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  1. Kelp/seaweed is a great source of wetting agents. As the carrageenan breaks down it allows the water to break the surface tension more easily. So you could probably try seasol, or do what I do and just mulch stuff with actual seaweed.

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  2. Mulloway are by nature a lazy fish. They like to sit out of currents where they can ambush prey. Drop offs and holes are excellent spots, where they can sit low and watch food pass by overhead.

    They will usually bite on the slack of the tide, top of the tide being best. Nights leading up to a full moon, but not on an actual full moon are good. 

    Big sinker to keep your bait down, with a long running trace is a good rig. Plenty of fishing sites to check rigging tips.

    They will also take soft plastic lures - check what sort of bait fish are around and try to match something similar looking. Good luck. I've spent many cold lonely nights sitting out fishing for them up here.

  3. I think the issue might be more dependant on where you're headed, but who knows whether this might cause you problems on your departure. NSW is a full blown police state these days. Even though it's a legal plant to grow, possessing a cutting in such a situation might raise questions and you could technically be subject to the "container" aspect of the law if they decided to make an example.

    Long way of saying I don't know...

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  4. If I was you, I'd let them be until closer to spring. When you cut them back, they'll want to shoot again. If it's still cold and miserable, the tender young shoots will suffer a lot. Dieback is ok if the main sections are thick enough.. Wait until Spring has really hit then cut back to the woody sections. I wouldn't cut right back to ground level, just back to a decent woody knuckle.

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  5. It holds us like a phantom
    The touch is like a breeze
    It shines its understanding
    See the moon smiling
    Open on all channels
    Ready to receive
    And we're not at the mercy
    Of your shimmers or spells
    Your shimmers or spells
    We are of the earth
    To her we do return
    The future is inside us
    It's not somewhere else
    It's not somewhere else
    It's not somewhere else
    One day at a time
    We call upon the people
    People have this power
    The numbers don't decide
    Your system is a lie
    The river running dry
    The wings of a butterfly
    And you may pour us away like soup
    Like we're pretty broken flowers
    We'll take back what is ours
    Take back what is ours
    One day at a time
    Radiohead- The numbers

  6. Going back a few years I ate 1-2 seeds daily for a few days and after a few days started to feel like I was getting the typical tropane effects, dry mouth, bad memory, general weirdness.

    I stopped at that point as I didn't want to be talking to shadow people at work!

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  7. Looks like two obvious issues: scale and fungal infection, maybe phytopthera.

    Treat the scale by brushing them off with a toothbrush, you can use a little isopropyl alcohol/water mixture with a drop of detergent if you like too.

    For the fungal issue, I'd get something like Yates anti rot -its a systemic fungicide using phosphorus acid so it's quite safe.

    As for the ID, I'd be leaning towards a cuzcoensis but would need a better pic of the base of the central spines. Cuzcoensis has a distinctive flared base of the central spines.

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  8. 5 hours ago, squidgygoanna said:

    Somewhat related, but is there any evidence that using incense indoors in confined rooms is harmful to humans/pets?

    I love incense but I'm always weary of using it excessively

    I think any smoke is probably harmful if you're breathing enough of it regularly. Wood fires for cooking are a major source of cancers in the world where they are common.

    I mostly use an essential oil burner for indoors if the doors and windows are closed. It's great because you can really tailor a blend of EOs to your mood at the time, and there's no smoky residue left on walls or ceilings.

    I'm a big fan of cedarwood and rosemary oil as a blend. Also I love lemon oil for an uplifting mood bump.

    Having a hot bath with essential oils is so good.

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  9. 1 hour ago, SayN said:

    ^although too young, and you just seem to eat them.

    Ain't nothin wrong with that! They're full of vitamin c and other nutrients.