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  1. Glaukus

    Thick trichocereus recommendations

    It really depends on the cross. Anything with scop as either father or mother will look like a scop in my experience. Other crosses will vary, some might lean more towards one or the other parent. Some will be intermediate. Some will be very consistent, some will vary wildly. Shed Validus x roseii 2 for example looks almost nothing like roseii 2. (showing a grafted seedling vs 9 months later) I'm sure others can add their $0.02
  2. Glaukus

    Home brew.

    Gelatine makes an amazing clearing agent. Dissolve a teaspoon of gelatin in boiled water and add to your fermenter at the end of secondary/tertiary fermentation before racking/decanting. It will settle on the bottom and grab all the proteins that cause chill haze. And it's a lot cheaper than polyclar obviously.
  3. Glaukus

    Thick trichocereus recommendations

    If you want to get them big fast, graft the seedlings onto Peres for a year or so, you'll get a few years headstart on the game.
  4. Glaukus

    ISO P. viridis, B. caapi, P. incarnata, C. edulis, M. speciosa

    I have Cielo caapi cuts if you need one. Pm me.
  5. Glaukus

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    We have 9 months to decide, things tend to wait til the last minute around here.
  6. I've got plenty that haven't done any monstrose growth if you are interested. You never know when they might go wobbly.
  7. Glaukus

    Flat earth debate

    I applaud his commitment to the cause. But clearly this was a plot by the rounders to sabotage his rocket...
  8. Glaukus

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Sounds like a plan, let's agree on something to grow and kick off October long weekend! Now we just need some trans Tasman rivalry, @bogfrog gather your dark armies!
  9. Glaukus

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Stillman is around, but doesn't frequent this place much.
  10. Glaukus

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    I don't fancy my chances much against the likes of Stillman or Dubya Bee, but I think I'd be in the running for the minor honours. Should we start planning for this spring?
  11. Glaukus

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    I think we need to have another pumpkin contest!
  12. Glaukus

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Not until April generally around here, they can go through to August in a good year though. Your season in NZ might start earlier?
  13. Glaukus

    Post a random picture thread

    I like the old walk in village down at North Era, just south of Garie. Have you been down there?
  14. Glaukus

    Post a random picture thread

    Dobroyd head or hawkesbury?
  15. Glaukus

    Trichs now not allowed on eBay?

    I suspect once you've been denied they probably scrutinize your listings...
  16. Glaukus

    Trichs now not allowed on eBay?

    Calling @zed240 who seems to still be selling trichos on eBay. Maybe he can assist.
  17. Glaukus

    Tricho ID - Old school pedro

    Yup, Yowie, not OSP.
  18. Glaukus

    Native Acacia of the Far South Coast

    The flowers look good for obtuse, and some of the pics show phyllodes that have the crusty margin. Certainly very late for obtusifolia to be flowering but local conditions and adaptation can come into play.
  19. Glaukus

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    All the best Spok, tapering off is a slow process if you wish to avoid some nasty side effects. SSRIs can be life saving, but what is life like on them when you are stuck taking them permanently? Pretty dull in my experience.
  20. Glaukus

    Two Id’s

    Nice pach.
  21. Glaukus

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    A frost free refrigerator works well for drying heat sensitive things...lay on a wire rack or paper towel, leave them for a few days. They will get cracker dry without any heat at all...
  22. Glaukus

    Trichs now not allowed on eBay?

    Structurally similar to amphetamines so must be bad right.
  23. Glaukus

    Found in cow poo

    Panaeolus cyanescens