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  1. Glaukus

    Carolina reaper seeds

    Hi all, I'm looking for seeds for a friend, if anyone can help me out thatd be great. I can trade or buy. Thanks in advance
  2. Glaukus

    The Random Thread.

    Yohimbe bark up the shnoz, mmm, fibrous.
  3. Glaukus

    don't cha love it when...

    When you've had a shit week including hospitalized parents, but you come home and she gives you a nice present...
  4. Glaukus

    Skin Disease, please help?

    Normally a systemic treatment is absorbed through the foliage, but cacti need to take it up through the roots as they don't have stomata. I don't think your cut is beyond salvation, but it needs to go to the ICU.
  5. Glaukus

    Flat earth debate

    Story of my lyf TI. That's way too woke for my puny psyche.
  6. Glaukus

    Flat earth debate

    So, assuming the earth is flat, and we're on one side, what's on the other side? How thick is this pizza we live on anyway? Surely we could drill through to the other side with some kind of thunderbirds mole vehicle and find out easily enough? Should we start a gofundme? I reckon if we can get Richard Branson on board it'd be a goer. He strikes me as someone who'd be keen to drive this mole vehicle too...
  7. Glaukus

    Skin Disease, please help?

    Yeah, sulfur works only topically by contact. Something like Yates "anti rot" which contains phosphorus acid is probably your best bet. I don't want to be pessimistic but once a plant gets a fungal infection inside the prognosis is not great ime.
  8. Glaukus

    Skin Disease, please help?

    I'd say it's fungal, the orange colour indicates this. Get some systemic fungicide.
  9. Glaukus

    Fair work laws

    Sal, in my experience fwa treats claims of unfair dismissal seriously even when they are frivolous. The onus is always on the employer to prove they have done everything by the book, and it doesn't sound like that's the case here. Her boss sounds like a piece of work and I'd bet your Mrs would have a reasonable argument for compensation if it came to that point. But if she quits then the bullies win. I know how hard it can be, I've been bullied into quitting 2 jobs now. I wake up feeling literally sick at times, if I sleep...I have had to take xanax at one job just to get out of my car and walk through the front door.
  10. Glaukus

    Happy birthday Skellum

    7 months, pfft, amateur! Happy Birthday mate.
  11. Glaukus

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Very nice pedropark, I like the terraced garden a lot.
  12. Glaukus

    Three Brothers and replanting

    Courtii have a much greater tendency to lean over, they need staking.
  13. Glaukus

    Can you control your hoe?

  14. Glaukus

    Can you control your hoe?

    "Chicks dig scars but not that gaping hole where your eye used to be". Me
  15. Glaukus

    forget about it

    Bro that is the worst, you're such a generous soul, and deserve better. If you can post pics of what was stolen it might get a result. A cactus thief in Vic was caught when the groups on fb spread the word. I hate to say it but this makes me even less likely to invite anyone to my place and I've met some of the best people that way.
  16. Glaukus


    Folks, I bought a fat cut of this bridge from WA a few years ago as a metre long piece. It's done very well for me and I've given away a lot of cuts, as it's such a good cactus. I was at a friends place last weekend and he showed me his cut of Cliff, I was immediately struck by the similarities. It puts out flat v shaped central spines on the new growth and it was clearly from a big old plant as the cut was as fat as I've seen a bridge, and it originated in WA. Interested to hear thoughts and opinions.
  17. Folks, I'm after purple flowering daturas or hybrids. Hook a brother up. I can trade, bit poor to purchase at the mo. Pee em me
  18. I think lophs can tolerate a pretty wide variety of conditions as long as they get a little time to acclimatise. Your plants are beautiful, steel grey!
  19. I went through a phase of microdosing datura strammonium seeds a couple of years ago. I'd suffered some grievous injustices and I came to the conclusion that I was under siege by dark forces, sent either deliberately or inadvertently by someone who I once thought was a friend. I now regard them as my sworn mortal enemy. It's funny, I never imagined myself as someone who would believe this kind of thing, or have a nemesis, but that's for me to deal with. So I pledged to at least understand what I was up against, so I could defend myself. I cut protective runes into my arms and legs on my shield-side with a magickal knife and started a daily dose of 1-2 seeds to help see any subtle malevolent influence in my daily routine. I was not prepared for the cumulative effects, they definitely build up after a few days, and I found myself doing odd things. Thinking patterns are drastically altered, which was my intention, but it's a slippery slope that ends somewhere I didn't care to go. So I stopped the doses. I know it sounds odd, but this type of business goes hand in hand with tropanes, it's serious stuff. Just now, I'm sitting outside typing this and a crow came to talk to me. He wasn't happy that I tried to take his photo so he put some distance between us. Datura.
  20. Glaukus

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    I found an almost limitless source of excellent free compost today, so I loaded up and covered my front yard garden beds. It's a shame I don't have a ute or trailer cos I can only take about 100kg at a time in my tiny hatchback.
  21. Glaukus

    Three Brothers and replanting

    What smithy said. I've had the most success when planting out in autumn, but spring is also a good time. Just make sure they are well protected from the wind.
  22. Glaukus

    The Random Thread.

    Hirin' c**ts Firin' c**ts
  23. Dude, please don't be disrespectful to EG. Perhaps there could be a members only section where historical/academic articles could reside, similar to the plant monographs section?
  24. Cryptantha may be promising then.
  25. Glaukus

    Men hallucinate after eating fish

    Black spinefoot, also known as black trevally, are rumoured to have similar properties. I caught 2 at Vaucluse once in winter but wasn't game to eat them.