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  1. Strains I have include- Golden Teacher Ecuador Escondido PESA Creeper Nepal Texas Honduras Island AA+ John Allen $20 each or 3 for $50 or I can work out another deal if you want more. Only within Australia mainland please.
  2. DarkSoul


    All gone. Thanks.
  3. Hi mate. Do you have GT spores still? urgently needing some cube spores

  4. DarkSoul

    Prints for microscopy

    Yes. I've still got some. I'll PM you now rigbert.
  5. DarkSoul

    Trichocereus cuts

    I have some rooted and unrooted trichs to sell. All are $1 per cm with standard postage at no extra charge. Only within Australia excluding Tas and WA. Rooted- 1. Peruviana '86' 40cm 2. Pachanoi 'Yowie' 28cm Unrooted- 3. Peruviana 'KK338' 18cm SOLD 4. Peruviana 'KK338' 15cm SOLD 5. Pachanoi X Peruviana 16cm 6. Pachanoi X Peruviana 16cm 7. Pachanoi X Peruviana 34cm 8. Pachanoi 15cm 9. Pachanoi 16cm 10. Pachanoi 'Justin' 38cm SOLD 11. Bridgesii 'Psycho0' 42cm 12. Bridgesii 'Psycho0' 34cm SOLD
  6. Im interested in prints ,are you interested in trade for seeds of acacaia,cacti ?



  7. DarkSoul

    Prints for microscopy

    P. cubensis on foil. Strains I've got include- Golden Teacher PESA Ecuador Escondido John Allen Texas $20 each or 3 for $50. Or if you want more I can sort out another deal. I may also be interested in trading- particularly if you've got prints of pan cyans, p. mexicana, or p tampanensis. Only within Australia mainland please.
  8. DarkSoul


    All done.
  9. DarkSoul

    Various unrooted Trichocereus for sale

    So it is. I have edited the original post to fix it. Thanks.
  10. All are $1 per cm + postage 1. Pachanoi 'Yowie' 24cm No longer available 2. Peruviana '86' 35cm No longer available 3. Peruviana X Pachanoi 34cm 4. Pachanoi 43cm 5. Pachanoi 43cm 6. Bridgesii 43cm No longer available 7. Bridgesii 'Psycho0' 52cm 8. Spachiana 33cm I'd prefer to sell them whole, but will cut them into smaller pieces if necessary. Only within Australia (excluding WA and Tas) please.
  11. DarkSoul

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    I'd like to get the AA+. VVV Ecuador for microscopy VVV
  12. I have quite a few prints of the Ecuador and Escondido strains of P. cubensis on foil for microscopy. $20 each or I can do a deal if you want 3 or more. PM me for more details. Only within Australia please.
  13. DarkSoul

    P. viridis berries u pay postage

    Post either #5 or #7. Not sure if you count the guy who asked about international postage and your reply to him.