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    HBWR seeding cycles

    I am on my second different crop of HBWR. My first grew and grew, likely from the constant sunlight, plenty of space for roots, all the nutrients it could handle. But never yeilded any flowers, pollen sacks, or anything other then a lot of really big leaves. After relocating, I started 3 more seedlings. Hoping at least one would yeild flowers, and one would yeild pollen and I would no longer need to purchase HBWR seeds. I kept these three trimmed short like bonzai trees, and intentionally kept them root bound. A month ago one started to grow light green almost white pods all over. Now the other two are following suit. Has anyone else had similar success with them being self seeding? How long do the pods take to mature completeIy? I uploaded two photos. They are signifigantly larger now. Thanks