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  1. I quit ciggies one morning in 1994 when I got up, had my usual coffee and stuyvo fix, then couldn't stop throwing up. Not sure if that counts as a spiritual experience but when you can barely take a breath for air you'll certainly pray!

    Mind you, I did smoke bongs with baccy afterwards as a daily religious ritual for another 11 years.

    Now I understand finally why giving up smoking means I can finally actually experience tobacco's good qualities.

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  2. 9 hours ago, Alchemica said:



    Did you have luck germinating this @Glaukus? As one of my first attempts with seeds, I may have been too hasty collecting seed.


    Revisiting this, from the latest study,  it seems to be a rather cumulative effect, not so much acute effects.


    A gradual improvement was observed in GAD - 68.1% of the patients were completely asymptomatic at the end of the administration of the experimental treatment, and 92.0% of patients were considered with therapeutic success.

    It managed to progressively improve the activities of patients in daily life, as well as provide palpable improvements regarding their tranquility and their perception of anxiety and depression.


    I'm actually just about to start them now, I read they are better off germed in cooler months. I'll post an update if I get some above ground.

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  3. My take on good sleep is that it is like most things in life, it takes some practice and consistent routine. 

    A lot of exercise early in the day always helps.  I can't stand any light at all, it really disrupts my sleep. I wear an eye mask, I've just upgraded to the best one ever. It's made by Manta sleep. It has adjustable eye pods that you can over on the band to get exactly the right spacing.  Makes a huge difference.

    Any amount of alcohol makes my sleep worse. Weed puts me into a deep sleep but I don't dream.

    I often find a small amount of starchy carbs just before bed makes me sleep really well.

    The main thing I notice is that if I stay in a consistent pattern of trying to wind down before bed, and keep to a routine, my sleep is great. It's nothing new.

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  4. 28 minutes ago, withdrawl clinic said:

    no, u just re hydrate (add water, just tiny mist, too herb and seal)watch...:)

    If you've passed the point of dryness already, adding more water won't restart the curing process. 

  5. 41 minutes ago, Horus said:

    Thats bad.

    Damning evidence.

    Its impossible to police that area, people that fucked, and half cocked could easily destroy the species.

    Someone thinks they are going to make a big batch to flood the doof or festival scene.

    Things have never been the same since DMT became a commodity rather than the sacred spice that was only ever gifted or traded.

    Idiots have no idea of the energies they are fucking with.

    More to the point, they just dont care. I showed Flux a similar situation recently in my area. My local obtusis can and do kick peoples arses, hope the northern species can too.

  6. 8 hours ago, Yeti101 said:

    When questioned in general terms about the effectiveness of the police’s oral testing method in detecting different types of cannabis consumption, Dr Perl said: ‘if it is ingested it will disappear out of the oral fluid very rapidly, or if it is ingested in a capsule form it will not even be detected [at all]’. 


    There is growing disquiet about the NSW drug driving testing regime. (file pic)

    The magistrate, David Heilpern said this evidence had ‘obvious implications for the efficacy of the state’s drug driving regime’.

    ‘The uncontradicted evidence of Dr Perl is unequivocally that if you take THC orally by capsule or by suppository then it is not possible to have a level of THC’



    Wow. I had never thought I'd read the words "cannabis" and "shelving" in the same breath...


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  7. I think you'll be ok to repot up there. I doubt you'd get any real dormancy on the sunny coast. I'm in Sydney and there are years here when there's no dormancy, at least for some plants. 

    Just keep an eye on them, if they look like they stopped growing, then you can hold back water.

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