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  1. Fungal Forest

    Acacia seed giveaway, and some others......

    Number 7. Cheers
  2. Fungal Forest

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    Yes please! Very nice thank you
  3. Fungal Forest

    Ariocarpus appreciation thread.

    Happy to see my first flowers on my first A. Fissuratus graft. It's a double header plant so hopefully the second head produces soon also. Can anyone confirm if these are self fertile?
  4. Does anyone have any nitrogen mutant x seeds for sale?
  5. Fungal Forest

    Cactus cuts for sale

    sent pm
  6. Fungal Forest

    Sunshine Coast Qld Aus

    Hi everyone. I have recently moved to the sunshine coast from up north and would like to meet and trade with some growers more local to this area. If you would like to meet and trade here on the forum other than in person thats fine also. At present i am still trying to pot up my collection from the move and looking to stock up on pereskiopsis. Thank you
  7. Hi everyone I have received my package today and am excited to sow these seeds. Thanks to Zed for fixing me up and throwing in a couple of extra seedlings. You were a great help and very patient ;) . I really like the idea of auctions to raise money for this website. I think it would be very sad to see it disappear as i have learnt a lot from fellow growers on these forums. But also have witnessed other members grow as gardeners during my short period as a member. Thank you to all members for being involved and sharing knowledge and plants. Happy gardening folks Cheers
  8. Fungal Forest

    Trichocereus Bridgesii "Jeans" cutting for sale!

    Sent pm @Sir Jeans
  9. Awesome. How many seeds in each pack?
  10. Fungal Forest

    Cactus Hybrids from Interbeing's garden

    Bridgesii 'Anna' X Rosie2 Bridgesii 'Ben' X Terscheckii 'Fields' Sharxx X Rosei 1 Terscheckii 'Long Spine' X Open Macro 'Fields' X Rosei 2 Bridgesii 'Ben' X Sharxx
  11. Fungal Forest

    Cactus Hybrids from Interbeing's garden

    bridgesii 'Ben' X terscheckii hybrid 'Fields' terscheckii 'Long Spine' X OPEN bridgesii 'Ben' X terscheckii 'Dawsons" bridgesii 'Ben' X Sharxx Blue Iv got a few more grafted. Will post em when they have grown a bit
  12. Fungal Forest

    a godless garden. work in progress. a blog

    Some sort of cactus Arboretum? You could charge an entry fee
  13. Fungal Forest

    Ant jizz and Cactus

    Just had a thought. I know some species of ant have a symbiotic relationship with fungi. Some even farm it for food. In turn the fungi break down materials to produce fertile soil and also deliver nutrients to plants. Would be interesting to know if and what species of fungi may have relations with cacti. Also the fungi could feed off the ant jizz. Its the circle of life!
  14. Fungal Forest

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    This unnamed bridgesii pup looks like it could be a little melty maybe?