained somewhere easily accessible. Maybe you have collated it yourself anyway. Great contributions to the forum!
  3. i sent it to you C T. I didn't see about the name change. where do I do that? i'm flat out but i'll try to get it done.
  4. First person to post gets a free ticket to EGA.
  5. Hi folks, not long to go now. An EGA ticket for a trade!
  6. needs to take a foundational course in philosophy, along with Jim Carey. largely (epistemologically), it makes no sense.
  7. Edit: actually, not in the mood! Replaced with random cactus photo instead!
  8. Thanks ob. I do not use fb. Not in a hurry and not a big deal to me if i get a trade, just would be good if the ticket went to someone who will enjoy EGA.
  9. yes still available no offers so far at all.
  10. it's really impossible to tell unless you know for sure, in which case you don't need to tell, because you know for sure. i have x'd psycho0 with pc, and it threw out plants that looked similar to all of these. if you were told that most of them are super ped x psycho0 that's the most you will ever know and this cross could certainly account for all of the variations in those plants pictured. they're still nice tho.
  11. Cheers mate. Haha, it was 2007 & 2009 I went to, the first time unemployed with a girl I can remember and some peeps from SAB and the second time as a newly employer loner when my friend did a workshop on ayahuasca I think. I still can't separate the details clearly. I remember Dennis McKenna and Torsten sifting sand, and one time some one gave me a fruit salad plant. Definitely not 2011, that year I was in Peru spectacularly derailing my shamanic path although i wasn't certain of it at the time, hence the paradigm shift, lol.
  12. so the last outdoor EGA was 2009, not 2007? huh, I gained 2 years. still didn't hardly have a job! edit: so there was an outdoor ega in 2007 and 2009. I feel like i went to them both but i can't clearly remember, and if i only went to one which one, because i remember going to one when i didn't have a job and another when i had only just started my 'career' because i talked to some folks about it, which would be 2007 and 2009! That's bizarre. Never mind me i'm just talking to myself.
  13. tall and fat schickendanzii (sp?). That's a beaut one of the best i've seen and i've seen some whoppers out in the country. Good genetics get a cutting! Although might just be benefiting from leaning on the wall. I know I do.
  14. Cheers rahli, i'm a bit bummed about it but it could set some projects back a fair bit to take the time out. I didn't have priorities in 2007, I didn't hardly have a job, lol. You know we should really catch up anyway bro, i'm in the monsoon tropics as well, I make it to the capital every 4-6 weeks, will send you a PM next time i'm heading in.
  15. ^^ sold! you'll make your money back with offsets the way those ebay prices are going. call it 'true variegated shaman's fat dick'. this is not to make light of the legacy of a quality SAB member.