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    MSS Signing Off

    Hes american, so no, they cant. Its a very taboo crime here. Its prosecuted more harshly than premeditated multiple homicide in some instances, especially in cases where there was any real world contact with kids, but even people who just download can go to prison longer than a murderer. People are killed just for downloading pics here. Only an imbecile would turn himself in in MSS's country, even if it were to seek 'help'. In my state there is actually an island prison where they are shipped to, the guards main job is to make sure people dont come in and murder the inmates. Another thing about being american, our laws defining 'child' are very screwey. In 5/6ths of america girls can be old enough to legally have sex with and yet any picture of them is prosecuted as child porn and can send you to prison [pornography laws were made at the federal level, so set to the highest age of consent- 18, sex laws are state level, in 2/3 the country the legal age for sex is 16 and in 1/6th of the country its 17]. In some cases the girls could even be fully clothed. The girls you bed legally in australia could be in the same 'child' age range in the US. Torrent was a good point, a mistaken download could very easily happen. When a major blockbuster film came out a friend of mine downloaded a cam recording of the movie from a P2P site, or she thought she did, what she actually got was a movie length dutch bestiality video. In the digital age 800 pics doesnt even get someone counted as a collector, and internet cache counts in prosecutions. Read the news, collectors are busted with hundreds of thousands of images and videos. This isnt 1970. If its true he was given probation he must have been so minor that the prosecutor didnt even see him as a pedo, his prosecution may have just been a technicality for christ sake. And yet his supposed friends here condemn him. Interesting.
  2. For those lacking the subtle gene, that means "I'd like to lick her tuna"
  3. I go with the ancient greek tek. Over 2000 years ago they looked at the moon. The shadow of earth on the moon is always the shadow of a circular or spherical object cast onto a spherical object, no matter what angle the shadow is cast at. Ergo the earth must be a sphere, a disk wouldnt always cast a circular shadow. It was those nutty ass dark ages christians that forgot all that. Dont forget the pastafarians. At high altitude the flying spaghetti monster holds a lense in front of you to make things look curved. Its just like the prank he pulls of freezing people in time when they reach the edge of the earth and driving them to the other side to screw with their head. Flying spaghetti monster, master of time, space, and practical jokes.
  4. Religious nutters lie when they say they 100% believe nonsensical prophecies. It is extraordinarily easy to prove. Just bet them $40,000 it wont happen, in writing, signed and notarized. After all, an extra $40,000 couldnt be bad in end times when jesus is coming, right? They wont take the bet, not one of them. They dont believe. They just wish they believed.
  5. In the case of recognita x divinorum, the chromosome counts wouldnt be helped by colchicine as they are 2n = 16 and 22, respectively [1]. You might get a Triangle of U type situation after several thousand pollinations yielding a 2n=38 hybrid but I have yet to see anyone with several thousand divinorum flowers. I'm unclear how much mentor pollen and hormone applications might help cause a triangle of U scenario. Protoplast fusion could be an option if someone were set up for that. Those options could be done by very few people but, realistically, I see no trouble in several people growing several dozen plants each year and making a standardized extract of each for bioassay, and then using the best four to eight plants as the parent for the next generation. Every six years or so they could exchange genetics to diversify their breeding pool. Sure, there would be subjective error and possibly a significant procedural error but on the whole things would be moving in the right direction. Estimating from pictures I've seen, 45 uncrowded plants could be grown to seeding in a 1 meter by 3 meter plot [which by my gardening standards is small but non-trivial] the harder part would be finding gardeners that would want to do 45 acetone extractions every year and bioassay 45+ samples every year. Salvia always slapped me back into the cradle, doing that 45 times each winter would be stressful As a side note, as near as I can see the salvinorin content of Salvia tiliifolia is unknown. S. tiliifolia has the same chromosome count as S. divinorum and is native to a region just like 200 to 400 kilometers north of S. divinorum.
  6. S. recognita is a turkish species, before trying to cross it with a species from another continent it would be worthwhile to simply breed it for potency through 7 or 10 generations. Quite a few uncrowded plants could probably be grown to first seed set in just 3 square meters of garden space Even if it were eventually used in hybridization schemes, wouldnt it be better if it were brought up to 1 mg/g or higher first? ;)
  7. tradition (countable and uncountable, plural traditions) A part of culture that is passed from person to person or generation to generation, possibly differing in detail from family to family, such as the way to celebrate holidays. A commonly held system. It is traditional. For ±30 years gringos have been going south [or east] to pay big bucks to not have sex and take abnormally trippy ayahuasca in the jungle. Its not even remotely the south american tradition but it is the birth of the western aya traditions. People go down/over there and pick up the little nucleus of westernized christianized new-agey aya tradition like a dab of pollen on a cotton swab to smuggle home and pollinate their own local culture with. Its a fun thing to watch develop over my lifetime. Perhaps if I ever have grandkids their rites of passage can include a developed american aya session.
  8. Auxin

    American election, what's your call

    I can tell you exactly who will win [and I challenge you to prove me wrong 4 years from now] The one who will win will be..... a bad and horrible person. I will vote, but I dont know who I'll vote for yet. I cant be bothered to follow the campaigns yet, in america its degenerated to just a perverted form of entertainment. I do not ascribe to the 'lesser evilism' doctrine because, really, is it moral to vote for someone even you yourself considers evil? When I get my ballot I'll rule out every bigot, every corrupt bastard, every incompetent or horrible person and if anyone is left I'll vote for them. If not I'll vote for none of the above. In the end either hillary or trump will win, which one doesnt matter, theyre both corrupt egotistical fools.
  9. Auxin

    "Pure mineral soil" for Scopulicolas?

