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  1. I wasn't really looking for psychedelic roots of Judaism or Christianity in this thread to be honest. I've read a lot about that and yeah it makes sense, but that's not what I'm trying to figure out here. 

    I guess I'm trying to understand the logic behind some of these stories and the whole thing maybe. I mean we are told as christians to strive to be like God, yet the entire old testament is just page after page of examples of God behaving like a murderous psychopath. 

    Why did God need to create the world anyway? Was he bored? Needed some light entertainment? Or just to feel Superior to someone? 

    How do the angels or seraphim fit into the picture? 



  2. 13 minutes ago, Responsible Choice said:

    Gotta wait for those steady legs/head before you make a move aye. Psilocybin head rush will put anybody on their arse calling feably for their missus to peel them of the hardwood floor... :blush: :wink:

    It's more of an actual physical thing for me, I have low blood pressure at the best of times, but cubes really dilate my veins, and I've had several severe episodes that ranged from scary, to actual blackouts, to smashing myself up in a very bad way, waking up with an oxygen mask...

    A few of the SAB gang can attest that I go down at times. Nowadays, I can usually feel it coming and I get down as low as possible...

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  3. If you have ever received obtusifolia seed from me, they were also from wild trees. 

    I try to collect a small number of seeds from the largest number of different trees as I can. My opinion is that it's important to preserve as much diversity in phenotypes as possible, and taking 5-10 pods off each tree that is bearing hundreds is as minimal of an impact as I can manage.

    Also, and I know the birds have to eat, if I didn't collect these pods, 95% or more would be eaten by cockatoos within a week of them ripening. Of the remaining seeds, less than one percent would ever find suitable conditions and germinate. Even less would survive their first summer. I do take young plants back out there to replant amongst their parents so I am trying to give them as great a chance of survival as I can, apart from spreading their territory to your backyards.

    Bark rippers are killing a lot of these trees, and they need all the help they can get.

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  4. It's interesting that so much is binary in nature, yet in Catholicism in particular, the Trinity is the symbol. 

    I like your analysis micromegas, that the fall was required for god to be of any relevance. I still find it hard to fathom how this story has travelled so far and wide, and taken over so much of the world. I guess the Roman empire had a lot to do with that though.


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  5. 38 minutes ago, Insequent said:


    How many have you had the joy of using over the years, RC? Do you have a fave? I been looking at 'em for a while now and the Solo 2 is in my sites as well, but finding the $$ is not a possibility yet. Never used one before.

    They're all better tasting and much more economical than smoking. Some are just levels a over others. The mighty is just amazing. But, it'd want to be at the price. For $150, you'd get a solid piece if you do your research. The boundless is pretty good. I haven't tried the solo.

  6. Ok, I think maybe I have confused this topic by mentioning two separate things, that are related but let's keep them separate for the sake of clarity.

    I have been working on my deprogramming for the last 30 years, and I'm reaching the end game ( I think!). I'm not really looking for assistance with this here.

    What I am looking for is some thought and analysis of the myths surrounding Adam and Eve mostly. 

    Let me watch a few of the links you have added and messaged me, and I'll come back.


  7. I still don't understand the desirability of this strain beyond curiosity status. 

    Rumour has it it's a result of colchicine induced polyploidly, and as such, even many generations later, I'd be wary of consuming it. And it's effects are rumoured also to be pretty headache inducing anyway...

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  8. 6 hours ago, toby said:

    I'm the furthest thing from a Bible scholar.


    Just for curiosity sake, are you looking to the Bible for solutions?

    Hahhaa. No.

    I am ridding myself of deep seated programming, a Trojan virus implanted as close to birth as they do. 

    My childhood was beautiful but also terrifying as I was raised Catholic, and an ancient Irish Monsignor used to berate us children and tell us we were all going to hell. A lot of my life has been affected by feelings of guilt and fear, and I'm just now starting to be free from it all.

    I'm not sure why I'm so interested in the Genesis myths, but I find them fascinating. So many people take these as truth, which is kind of astounding when you look into them.