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  1. 1967Ford

    Lopho-porna loca holocaust thread

    You have some real beauties there sagi!
  2. 1967Ford


  3. 1967Ford


    Various Ariocarpus.
  4. 1967Ford

    Hey, Y'all 1967

    Sorry I have not been on in a while, I was gravely ill, but better now, and getting stronger.
  5. 1967Ford


    Those I had purchased online, the photos were taken just after they arrived via mail.
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  8. 1967Ford


  9. 1967Ford

    I Gotta Tell Ya~1967

    I gotta tell ya, this is one wonderful site, packed with tons of great information, incredible photos, and wonderful, friendly folks. I sure am glad that a member here invited me to join this community. I am getting my bearings, and look forward to being very active here, and meeting some great friends. Peace and Joy to all y'all, 1967~(;{)>
  10. 1967Ford

    albino monstronse cereus

    Wow, very interesting, I had never seen albino cacti before.
  11. 1967Ford

    Hedge Hog Cactus in flower

    These are some beautiful photos, they are inspiring me to plan a trip to Usery Peak.
  12. 1967Ford

    New and Having Problems.

    Thank you for your help, and humor, I know I will enjoy being a part of this community.
  13. I joined not to long ago, but am unable to do much of anything on site. I have sent messages to admin, and gotten no replies. I was invited by a member to join this wonderful sight, please help me.