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  1. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but...

    I just tried listing a trichocereus pachanoi on eBay and got an error message saying it couldn't be listed because it violates their 'drug policy'. This must be a new thing because I have had no trouble listing them in the past. Does anyone know anything about this?

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  2. I have some rooted and unrooted trichs to sell. All are $1 per cm with standard postage at no extra charge. Only within Australia excluding Tas and WA.



    1. Peruviana '86'   40cm

    2. Pachanoi 'Yowie'   28cm



    3. Peruviana 'KK338'   18cm     SOLD

    4. Peruviana 'KK338'   15cm    SOLD

    5. Pachanoi X Peruviana   16cm  

    6. Pachanoi X Peruviana   16cm  

    7. Pachanoi X Peruviana    34cm

    8. Pachanoi   15cm  

    9. Pachanoi   16cm

    10. Pachanoi 'Justin'   38cm    SOLD

    11. Bridgesii 'Psycho0'   42cm

    12. Bridgesii 'Psycho0'   34cm   SOLD



  3. P. cubensis on foil. Strains I've got include-


    Golden Teacher




    John Allen



    $20 each or 3 for $50. Or if you want more I can sort out another deal.


    I may also be interested in trading- particularly if you've got prints of pan cyans, p. mexicana, or p tampanensis.


    Only within Australia mainland please.

  4. All are $1 per cm + postage


    1. Pachanoi 'Yowie'   24cm     No longer available

    2. Peruviana '86'   35cm   No longer available

    3. Peruviana X Pachanoi   34cm

    4. Pachanoi   43cm

    5. Pachanoi   43cm

    6. Bridgesii   43cm   No longer available

    7. Bridgesii 'Psycho0'   52cm

    8. Spachiana   33cm


    I'd prefer to sell them whole, but will cut them into smaller pieces if necessary.


    Only within Australia (excluding WA and Tas) please.