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  1. Glaukus

    Share your art

    Detail. Stuck.
  2. Glaukus

    Share your art

    That's nice infinity. Also Bardo, I like the alien at the typewriter. I'm stuck atm. Got a painting half way as usual and can't get past this point. Stuck as fuck. Again.
  3. Glaukus

    Happy Wattle Day!

    More to the point, they just dont care. I showed Flux a similar situation recently in my area. My local obtusis can and do kick peoples arses, hope the northern species can too.
  4. Glaukus

    Post your track of the day

    Wishing you a merry 420. Feelin Irie
  5. Holy shit (no pun intended)! I never knew there was so much science involved when inserting things in your arse!
  6. Wow. I had never thought I'd read the words "cannabis" and "shelving" in the same breath...
  7. Glaukus

    Watch this space

    Is it mere coincidence that 420 follows on from bicycle day? I think not.
  8. Glaukus

    Bridgesii, qld winters and repotting

    I know some folks say not to upsize pots too drastically, but in my experience they'll usually fill any size pot you give them pretty quickly. It'll save you having to upsize again within a year or so.
  9. Glaukus

    Bridgesii, qld winters and repotting

    I think you'll be ok to repot up there. I doubt you'd get any real dormancy on the sunny coast. I'm in Sydney and there are years here when there's no dormancy, at least for some plants. Just keep an eye on them, if they look like they stopped growing, then you can hold back water.
  10. Glaukus

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Thats terrible.
  11. Glaukus

    Bicycle Day - Sydney

    Kick ons? Options?
  12. Glaukus

    Seeking Caapi NNSW

    Let me know if you don't get a hit. I can assist.
  13. Not a subulata, but this is the sort of monstrose growth I'd expect from an Opuntia.
  14. I would expect that the monstrose is just a form of the species. Same species but with monstrose growth tendencies. Neither photo looks like the plants are showing monstrose growth, but this can be deceptive. Plenty of monstrose plants alternate between regular and monstrose growth. You could take a punt I suppose, depending on how much you want to gamble.