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  1. No I just let it do its thing moon_unit . The growth stalled a bit due to weather and a crowded greenhouse. Hopefully matures and I will bag it up in some moss to germinate.. probably one of my favourite plants to grow... So much mystery and potential... allot of fear and doubt to overcome to start working with it in the future..
  2. Yes ppppppplease PM,d
  3. Cheers Dual It is actually variegated underneath the layer of pebbles its another inch or so of growth. Contemplating grafting it but it has swelled up nicely after moving into my greenhouse from my windowsill.
  4. Hey guys just throwing it out there if there are any members on or around the mid north coast of NSW. Port Macquarie,Coffs Harbour way. If interested in an entheogenic ally for plant trades and or meet up. Would be great to have more locals to chat plants cacti and mycology with. Namaste