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  1. noisyturtle

    Queensland: 5.4m hit Eidsvold

    There was a 5.4m in Eidsvolde and i felt it in toowoomba. Anyone else in Queensland feel the tremor?
  2. noisyturtle

    Post your track of the day

    Dude thank you so much this song and clip are fucken awesome
  3. noisyturtle

    Post awesome gifs here

    Wow i just spent more than 2 hours looking at these. What a laugh
  4. noisyturtle

    Shaman Australis making headlines

    Hey everyone, So i was just bouncing around the youtubosphere and stumbled across this. Hahaha anyone seen this? While the battle of ideology in society may sometimes be hard I found this sctrangely refreshing. In the form of bad publicity I could do nothing but giggle. Anyway guys peace!
  5. noisyturtle

    Anonymous Friend No More.

    In some popular forms of philosophy such as the 'I-Ching' (where karma came from and was mistranslated) talk about the person in the fundamental sense only as an observer. This means that your actions and reactions are of no control of you and that everything that happens can be considered pre-determined. Even this comment. It's also related very heavily to a debate that is suppressed in common AI discussion. This philosophy would indicate that the only difference between one's self and a calculator is the level of intricacy and of course the difference between hardware and wetware. However the religious institutions argue morality and the scientific community (which in allot of ways barely differs these days) argues that it might not be possible. Think about it. All your "supposed" decisions are made by referring to the sum total of experience you have at your disposal. Depending on each experiences relevance to the situation depends on what degree it is used. This is exactly how a computer operates however we have not yet created an intricate algorithm in which computers can upgrade themselves depending on the situation. Most people have troubles even coming to terms with the reasons for their own behavior rather than to have the ability to judge another's. To have an emotion based opinion about the behaviors of others or even yourself for that matter is impractical. But if your going to have any opinion at least make it one of empathy. This empathy for people and apathy for systems or situations is to me a perfect philosophy to add to that of the I-Ching. This may be more suited to a philosophy thread however i feel it fits perfectly as a reply for every post made in this thread.
  6. noisyturtle

    Anonymous Friend No More.

    I cant say i agree with you my friend. I personally have a very different opinion towards the operation of the mind of people and I can't say there is any evidence in any situation to lead anyone to believe that people choose to be in a bad situation. They may make poor decisions but these are possibly related to the infinite number of variables in someones life that equip them in ways to deal with different situations. The people you say choose a bad situation, I would say they were ill-equiped to pick the later.
  7. Hello all As I am new here I am unsure as to how everyone likes to plan these, however, I would like to test the interest of a 'mid october' camp around the NSW/QLD border? Perhaps as far north as sunny coast? Thanks everyone
  8. noisyturtle

    Anonymous Friend No More.

    Haha Yerp I certainly did.
  9. noisyturtle

    'Popping the question', ideas, advice, stories :)

    This is awesome Daze. I'm tearing up Im sure you'll work it out. Even if i did give you advice I would advice that you don't listen to it haha. P.S. coolname that clip is frigen halarious
  10. noisyturtle

    Anonymous Friend No More.

    I would also like to add that if they really want to contribute and not just show up and slave over a soul killing job, they could grow fruit and veg in their local community (as the decentralisation of the agriculture industry is a real necessity), they could become bilingual as international relations is extremely downplayed in the ethos of our race at the moment, or maybe they could spend their time with their families? there are three quick examples of a practical alternative to the earth damaging behaviour we call "work, progress or economic growth" today.
  11. noisyturtle

    Anonymous Friend No More.

    Kent I'm sorry to hear of your aggravation. It is a bit depressing seeing the scams existing in day to day life and the people exploiting scenarios of good will. Certainly does demotivate people from acting in good will. As for the working for the doll business I'm not sure man. See I have laboured for concreters, plasterers, brick layers and lots of others. A common saying was "work smart not hard". However now that I'm studying engineering at uni I'm starting to realise that our whole society ignores this advice. There is a misconception at the moment about what achieves goals. Earning money? or Actually achieving the goal? It's a pretty simple answer. An example is that at the moment the Australian economy is pushing all manufacturing overseas due to the boogie monster "minimum wage". However lets say we replaced the aprx. 2000 labourers in a factory with 10-20 engineers and implemented automation, the work would be of a higher standard, less wasteful on materials, faster production, lower running costs, less carbon footprint (as 2000 people would not be to and from work everyday) and 2000 hands free in society. Notice I said free. Also I'm not saying that I agree with the current urgency of manufacturing because quite frankly i think the rate of production is terrifying. Planned obsolesence and materialistic madness ewwuck. Peoples response to this idea is ussualy "well how are those 2000 people meant to earn a living if they are replaced by machines?" I say if we have decreased costs and increased productivity... why do they need to earn a living?
  12. noisyturtle

    Seed giveaway (& sub prints)

    I dont suppose you have some leo leo seeds left?
  13. noisyturtle

    The ebola medicine game

    Thistle especially milk thistle could be handy for liver and kidney repair and protection during this sickness and a close relative, bird thistle, grows rampart in a lot of places.
  14. noisyturtle

    Help me save my Maytenus senegalensis

    It could be a destructive fungi such as Entomosporium maculatum. I could be wrong but by the looks of your soil you keep it well watered. Id recommend not letting the leaves get wet apart from osmosis (which you cant prevent anyway). But if you fill a spray bottle with some bicarb soda or other sodium products and give the leaves a light spray once every few days it may save it. If not certain herbicides can be used but i prefer not to. The earlier you get this the better chance your plant has. On a side note do a bit of research on it because i could be wrong and the blotches are still young. The light sodium spray can be used for lots of fungi though and as long as your easy on it the plant shouldn't notice.