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  1. Godiam

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    But this one.....idk I got it from Sam 2/3 years ago and rooted it, so it has been on own roots for 2 plus years now, the one you seem sure about is obviously a recent degraft because of the large spines! Not many going up for sale that arent degrafts so Im happy to confirm its the real thing, not some Scop hybrid.
  2. Godiam

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    Seeing as 14 was missed, I'll take that one!
  3. Godiam

    Seedling/Plant Sale/Validus auction

    $100.00 and the seedlings are doing fine, Thanks Visceral420
  4. Godiam


    I may be able to help with the seeds, flick me a PM Cheers Godiam.
  5. Mine have germinated, and I reckon close to 100 percent germination from these seeds. Thanks EG, much appreciated Cheers Godiam.
  6. Hi EG, I was to late to get a hardcover copy of your book, so I tried to get a soft copy and that wouldn't work for me! I then seen your offer of the extra hard cover ones you added to the indiegogo campaign this morning on FB, and flew out of bed. After trying on my tablet, my phone, and finally on the wifes desktop I managed to get it to work, I am one very happy cacti lover right now. I know it's 5 or 6 months away, but the anticipation will just grow everyday until I have Your book in my Hands and then I'll go into hibernation for a week to read and reread and reread. Thank You EG, I'm glad You went with the crowd funding idea! Cheers Godiam.
  7. Godiam

    Random seed giveaway

    I'm keen Brendo will PM You. Cheers Godiam.
  8. Godiam

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I'll take that! Bedofspines My offer is, A tip cut of Sausage cactus Some mixed Astrophytum seeds 50 mixed Trich seeds Some L Williamsii seeds, Cheers Godiam.
  9. Got mine today, thanks EG, You are a Legend. Cheers Godiam.
  10. Hard copy x 3 for me, so I can have one in the 3 rooms I frequent the most. Fantastic work EG, and as people stated on FB, a crowd funding may be a way to raise more capital for more than the 500/1000 you have suggested, I can see the demand exceeding 3000 plus for this masterpiece! Cheers Godiam.
  11. Godiam

    Cacti for sale

  12. Godiam

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Just to give this thread a jumpstart as its been quite for a while, I'll take that Shallen! My offer is a nice cut of Sausage Cacti, and an assortment of seeds, Lophs, Spach, and some mixed Trichs. Cheers Godiam.