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  1. OK, 3 fresh seeds were cracked and held under tongue for 15 minutes. I had a few beers including a Belgian duvel a few hours earlier, so there should have been plenty of acetaldehyde in my system, but I had a drop of pure peppermint oil just to be sure. Not sure I buy into the LSA>LSH conversion theory but peppermint is soothing to the stomach and alcohol helps counteract the vasoconstriction so either way, no harm done. After an hour I was starting to feel affected. I had driven for 5 hours earlier in the day and I was very tired, so I laid down in bed with headphones on. I fell asleep straight away. I woke an hour later, quite affected. Some nausea but not too strong, and slight stomach cramps were the only negative effects I noticed. My mind was very quiet and I had CEVs of a fairly simple nature, dull colours. I fell asleep again not long afterwards and woke today feeling pretty good. I might try again sometime when I'm not as tired, maybe try 4 seeds. I don't think I would go much above 4 with this method, I get the impression the side effects ramp up.
  2. I've just returned from a few days and nights dancing amongst the milky way, and I think I'll give hbwr another go tonight. Might try 3 smashed seeds sublingual with extra enhancement and I'll report back tomorrow.
  3. I think that snuff is vanilla toast
  4. This will be Uh-may-Zing! in a few years. ABG "werd" OP.
  5. Dis a wan
  6. I'll add a few cactus seeds of my various 2018 oz tricho crosses to the above offers too. Someone messaged me privately about the psychotrias so they'll go to a good home.
  7. That's it man, do what works for you. And the only way to find out what works for you is to dive right in!
  8. Cimi, I don't know that Episcopal would be a good substrate for cubes, but I hope it works for you.
  9. Breakthrough/peak/ecstatic experience is necessary, but sometimes it's hard to bring something back that is useful and meaningful for everyday life. That's mostly my aim these days which is why I tend to shoot for my desired level: taking a step outside the self, but still be able to reflect on my life. If I can't remember my lessons, I find it hard to integrate them. Maybe they're sinking in on a higher dimension...
  10. This may be terrible advice but I say dive in. It's not easy, but it's not meant to be. A truly alone experience is more valuable for self exploration, there's no escape from confronting yourself, however badly you'll want it at times. You need to be reasonably confident of your dosages though. Undershooting your desired level isn't such a problem. Finding yourself waaay out of your psychic depth is likely to be counterproductive if self work is what you want to do. I find the lower levels are much more conducive. Expect weirdness, time dilation is often extreme for me when there's nobody to talk to. Make sure someone knows where you've gone and when you should be back. A fire for company at night is the best friend you'll have on this voyage.
  11. Nice collection, and nice way to bump up your post count! He he.. Welcome aboard.
  12. Bro, did those chips i gave you start spreading?
  13. Looking great guys.
  14. Urea is very water soluble, doubt that's the issue. Regarding chloride salts, I would think that's something you'd want to avoid for plants.
  15. Bro, I love your vision. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about the longi hybrids diluting the genes, ime, they add a fantastic quality. Trust me!