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  1. 6 hours ago, waterboy 2.0 said:

    Don't take on a nicotine addiction Caster... They are Fuckers of a thing :wink:


    Nicotine is a pretty Damn potent poison with a rapid onset, but there are reasons it's been revered by many cultures... At least before big money entered the scene. 

    I quit crystal meth easier than ciggies.

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  2. 2 hours ago, XavierDass said:

    I can confirm that Kindness is a great person to interact with, who pulled through in a sale with me.

    Sometimes Kindness may be slower than others -- for their own good reasons, and that's okay. It is good for us to slow down and take time now and then.

    It's also frustrating for someone who pays on time to not receive the goods on time as expected. 

    I think communication goes a long way to ease these matters.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, SayN said:


    I think I was trying to say that I think personal responsibility is 100% of the law.  And I think there is a difference between role and responsibility...  In your coal miner analogy I think they play a role, sure, but they don't need to bear any responsibility for climate change because I'm the one that uses the power.  Yes folks, I'm part of the problem.


    I dunno man.  You know me (a little).  I don't take myself or what I say too seriously and neither should anyone here, nor do I claim to know the answers, but I do like a good discussion.  :)

    Me too man, and I like that we can all state our opinions without resorting to trash talk that I see happen all too often. After all, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, but there's no need to parade them at every opportunity!

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  4. I think what I am trying to say is that economics is to blame. 

    It's hyper hypocrisy for us to be burning poppy fields in Afghanistan because "drugs are bad, mmkay", while at the same time we incentivise and protect poppy growing on a far greater scale in our own backyard. Remember, heroin was once marketed as a safe non-addictive alternative to morphine.

    Clearly the pharma companies and the doctors in their pocket can't be trusted, and knowing this, would you willingly support them by providing the resource to continue business as usual?

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  5. 5 minutes ago, SayN said:

    Hmm.  Consider this:


    If someone gifted me some mushrooms and I had, heaven forbid, a bad trip would they somehow bear responsibility?  What about if I purchased said mushrooms instead - does that change it? 

    I'm not sure what point you are trying to make by distinguishing between sale and gift, and I'm not so sure that a bad trip is on par with death by accidental overdose.

    Either way, say you died during that trip. Would you say that whoever supplied them played a part, no matter how small? Of course they did. Was it intentional? Of course not.

    I'm not taking personal responsibility out of the matter at all. The decision to eat them was yours after all. But...would you have died in this situation had someone not given/sold them to you?

    Therefore they played a role in your death. 


    "Personal accountability appears to have disappeared In this increasingly fucked up world" 

    Cuts both ways. Yes, there have been too many points of failure along this entire chain of responsibility, and I wasn't trying to say that the growers are entirely the cause of the problem. As I said already, I know economics dictates that if the Tassie growers didn't grow them, someone else would. It's the law of supply and demand writ large.

    Does this make my statement applicable to hop growers and sugarcane farmers? Hmm, if we take the logic to it's conclusion, then I suppose, maybe yes, to some degree. I guess it's probbaly a much longer trajectory though to die from diabetes than from a fentanyl overdose, so it's harder to see the dotted lines joining the cause and effect. But I would still say the lines are there.

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  6. In the industry I work in there's a thing called "chain of responsibility". Every link in the chain is accountable.

    I get that everyone has to take personal responsibility and I also hate that our goobermint has come in over the top and banned otc codeine etc.

    But to say that the growers are completely blameless, when they know they are growing varieties that are really only useful for producing thebaine, is like coal miners arguing that they only dig up the coal, and aren't responsible for any part in man made climate change.

    I know it's how economics works. "If I don't grow it, someone else will anyway because there's money to be made".

    What to do, what to do?

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  7. On 28/08/2019 at 11:06 PM, Ethnoob said:

    He told me he took it on from a winemaker who tested it as having 3% mescaline content which is where the whole athlete stuff comes from.  It's meant to be as good as they come.

    He's a good salesman

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  8. I've reflected on this, and I don't think the growers can absolve themselves completely of all responsibility. It's a little too convenient to just say "oh, we only grow the poppies that are really only useful for producing the key ingredients fuelling the opioid crisis, what happens to them after we sold them is none of our concern".

    I'm sure that Tasmanian Alkaloids were all too happy to continue profiting as long as nobody pointed a finger of blame in their direction.

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