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  1. Sorry for being a smartarse, but I couldn't help myself.

    Are you using the forum on a computer or mobile device? That's probably the first question. Things will appear differently depending on which. Once we know, we can assist you a bit. 

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  2. 8 hours ago, Responsible Choice said:

    I had them briefly and had to get rid of them. They kept on flying onto my neighbour's property, and seeing as I had them to eat ticks I mine I thought "This isn't working.."


    Plus they are loud as when they go off.

    You can trim their wing feathers so they can't take off. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Responsible Choice said:

    I thought PGRs, particularly in cannabis, lowered potency and reduced trichome production, besides the obvious dangers inherent in combusting plant material with said PGRs in their chemistry, especially unflushed examples. :huh:

    Triacontanol can be supplied by alfalfa meal or mulch, and a little is ok. I don't like adding anything that's not organicfor the reasons you state though.

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  4. On 06/01/2020 at 4:43 PM, Pedro99 said:

    So 4 out of the 5 seem to have taken which is awesome! The one that didn't, the stocks core sucked right down into a concave shape. Any idea why this would happen or how to predict/avoid it in the future? 


    Also any ideas on what to do with the slab that failed? I have no more stock other than pere. Should I chop it up tiny and graft to those? Seems a waste to chuck it out. 


    Thanks in advance :)



    To prevent that shrinkage, what you can do is prepare the stock as if you were about to graft, bevel edges/ribs, then leave it for a week or two. It might pucker, but then when you are about to graft, just make a fresh slice and bobs your uncle.

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  5. My cactus and caapi are loving the heat. Everything else is dead.

    I was expecting cactus casualties and I had a big column bend and snap last week, but apart from that, they are all absolutely booming.

  6. 5 hours ago, Halcyon Daze said:

    The zero alcohol beers are great. I just finished a 12 month stint helping a mate to not drink. Actually I still had the odd middy here and there at home, but whenever I went to his place I only took the zero alcohol varieties, as that was all he was drinking for the year. I have absolutely no problem chosing them any time, they literally taste that good.

    Thanks for the tip, if I find myself struggling I'll try that.


  7. I've never been big on resolutions, but I'm giving up drinking tonight for a year at least. 

    I plan to dieta with as many plants as I can. I need to get in tune.

    And more catch-ups with the amazing crew of SAB legends.

    What are your plans?


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  8. I have 6 plants approx 4-5 years old from OP seed collected at Dawson's. The mother is the legendary "Ben", the daddy could be any of the amazing plants at Dawson's.

    Plants 1-6 from left to right (bottom to top in 2nd picture).

    Plant 1- approx 23 cm $20.

    Plants 2-4 approx 27cm $25 each.

    Plants 5, 6 approx 30cm $30 each.

    Postage extra, around $15 for reg and $18 for express.

    Australia only. Can't do WA, Tas or NT due to quarantine.

    Please comment plant # and sold and send me a pm. Each sale gets an extra gift, might be some of my tricho seeds or another small seedlings of random origin.

    Cheers folks.





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  9. Stories are a map of those who went before. Experience is the planting of lamp posts along a path. People mistake the map for the purpose. A map is the lay of the land, not a vector. 

    Where do we want to go?

    That is the question most commonly asked. But maybe we should just be asking how to get there, seeing as the ending is inevitable, right? 

    Sorry if this is cryptic, just laying down thoughts as they occur in a seemingly important moment.

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  10. Well, a bill like this has zero chance of being passed by Mitch McConnell's Republican controlled Senate, in fact, probably won't even be looked at before an election, especially given the current circus. They haven't even passed the banking changes that will allow their bank mates to accept green money, and that bill was passed in Congress like 6 months ago.

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  11. I was growing Krishna Tulsi a few years ago and was drinking a fair bit of tea made from it. Not sure if it's even related but days after I started I had a burst blood vessel in my eye. Looked extremely serious, but probably not. 

    I was otherwise healthy,but decided to stop drinking it just in case.