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  1. a dud in 'activity' maybe but a dud in hardiness it is not! time will tell as mr benzito sez
  2. lol @ country practice
  3. lol Evil Genius, good to be back around again. i actually sent those brakes off ages ago.. have u checked your mail box lately? I'm sure it'll be there tomorrow ;)
  4. :D
  5. man i wish i had the $ to spend right now! looks like a good deal
  6. I sincerely appreciate all the warm welcomes, but i am very suprised that nobody thinks i owe them anything... I'd really like the opportunity to retribute what i owe, I KNOW theres trades i left outstanding.
  7. Took me a lil to build up to this... But im back. I know theres people i left in the lurch when i left so if you are one of those people can you please pm me so we can work something out. I hope we can all still be friends??
  8. goodo! now we just need one for pot!
  9. 2b- I agree with the teracota pot idea. except- do u find the soil compacts in these pots? perhaps a grittier mix is needed? Ive heard diotamite can be a worthy addition to cacti mixes. Carchoal would be great i think also. For trichocereus ive found that searles premium potting mix is supurb. With more water-touchy spp i cut with river sand.
  10. damn thats way past my bed time
  11. interesting tst. where does this information come from? v curious.. ive seen twins before but not from psychotria
  12. yeah its funney ey, when i first partook (in ho-land) i felt an incrediable awakening and proceeded to positively and consciously change my life. Then i couldnt figure out why when others partook it wasnt happening for them, it was just like some toy! but i think u got it spot on sina
  13. no help for you but I love barrington tops.
  14. shame that. at least now there might be some action in the AE room!
  15. i heard recently that spachianus makes tasty fruit