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  1. Auxin

    Graft of the day

    Whats that monstery looking one fourth from left? Looks a bit like a pach-bridge hybrid.
  2. Auxin

    Please ID this grafting stock

    Looks a fair bit like Selenicereus testudo
  3. Theres this guy in the Pereskiopsis Grafting Group on facebook who swears that by grafting to old 'brown' pereskiopsis stems, like ones that have supported a scion for 8+ months, the new graft will be semi-permanent and the graft union wont tend to eventually fail. I've only ever grafted to tender new growth and I've only seen people graft to tender new growth. Has anyone grafted directly to an old woody stem? What was the outcome? I find a single claim on facebook dubious but if there is even a chance it could let a pereskiopsis graft stay good for 2+ years it'd be worth a few trials.
  4. I woke up with a painfully swollen hand after having been stabbed in the knuckle by a T. peruvianus yesterday. So I responded by giving my cacti fertilizer so they'll grow even nastier spines. I doubt non-cactus growers would understand
  5. Auxin

    Odd loph behaviour

    Perhaps in time you'll get one of these (Posted by Nut)
  6. The statistics might be skewed a bit but from what I've seen and experienced I'll bet theres a true effect in there as well. Anyone else remember israeli research using psychedelics to get soldiers over PTSD, but then they couldnt get the cured soldiers to kill muslims any more because they suddenly respected life? lol
  7. Auxin

    Jiao-gu-lan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)

    12 years later, lol... I just started some up, I split the seeds into two groups. One group was soaked overnight in water, the other in 0.15% potassium nitrate. They were then germinated on wet filter paper in petri dishes. The nitrate soaked seeds sprouted several days faster. But really, if you dont already have a potassium nitrate stock solution dont bother, they sprout pretty easy anyway. Just figured it wouldnt hurt to record that somewhere ;) Does anyone know if the seeds currently being sold out of china on ebay are bitter or non-bitter?
  8. Auxin

    thenook.org down

    I heard a rumor the server was taken out by an exploding vat of fresh jenkem Always use airlocks, people. $1.20 on ebay
  9. Auxin

    MSS Signing Off

    To be clear, that part of my message I was trying to convey was stated far out of proportion, probably my fault. It was my least point. My primary point that seems to have been lost was how everyone jumps up and down, shouting, pounding their chest, and generally egoing all over the subject any time something like this [or anything, really] happens. It seems degrading to the person doing that display, its inherently distorting and caricaturizing of the target of those rants, it can even put that person [who may be innocent] at risk of serious harm, and its just downright creepy because in any subject the people who rant and rave and ego all over the place includes all the closet cases. Are we really so weak of character and desperate for definition to our ego that we have to make a big spectacle about every damn thing? Do we really have to waste so much energy to no productive, or at least positive, effect? Do we absolutely have to make life a worse hell for people whos lives already are being made hell, are we so petty? Do you really want to risk making people suspect your a closet case, whether you are one or not? Its not lack of caring, or some largely mythological american hyper-individualism that keeps me from getting on a soap box about the evilness of pedos, or whatever the news item of the day is. I look at it more like maturity and self respect. Or at least a measure of perspective on things. As an american, this Really stood out for me when 9/11 happened. The morning of, I was a little disoriented like everyone. 'Are we under attack, whats going on, who did it.' But within a week I was genuinely frightened. Not because of any terrorism threat, I knew that wasnt a serious danger to me. I was afraid of everyone around me who was ranting and raving and acting like meth addled egotistical spoiled 14 year olds with guns. The american response to 9/11 was infantile and humiliating. The whole world knew it. But everyone does the same thing about Every issue that comes up! Your business, not your business. That judgement doesnt really make a big difference if the response is measured, mature, well informed, and done out of fairness and not a self serving display of egoism. And I agree with Torsten, any big amateur content collection torrent is likely to have questionable stuff. Its no doubt happened to many of us here. I stopped getting those type of torrents long ago for that very reason. But, as Torsten said, even the good shit from pay sites isnt 100% safe. Thats why MSS's bust was none of my business. It was most likely a common internet accident that was a tragedy only for him. I'm sorry theres little chance of people letting you stay in this community, MSS. It was good ta know ya.
  10. Auxin

    What Weird Shyt R U into? NSFW

    The last post was contradictory. If you think assfucking is weird you must be over 40 If you think hairy beavers are weird you must be under 40 ' Crazy nympho girls in the psychiatric ward '... I think I saw that porno too Lately I've been watching this hot, precious little twink dressing up in girls clothes on cam. He'll even suck a lollipop for money. I love the internet.
  11. I think, often times, people fail to quit simply because on some level they dont want to quit. It doesnt have to be a majority view in their psyche but if a significant part of them doesnt want to quit then a drug a little stress or a few beers, etc. can get them started up again. When I smoked it was because I didnt care about life. They said cigs would kill me, I said 'yeah fine sure'. It wasnt until I gave a damn that I quit. I only had to try to quit one time because I didnt let anyone pressure me into trying before I wanted to. I had similar experiences with other habits too. My cousin was seriously into meth. People nagged at him, fought with him, spent loads of money to put him through rehab, put him in jail over and over, bribed him with free sports cars and Two free houses. He blew it all, nothing worked. He liked meth more than he cared about the risks. When the day came that he no longer wanted to do it he got clean with no help at all, he just quit. Been clean for like 5 years now. It works with all addictions and habits.
  12. It varies from area to area but in my state its now up to $9 USD for a pack of 20, thats 11.50 AUD When I quit smoking 12 years ago a carton of 200 was $30 USD and that was after years of active price increases. A few years before I quit my dads buddy went to china and brought him back a pack each of the most expensive [1.50 AUD] and cheapest [0.10 AUD] chinese cigarettes. I sort of liked the nearly free kind, they burned like a fuse but they tasted like chinese food When I was unwittingly near quitting I started growing it, thats legal here, and I remember one of the things that helped me decide to quit was when I was getting ready for my third year of growing saying to myself 'ok, I get 200 cigs per plant, how many thousands cigarettes do I smoke in 12 months?... wait... thousands? hold on!'
  13. Alcohol and LSD are hell on anyone who quit smoking in the last year or three. Just like weed and alcohol are hell on anyone whos recently quit junk food. Exactly two years after quitting the junk I got drunk just to see what would happen... Cookies and ice cream happened.
  14. 12 years clean here I'm one of those mythic people who quit by taper-down instead of cold turkey If I had to do it again I'd use the old fashioned fasting method just to be even more of an outlier
  15. Auxin

