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    Forum Name

    Thelema is right, not all of us believe in magic. However, having it in the title does little more than leave the option there for those who wish to use it. Also right is the statement that not all ethnobotany people use entheogens. However, this is the spiritual/religious segment of an ethnobotany site, and that usually relates to entheogens, even if they are not used as such (like a bible garden). So again I think it just leaves the option open. Personally, I think we should leave in the 'Magic' part (for those who want it) but expand the 'Witchcraft' to accomodate a broader range of faiths. So to sum up the ideas to date, we have: 'Magic & Entheospirituality' 'entheospiritual connections' 'entheospirituality' and 'Magic & Spirituality' Any other ideas, votes, input? Where is the moderator Wazron? Surely he/she/it/they have some input. I think what is slowing us up is that we dont know the origional intent of this forum. Is it for any religious talk, just for magic, for magic & entheospirituality? And is it fixed at that definition or is it up for creative redefining? Is there a forum mission statement? Wazron? WAZRON
  2. Auxin

    Forum Name

    I thought about 'Magic & Spirituality ' but that might lead to a WHOLE LOT of people trying to convert everyone else to their religion. Talking is good, but agressive evangalism is not so good (it has its place, but I'd like to hope thats not here). So I thought 'magic & entheospirituality' would keep away some of the anti-all-drugs religious crusaders.
  3. Its good to use announcements like this as a place to talk about catholic masturbation and such because it keeps the announcements at the top of the list longer, that way more people see them.
  4. GUYS- Masturbation cleans out those old expired sperm cells. It is a mater of health that a guy should ejaculate a MINIMUM of once every 2-3 months if he ever plans to have kids. You should keep those organs clean inside and out. As the founder of methodism said 'cleanliness is next to godliness' so be like god and masturbate
  5. Auxin


    Commonly called fly poison or Amianthium muscaetoxicum. Considered poisonous to humans (and most other things). Couldn't find out the alkaloids in it, but they don't sound like somethin' you'd want to ingest.
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    In the US the Controlled Substance Analogue Act makes all drugs structurally, or medically similar to schedule 1&2 drugs illegal. 5-MeO-AMT is a cross between indole amphetamine and 5-MeO-DMT (both schedule 1 or 2) and is thus illegal in my country. It is possible that the DEA hasn't cracked down on this yet, but if it works they will. The DEA HATES synthetic analogues of psychadelics.
  7. Auxin

    calling all gnomes

    Absoloutly very, very true. Good point gomaos . Many entheogens can replace the desire for alcohol or other bad drugs, but are not themselves addictive. So when the alcohol addiction is gone there is no problem stoping the others (if desired).
  8. Auxin

    calling all gnomes

    Our brains are tainted by society. Psychologists call this enculturation, the process of learning and taking on ones culture. I call it brainwashing, the process of being tainted and controled by foolish, limiting ideas that made no sense when they were initially conceived- much less now. Many people use entheogens to break down those foolish barriers so they can work toward seeing the world as it really is. A Zen buddhist once told me that they do not seek enlightenment, rather they seek to abolish the illusion of non-enlightenment. Entheogens are just one way to help some people do that.
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    By the way, start with the book books, not the hymn books.
  10. Auxin


    Go to the source- The Rig Veda: http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/rigveda/index.htm Start on BOOK 1 and keep reading until you have made up your mind. They talk mainly about pressing the soma juice, drinking the soma juice, obtaining somas to press with rocks, etc. The way they talk about it makes it sound like a single plant that is pressed for its narcotic/euphoriant juice and the deep importance they impart to its effects makes it sound strong. I have only read a fraction of the rig veda books, but to me it sounds like 'somas' are unripe poppy pods that are pressed for the juice 'soma', which is then drunk in 'drops' or combined with another liquid as a carrier. Also, given these conditions it seems unlikely that soma was a somewhat dry plant like ephedra or syrian rue. Anyone willing to read all the books and give a more detailed analysis?
  11. Auxin

    curing tobacco?

