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    Growing interesting plants, especially medicinal, ethnobotanical sorts. The outdoors, Bush walking, Fishing, Meeting other plant people. Enjoying the gift of life.

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  1. Planthunter

    Midgen Berry Austromyrtus dulcis -YUM!

    I would be interested in growing this hybrid, sadly New Zealand has banned many Myrtle species including austromyrtus because of the myrtle rust. So my ones are particularly rare over here, maybe the only ones in cultivation over here. Some have began to flower earlier this week The window has been kept open occasionally to encourage pollination by insects. I have had a go with a chook feather, just in case
  2. Planthunter

    Midgen Berry Austromyrtus dulcis -YUM!

    This is couple or so years ahead now but I thought that I would share a photo of some of my austromyrtus dulcis. It is almost 5 weeks since this photo was taken and 5 of them have flower buds. It has taken them a year to get to this size, so I'm quite excited to have the possibility of trying the fruits.
  3. Planthunter

    Pilea peperomioides

    https://inaturalist.nz/taxa/125439-Pilea-peperomioides Hi all, I'm desperately looking for this plant. I can feel it calling me. I live in New Zealand and this plant is no longer allowed to be sold. There is a possibility that some people may still have it. I'm willing to pay top dollar for this really cool plant. I'm happy to pick it up whenever it may be. Fingers crossed that someone in this community or somebody they know still has it...
  4. Planthunter

    I'm back!

    Hi there HD thank you sadly I have nothing Zeusy to offer you right now..
  5. Planthunter

    I'm back!

    Thanks Katu, it's good to be back in this great community
  6. Planthunter

    I'm back!

    Aww thank you sweet cheeks ;D I had best get some botanical porn up in the gallery pretty sharpish then
  7. Planthunter

    Sun opener imposter!

    There must be some research about it somewhere. Shall have a dig around. They made it through a Northland winter, that's not particularly cold as such but they had to put up with a fair bit of standing water around their roots for several weeks. Tried uploading a photo and the it wouldn't work blah!
  8. Planthunter

    Sun opener imposter!

    Yes of course, a theoretical question naturally. I forgot the bit about the leaving them in the sun. Sounds better than 2 day old salad left in the back of the fridge. An interesting idea.
  9. Planthunter

    Sun opener imposter!

    Ahh. Got to get myself over there to visit those gardens. There is so much stuff growing at these gardens of interest to me. Never tried it as was unsure about soaking the leaves for so long, seems a bit like old salad leaves lol. If there is a different way maybe, do you soak yours or do something different?
  10. Planthunter

    Sun opener imposter!

    I knew that you would do well with them. your seed came from two parents plants out in my garden and they are flowering right now. The more space that you give them, the more they will become multi stemmed monsters! Which botanic gardens did you see them at?
  11. Planthunter

    Sun opener imposter!

    It does look a bit like stevia.. Not a 100% sure tho..
  12. Planthunter

    Sun opener imposter!

    Just found this by chance. Yes it looks like a sneaky weed seed snuck in with the sun openers. They are looking great by the way.
  13. Planthunter

    I'm back!

    Hey there plant lady!