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    American election, what's your call

    I can tell you exactly who will win [and I challenge you to prove me wrong 4 years from now] The one who will win will be..... a bad and horrible person. I will vote, but I dont know who I'll vote for yet. I cant be bothered to follow the campaigns yet, in america its degenerated to just a perverted form of entertainment. I do not ascribe to the 'lesser evilism' doctrine because, really, is it moral to vote for someone even you yourself considers evil? When I get my ballot I'll rule out every bigot, every corrupt bastard, every incompetent or horrible person and if anyone is left I'll vote for them. If not I'll vote for none of the above. In the end either hillary or trump will win, which one doesnt matter, theyre both corrupt egotistical fools.
  2. Auxin

    "Pure mineral soil" for Scopulicolas?

    Well, I've seen three distinct scop types. Mine looks identical to the Ritter scop and is spot on in regards to spine length according to literature. The next most common, apparently mostly confined to OZ, is what I call the belly button scop- the one with a distinctly recessed areole so, while the spines are still 1-2 mm long you cant feel them at all. On occasion I've seen pics of what otherwise looks like mine [or an intermediate between the two] but doesnt seem to have spines at all. This may just be a climatic variation of one or both of the previous types. I've tried growing mine in more mineraly, drier soil and it didnt appear to effect spine length or presentation. But I didnt keep that up for too many years. Kada is right, beware of heavy feeding combined with humidity. Hot and dry is when I can get away with dumping water and ferts on them almost daily. My summers are 40° and so dry that breathing can get difficult [especially if someone turns on the AC... damn pansy asses... ].
  3. Auxin

    "Pure mineral soil" for Scopulicolas?

    Here we go, sexy long spines... for a scop
  4. Auxin

    "Pure mineral soil" for Scopulicolas?

    I'll look around for pics or take some in the morning. Basically, by long spined scop I mean the one with 1-2 mm long spines which, if you grab the stem with your hand, you can feel but not get wounded by. To carry them I just let the stem slap down on my shoulder and try not to let my cheek rub on it too much while I'm walking, lol. Long spined relative to spineless or the indented areole variant you guys have lots of.
  5. Auxin

    "Pure mineral soil" for Scopulicolas?

    As always, remember that growing them to look natural means them growing slowly. It wasnt until I planted my scops in soil intended for tomatoes and began watering and fertilizing them as if they were tomatoes that the plants started growing like tomatoes!
  6. Auxin

    Seed storage - desiccant?

    It varies from one species to another. Some love quite strong desiccation, some dont, some cant be dried at all (recalcitrant). As a general rule, desert species are fine with silica desiccation. Useful information can often be found in the Kew Seed Information Database, including seed storage potential at different humidity/moisture/temperature levels.
  7. Recently I've observed a real mess developing with hybrid names. Somewhere, college I think, I picked up my way of naming hybrids. Say SS01 is pollinated by SS02 and the progeny of that cross is used to pollinate J3. I always thought such a cross was supposed to be written J3 X (SS01 X SS02). I'm not saying thats right, its just what makes a lot of sense for me. But over the last two years as more trich hybrids circulate theres this confusing hodgepodge of naming styles. I dont even know what some mean so lets use different clone names. I've seen stuff like.. N1~Psycho0 x PC N1/Psycho0 x PC N1 x Psycho0xPC N1 x Psycho0 x PC What the hell. N1 x Psycho0 x PC could be two completely different crosses and does N1 x Psycho0xPC mean N1 is the mother or that N1 x Psycho0 is the mother? Arent there rules for these things somewhere? I'm just waiting to see the train wreak that would be caused by (Juul's Giant X Kimnach) X (((N1 X TPM) F2 X Psycho0) X Lumberjackus) How do you write them down?
  8. Auxin

    Astrophytum thread

    Nice, is this frosty 8 rib one some sort of myriostigma x ornatum cross?
  9. Not a dirty pic, but just look at her smile She knows whats going on
  10. Auxin

    trichocereus glaucus

    I forgot to photograph them before bringing in for winter
  11. I took my favorite TPQC X TPM crest and grafted little pups on some intentionally etiolated pach X bridge so I can grow me some BDSM lollipops!
  12. Taxonomically speaking, Trichocereus does not exist. Its absorption into Echinopsis isnt just a matter of opinion, its the current scientific definition. So, lacking that, its just an issue of what you choose to look at. You can group them on growth form, size, floral characteristics (the word trichocereus, itself, roughly means 'torch cactus with hairy flowers'), you could even choose to group on spination characteristics or supra areolear stem markings. Ever notice while some have a "V notch" others have like a seagull or a bar or cow horns sticking out of the areole. It would be amusing to see if grouping on that would show any other associated patterns. Take your pic and follow your preferences
  13. Auxin

    wrong forums but anyway: ebay help.