    Time, temperature, and humidity are the most important factors for a good product. If cured too cold, or at too low a humidity the product is green with a harsh vegetable taste. If cured slightly cool it comes closer to real smoking tobacco, but is still harsh and not too tasty. The best curing temp is about 90-95 F. With good procedures both leaf bundles and twists can give a good smoke, just make sure you harvest when there is still some hot weather left. I've made that mistake (legal in my country) I grew some plants and let a few get to eight feet tall, unfortunatly by then it was too cold to cure it and most ended up being used as insecticide, rather than cigarettes. Remember: a three foot plant that you can smoke is better than a eight foot one that you can't.
  12. Auxin

    Tobacco Growers License

    Wow! To think I was pondering escaping the repressive megacorporation controled republican/democrat regimes in my country by moving to australia. Sounds like you all have it even worse! No salvia d, no tobacco, etc, etc... Do you have to buy a license to breathe!?! Dont laugh, it sounds like it could happen. My question is would it be safe to mail smoking tobacco seeds from the USA to someone in australia as a homegrowers trade with no permits or anything? Or should I just keep my tobacco seeds here in the states and find something else to trade with y'all?
  13. Auxin

    colchine and other mutagens

    Yup, as the name implies I like to induce roots. Not just that but I shy away from bright light, just like auxin (thats why plants bent toward the light- the auxin goes up the dark side, and elongates the dark side). And yes Fatalii is a fataly hot pepper. When you bite into one you get a cold sweat, your brain melts, and your sinuses drain all in the one second before plunging you into the fiery molten pits of hell. It's Great! And no I don't do tissue culture yet. I can never get my stuff all the way sterile. I'm an organic chemistry geek, not a biologist.
  14. Auxin

    colchine and other mutagens

    My $0.02 (USD) Yes Colchicine is very, very poisonous. Not just that, but it mutates HUMAN sperm, eggs, and fetuses. We have too much DNA for tetraploidy so colchicine causes massive unfavorable mutations in live fetuses, or future fetuses via the mutant sperm/eggs. It also does other nasty things. Rubber gloves are not enough, especially when working with the solid form (dances on static and flies in air!!!). When I work with the solid I use chemical fume hood, chemical goggles, chemical apron, nitrile gloves, chemical dust respirator, and access to both emergency eyewash and shower stations. I do not advise its use except by skilled chemists (biologist say they know how to use it safely, but my observations show the contrary.) The solution I use for polyploid induction in seed is fresh 0.1% (aq) colchicine for 12-24hrs, at 15 C, IN THE DARK, then wash the seeds off. This kills all but 5-20% of the seeds, most of the remainder are polyploids. Colchicine is destroyed by light, acid, and base. A/B extraction of autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale) corms is futile. Extraction of an active, non-chloroform compounded product is hard and requires lots of equiptment. Corms harvested in early summer have about 0.25% colchicine. Like I said- very dangerous, do not mess with this stuff. One experement I have been intending to try (but do not advocate) is to grind up a peeled corm with an equal weight of distilled water, let sit in the dark 12 hrs, add the seeds (put 'em under the surface of course.) [This might only work for larger seeds, because finding small ones in the mush would be hard and increasingly dangerous] and let the seeds soak in the mush, in the dark for 12-24hrs, then find 'em, wash 'em, plant 'em, and pray you can still have normal babies. I might try this idea in a few months with some Capsicum chinese var. fatalii and grow it indoors until the following spring. To emphasise my main message: Don't mess around with colchicine. Really, Really don't do it: BAD, BAD, BAD.
  15. Auxin

    Quinine effects

    I found no reference to alcohol + quinine but I do know that larger amounts of quinine by it self cause cinchonism and some people are more sensitive to it than others. So if alcohol does react it could intensify or alter that effect. The general effects of cinchonism being ringing in the ears, heavy-headedness, and maby some obstruction of hearing. In even greater doses it can cause extreme headache, deafness, and partial blindness. After toxic doses these effects may take some time to fully wear off. Permanent deafness is rare.
  16. Auxin

    Espresso visuals?

    Caffeine is a drug, and overdoses are dangerous. Avoid massive doses. As for the visions, they may be chemical or psychological after-effects of previously ingested (some times several years back) visionary sacraments. Many "flashbacks" are actually psychologically based, if you have a profound or intense experience of any sort it can resurface later on, more often in times of stress such as sleep deprivation or caffeine poisoning. And it is believed by some that it can serve a purpose by allowing your subconcious to try to remind you of something you have learned, but later forgot or ignored. After all, some moments of clarity/insight/enlightenment can take years to fully understand, you can't afford to forget them. As for the furry coffee- DON'T DRINK IT: POISON!!!
  17. Auxin

    sun opener!

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