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  1. Caitlin

    perth peeps - CHEAP TRICHS

    let me know and ill pop over and grab what I can afford
  2. Caitlin

    Epicphyllum - Ode to Epiphyllum

    these are the ones that my local bunnings had. they are around $10 and they are really just small cuttings but they grow so quickly in my opinion they are worth it. So many different types.
  3. Caitlin

    Need some advice again :)

    thanks for letting me know, i will definitely keep a look out!
  4. Caitlin

    Epicphyllum - Ode to Epiphyllum

    also, they sell them at my local bunnings quite often. I picked up one called #123 "Ambrosia" and the pink flowers are nearly 25cm across, they are HUGE! I definitely recommend that one if anyone sees it.
  5. Caitlin

    Epicphyllum - Ode to Epiphyllum

    I started off with these when I first got into gardening, they are amazing plants! and they are really easy to grow new colours, I have a few ones I have made. Next time they flower I will take photos. They grow like weeds, the grow anywhere and they grow fast! they seem to love it in perth.
  6. Caitlin

    Need some advice again :)

    lucky you told me, I would have never thought to eat them haha. Yeah I have been peeping around but i am new and i know thats a downfall, thanks for letting me know about the fruits though. So any other type of cereus will do?
  7. Caitlin

    Need some advice again :)

    Oh interesting, do they all produce fruit? The same kind of fruit? Can you eat them? I believe I only have the one but I am planning to get as many different types of cacti as I can get my hands on. So ill keep a look out. Thanks for letting me know, ill be sure so grab one if i see one know.
  8. Caitlin

    Cactus Videos!

    Thanks, I didn't think it was a cactus, but i know nothing hahaha.
  9. Caitlin

    Cactus Videos!

    ☽Ţ ҉ĥϋηϠ₡яღ☯ॐ€ðяئॐ♡Pϟiℓℴϟℴ, in the video labeled Cactus collection 2012, at 5:28. What is that cactus (?) in the pot? I see it around a lot but have never come across it for sale or with a name attached. If anyone knows that would be amazing. Great videos, always enjoy looking at advanced gardens.
  10. this is the type that my plant grows I enjoy them.
  11. I have one plant that produces red skinned and white flesh, by far my favourite one. I'll post a photo later. this is probably the first plant I brought and it's about 8 years old and only started getting fruit around 3 years ago. but I do go out at night and fertilise the flowers myself with a paint brush.
  12. Caitlin

    perth peeps - CHEAP TRICHS

    oh. well I'd love up and grab a whatever I can afford, I am just getting started so anything i can get a hold of is a bonus
  13. Caitlin

    Need some advice again :)

    Ok See the way the Trichocereus Spachianus is just snapped off the mother plant, do I need to do anything different when I go to plant it? I am going to leave it out to dry really well and then put it in my standard potting medium.
  14. Caitlin

    Flower photo heavy 2014 season

    Thanks for that. It does make sense!