    If you find the seller and choose 'see other items' the search bar will search that seller. Alternately, if you cant find the seller you can simplify the url so you can type it in. For instance: http://www.ebay.com/itm/80-Strips-PH-Range-0-5-5-0-Alkaline-PH-Test-Indicator-Papers-Lab-Supplies-T1K-/141092203918?hash=item20d9c02d8e:g:RkcAAOxyjNlRzafPis the same as http://www.ebay.com/itm/141092203918basically the url doesnt need the auction name or the junk at the end, just /itm/ and the auction code number, so you can just jot that number down.
  14. Auxin

    Hybrid Naming Conventions

    Yeah, it is important to keep in mind that crosses are sibling groups and not expected to be clones, or nearly so. When I grew out the LC00x non-PC pachanoi & bridgesii crosses even in the F1 they produced three different spine lengths in the plants. One of the parents must have itself been a cross. That happens a lot in cacti, so sequential crosses are never entirely reproducible and even one cross is only reproducible in large numbers. 3/4 off topic but I have a side question. Zelly, I was drooling over your trich seed inventory and I saw you have one pachanoi cross named 'PC pachanoi X ...' does that mean that all other pachanoi crosses you have are non-PC?
  15. Auxin

    Hybrid Naming Conventions

    Someone wants to commemorate a foursome There is an 'Alf' clone 4+? I've seen people in Oz and cali go from seed to flowers in 4 years. Granted, I regard those people as being so dripping with awesomeness I just want to rub them all over myself, but 4 is possible. Not too different from my personal book keeping numbers. I usually keep track of harvested fruits, seed groups, etc. with a year/month/day number like 151217. Not for naming but just for tracking. When collecting seed on hikes I can include hour and minute to match the packet with photos on my camera. I still dont get /, for instance I've seen 'pachanoi/juuls giant x kimuras giant' around. huachuma has one [porn]. Does that name mean its (pachanoi x juuls giant) x kimuras giant or is it just a note on the species that juuls is or that both are?
  16. Auxin

    Hybrid Naming Conventions

    In this particular instance (SS02 X SS01) X (SS02 X SS01) would simply be the F2 generation of the original cross, so I expect it would be better written (SS02 X SS01) F2 (with brackets so people dont get confused and think the F2 might refer to the pollen donor. It would sure save some typing when a cross is bred to a new variety over 8 generations
  17. I was shown the Cactus and Succulent Field Number Query database... So I made a browser search bar plugin for it Now people who think about cacti far too much can save time, when you wake up at 3 am and cant remember where KK923 is from this will save you precious seconds.
  18. The 'spiritual' component is neglected just as much by patients as it is by the medical profession. Really, they seem to have the same archetype. Wait for the shit to hit the fan then try a 'magic bullet', like hoping statins will cure cardiovascular disease or that last minute prayer will make a stroke not have happened. In buddhist philosophy (just because thats what I know) an essential fundamental part of the 'spirituality' is the advice to avoid any willful act of body, speech, or mind which will predictably cause harm to oneself or others. Most buddhists ignore this, they live on fatty meaty curries and mcdonalds, and when they have a stroke or get diabetes they look to the magic bullet false spirituality of chanting, holy water, and magic string. Now is the best time to think things through and get your spiritual work done, especially if your still healthy now. It'll prevent some illness and let you handle the rest better.
  19. Auxin

    Peres Power Cord

    lol Yeah, I had some tentative success but I stopped working on this a long time back. Ironic bump tho, as just yesterday in a perskiopsis cloning orgy I remembered this idea and pondered on ways to optimize it. Grafting into areoles was inefficient. Possible alternatives would be to induce root formation on a stem and graft into the roots just under the skin, or for globulars graft them onto a columnar, like a skinny scop or a jusbertii, wedge grafted onto peres and graft pereskiopsis into the vascular bundle from the side at two or three points. The intensity of growth might split globulars tho.
  20. Auxin

    Peres Power Cord

    Ok, I've seen several impressive pics of Trichocereus spp. that had been grafted onto Pereskiopsis and got a years worth of intense growth. Naturally the problem is a little pereskiopsis can only supply the water/nutrient needs of a Trich for so long, but before it reaches that size limit the peres seems to help greatly with the growth. So I had a frikkin idea, I call it a 'pereskiopsis power cord' basically side-graft a pereskiopsis plant onto a trich that has its own roots, the peres would inject raw growing power into the side of little pedro. Somethin like that. Whatcha think? (Thank you CS for loaning me the cinder block)
  21. Fascinating, I hadnt heard of that cd4/8 inversion from vaccines. I remember some clinical studies where 'prolonged' (just 5-8 days) absolute fasts (only water) brought cd4/8 ratios back to youthful levels in older patients and rejuvenated the functioning of those cells, the tactic was combined with chemo and after the chemo when the fast was broken the immune system came back in full strength, unlike the folks who had chemo with no fast. I wonder if fasting kids around vaccine time would have any benefit. [but if you do it, dont tell anyone. Fasting is still a taboo in western nations.]
  22. Auxin

    Cactus fruits

    Its actually neither. They are not self fertile and you can pollinate them with trichs, echinopsis, gymnocalyciums, etc. and they will take it as a cue to set apomict seed, seed-form clones of the mother. Apparently only one Harrisia jusbertii exists and all specimens are clones. To date its the only columnar I've got to flower up here. I pollinated it with Echinopsis chamaecereus and it set fruit, but the unripe fruit was ripped off by an unexpected sand storm, lol A question EG may be able to answer: If a trich is pollinated with H. jusbertii pollen will the Trich set apomict seed?
  23. That was my assumption just based on the thread title ;) Over here recently we had a 'whooping cough' micro-epidemic and people got all into a disproportionate froth screaming at the anti-vaxxers, calling them murderers and such. Two months later when someone fucking bothered to test the sick kids it turned out they didnt have whooping cough to begin with, and no vaccine would have protected them. That bit never made its way into mainstream news. Well I'm baffled, befuddled, and bewildered. Are you implying that in Oz doctors dont get identical training? Fuck sake, I may move over there after all