    Well, I've seen three distinct scop types. Mine looks identical to the Ritter scop and is spot on in regards to spine length according to literature. The next most common, apparently mostly confined to OZ, is what I call the belly button scop- the one with a distinctly recessed areole so, while the spines are still 1-2 mm long you cant feel them at all. On occasion I've seen pics of what otherwise looks like mine [or an intermediate between the two] but doesnt seem to have spines at all. This may just be a climatic variation of one or both of the previous types. I've tried growing mine in more mineraly, drier soil and it didnt appear to effect spine length or presentation. But I didnt keep that up for too many years. Kada is right, beware of heavy feeding combined with humidity. Hot and dry is when I can get away with dumping water and ferts on them almost daily. My summers are 40° and so dry that breathing can get difficult [especially if someone turns on the AC... damn pansy asses... ].
  10. Auxin

    "Pure mineral soil" for Scopulicolas?

    Here we go, sexy long spines... for a scop
  11. Auxin

    "Pure mineral soil" for Scopulicolas?

    I'll look around for pics or take some in the morning. Basically, by long spined scop I mean the one with 1-2 mm long spines which, if you grab the stem with your hand, you can feel but not get wounded by. To carry them I just let the stem slap down on my shoulder and try not to let my cheek rub on it too much while I'm walking, lol. Long spined relative to spineless or the indented areole variant you guys have lots of.
  12. Auxin

    "Pure mineral soil" for Scopulicolas?

    As always, remember that growing them to look natural means them growing slowly. It wasnt until I planted my scops in soil intended for tomatoes and began watering and fertilizing them as if they were tomatoes that the plants started growing like tomatoes!
  13. Auxin

    Seed storage - desiccant?

    It varies from one species to another. Some love quite strong desiccation, some dont, some cant be dried at all (recalcitrant). As a general rule, desert species are fine with silica desiccation. Useful information can often be found in the Kew Seed Information Database, including seed storage potential at different humidity/moisture/temperature levels.
  14. Recently I've observed a real mess developing with hybrid names. Somewhere, college I think, I picked up my way of naming hybrids. Say SS01 is pollinated by SS02 and the progeny of that cross is used to pollinate J3. I always thought such a cross was supposed to be written J3 X (SS01 X SS02). I'm not saying thats right, its just what makes a lot of sense for me. But over the last two years as more trich hybrids circulate theres this confusing hodgepodge of naming styles. I dont even know what some mean so lets use different clone names. I've seen stuff like.. N1~Psycho0 x PC N1/Psycho0 x PC N1 x Psycho0xPC N1 x Psycho0 x PC What the hell. N1 x Psycho0 x PC could be two completely different crosses and does N1 x Psycho0xPC mean N1 is the mother or that N1 x Psycho0 is the mother? Arent there rules for these things somewhere? I'm just waiting to see the train wreak that would be caused by (Juul's Giant X Kimnach) X (((N1 X TPM) F2 X Psycho0) X Lumberjackus) How do you write them down?
  15. Auxin

    Astrophytum thread

    Nice, is this frosty 8 rib one some sort of myriostigma x ornatum cross?
  16. Not a dirty pic, but just look at her smile She knows whats going on
  17. Auxin

    trichocereus glaucus

    I forgot to photograph them before bringing in for winter
  18. I took my favorite TPQC X TPM crest and grafted little pups on some intentionally etiolated pach X bridge so I can grow me some BDSM lollipops!
  19. Taxonomically speaking, Trichocereus does not exist. Its absorption into Echinopsis isnt just a matter of opinion, its the current scientific definition. So, lacking that, its just an issue of what you choose to look at. You can group them on growth form, size, floral characteristics (the word trichocereus, itself, roughly means 'torch cactus with hairy flowers'), you could even choose to group on spination characteristics or supra areolear stem markings. Ever notice while some have a "V notch" others have like a seagull or a bar or cow horns sticking out of the areole. It would be amusing to see if grouping on that would show any other associated patterns. Take your pic and follow your preferences
  20. Auxin

    wrong forums but anyway: ebay help.

    If you find the seller and choose 'see other items' the search bar will search that seller. Alternately, if you cant find the seller you can simplify the url so you can type it in. For instance: http://www.ebay.com/itm/80-Strips-PH-Range-0-5-5-0-Alkaline-PH-Test-Indicator-Papers-Lab-Supplies-T1K-/141092203918?hash=item20d9c02d8e:g:RkcAAOxyjNlRzafPis the same as http://www.ebay.com/itm/141092203918basically the url doesnt need the auction name or the junk at the end, just /itm/ and the auction code number, so you can just jot that number down.
  21. Auxin

    Hybrid Naming Conventions

    Yeah, it is important to keep in mind that crosses are sibling groups and not expected to be clones, or nearly so. When I grew out the LC00x non-PC pachanoi & bridgesii crosses even in the F1 they produced three different spine lengths in the plants. One of the parents must have itself been a cross. That happens a lot in cacti, so sequential crosses are never entirely reproducible and even one cross is only reproducible in large numbers. 3/4 off topic but I have a side question. Zelly, I was drooling over your trich seed inventory and I saw you have one pachanoi cross named 'PC pachanoi X ...' does that mean that all other pachanoi crosses you have are non-PC?