    What Weird Shyt R U into? NSFW

    Do you do fly agaric first so it gets them blasted when you piss up there?
  16. Auxin

    Mass Scopolamine Overdose in Perth

    Yup, taking 'illicit' drugs wasnt the hazard in this instance. Being a complete freaking moron, thats the hazard.
  17. Auxin

    What Weird Shyt R U into? NSFW

    When I blow my gourd it doesnt look at all like that
  18. Auxin

    What Weird Shyt R U into? NSFW

    Well this is the longest lived LGBT friendly ethnobotany forum on the internet Torsten should get some sort of trophy, perhaps involving amusingly shaped cucurbits
  19. Auxin

    What Weird Shyt R U into? NSFW

    Christ, I'm the normal one in this group, all I do [I'm bi] is watch straight anal porn so I can imagine myself in either position I call it being fuel efficient
  20. Auxin

    MSS Signing Off

    If MSS does actually come back here and wants to clarify the incident, power to him, I'd read the post. Like I said, if someone chooses to share something I'll listen. If he came back and someone wanted to politely ask what all that arrest stuff was about, I wouldnt view that as wrong. Its everything in between now and then that I find odd. Not specifically wrong, just odd. If it were me or my children in the photos then it would be my business and I would proceed from there. There tends to be this fundamental mistake people make, thinking that forgiveness or even just minding ones own business is the same as permission for the crime. Its not. You can forgive something bad while acknowledging the act was still bad. You can leave a situation up to the people designated to deal with it without sanctioning the crime. I've never heard of the rotherham grooming gangs, and its probably none of my business, but if they were hurting people then no, I dont think its good. There are people designated to deal with it. Cops, lawyers, and judges. Its not my place to judge or prosecute. This is not apathy, anarchy, or complicity. Its practicality. 1) none of my business, 2) I almost certainly wouldnt have all the relevant facts, so any judgement would be unbalanced anyway 3) I simply dont want to waste the energy being expected to get worked up and opinionated over every thing that happens in the world. I'm always seeing people working themselves up into a froth over things that dont impact them in any way whatsoever. Remember OJ Simpson? Or whats-her-name who had her boob pop out at a sporting event? If you had harnessed the wasted energy of so many people beating their chest and shouting an opinion you could have sent that bloody glove to Mars!
  21. Auxin

    MSS Signing Off

    I just checked and there are still zoophiles on winmx [the old movies and music P2P where it happened], so if that is what tickles your tapioca and its legal there just install winmx and video search for 'bestiality' or 'horse' or whatever. [Those videos actually are legal in quite a few places] Dont be tricked into paying anything, the connecting patch is free just like the program. Anyway, what I really dont get in all of this is why our cultures brainwash us into being so conceited that we think its our duty to run around judging people on stuff that is clearly none of our business. Unless one of you wants to put the information out there its none of my business what race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, political inclination, hedonic proclivities, etc. you ascribe to. Just because I have a 'right' to have an opinion doesnt mean its my duty to shove my nose into your life and have an opinion by force about everything you do. So it really is not my place to puff up my ego commenting on what it is any of you look at while stroking your boy salami or rubbing your girl bacon. Unless I'm right beside you, helping you stroke it, its really none of my business. This is a forum about plants. MSS is a nice guy who helped lots of people with plants. If hes ever brave enough to return, I wont be mentioning this incident.
  22. Auxin

    MSS Signing Off

    Hes american, so no, they cant. Its a very taboo crime here. Its prosecuted more harshly than premeditated multiple homicide in some instances, especially in cases where there was any real world contact with kids, but even people who just download can go to prison longer than a murderer. People are killed just for downloading pics here. Only an imbecile would turn himself in in MSS's country, even if it were to seek 'help'. In my state there is actually an island prison where they are shipped to, the guards main job is to make sure people dont come in and murder the inmates. Another thing about being american, our laws defining 'child' are very screwey. In 5/6ths of america girls can be old enough to legally have sex with and yet any picture of them is prosecuted as child porn and can send you to prison [pornography laws were made at the federal level, so set to the highest age of consent- 18, sex laws are state level, in 2/3 the country the legal age for sex is 16 and in 1/6th of the country its 17]. In some cases the girls could even be fully clothed. The girls you bed legally in australia could be in the same 'child' age range in the US. Torrent was a good point, a mistaken download could very easily happen. When a major blockbuster film came out a friend of mine downloaded a cam recording of the movie from a P2P site, or she thought she did, what she actually got was a movie length dutch bestiality video. In the digital age 800 pics doesnt even get someone counted as a collector, and internet cache counts in prosecutions. Read the news, collectors are busted with hundreds of thousands of images and videos. This isnt 1970. If its true he was given probation he must have been so minor that the prosecutor didnt even see him as a pedo, his prosecution may have just been a technicality for christ sake. And yet his supposed friends here condemn him. Interesting.