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  1. squidgygoanna

    What's wrong with my Mimosa Hostilis?

    Thanks for the tips everyone. Will get out in the garden this weekend and sort it out.
  2. squidgygoanna

    What's wrong with my Mimosa Hostilis?

    Plant is actually outdoors in full sun, has been since day one. Checked the leaves for mites today and couldn't spot any, could they be attacking the roots?
  3. squidgygoanna

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Was also wondering about the "brutus". Couldn't find anything with Google. Would be a cool addition to the collection if true.
  4. squidgygoanna

    What's wrong with my Mimosa Hostilis?

    Appears to be just a discolouration, will check for mites. I recently applied some seasol Brendo, will that do the trick or should I use something else?
  5. squidgygoanna

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    It's an arrow pointing down
  6. Thanks Sagi. Seems to be firming up a bit now that the bugs are gone. Hopefully she pulls through.
  7. Hey guys, My new loph started showing signs of stress, going slightly soft/spongey, colour changing, etc. Tried giving a little extra water and sun but only seemed to be getting worse no matter what I tried. This afternoon I decided to uproot her and see what's going on. And to my horror, the roots were infested with mealy bugs I cleaned off the roots using light compressed air and a spray bottle. Mixed up a solution of Neem oil, dish soap and water and let the root system sit in the mixture for a little while. She's now sitting on some paper towel drying off on a window sill. I've used neem for mealy bugs before on other plants and had great success rates, hoping it's the same for cacti. Does this seem like an OK way to attack this issue? My only question is, will the loph be ok sitting bare rooted on a window sill for the time being? and how long until I should re-pot? Cheers!
  8. squidgygoanna

    Wanted, Picralima Nitida

    If anyone has any Picralima Nitida plants or cuttings for sale/trade please let me know! Cheers!
  9. Cheers goat, I'm fairly new to the world of lophs so wasn't too sure. Thanks for the help
  10. squidgygoanna

    Lost a lot of my ethnos, looking to re-stock

    Hey guys, Lost a large portion of my collection a while ago due to rogue weather. Looking for cuttings/seeds of any of the following ethno's. Cuttings would be preferable. Psychotria Colorata Picralima Nitida Zornia Latifolia Ipomoea Violacea Piper Methysticum Artemesia Ludociviana
  11. squidgygoanna

    Built a small propogation chamber on the weekend (pics inside)

    Cheers guys pretty happy with how it came out. Now I've just gotta fill it
  12. Decided I wanted to start taking cuttings of my ethno collection so I have things to offer in sales/trade. Picked up a 2ft 110w T5 fluro online. Decided to have a quiet weekend in, so I took off to bunnings and whipped this up in some unused space under a desk in my study. Doors have magnetic catches, bottom is a drip tray made from thick core flute. Interior is lined with thick greenhouse film and sealed with silicon so the wood is protected from moisture.
  13. squidgygoanna

    Show your tattoos!

    Thought I might as well share. DMT/Jungle theme sleeve, not finished yet. Have a traditional dragon sleeve on my other arm.
  14. squidgygoanna

    Lights for propagation

    Just bought a 110w T5 fluro, planning on building a propagation chamber into the empty space under a desk in my study so I can start taking cuttings of my ethnos. I've never messed around with grow lights before and I'm paranoid about potential fire hazard, how do you guys minimize the risk? do T5's put out enough heat to be concerned about? might incorporate some PC fans for air circulation
  15. squidgygoanna

    Lesser known ethnobotanicals?

    Hey guys, Thought it might be interesting to see if any of you know of any lesser known ethno's that others here might not know about? I just got a copy of the Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants, which gave me the idea for this thread
  16. squidgygoanna

    Lesser known ethnobotanicals?

    Some great ones there, cheers sagi. The encyclopedia is great and I've already started expanding my collection since I started reading. I have the same approach and want to collect any and all psychoactive plants. I've always been hesitant to grow brugs/datura because of it's toxicity but I might look into it. A new one I was unaware of was Glaucium flavum or 'yellow horned poppy' which contains Glaucine, and apparently produces sedation, fatigue, and even has hallucinogenic effects. Managed to find some seeds and will get them in the germination chamber asap.
  17. squidgygoanna

    Need some help choosing a light for my propagaton chamber

    Thanks man! found a T5 online that should do the trick. The desk is in an unused room so annoying light shouldn't be an issue
  18. Hey guys, I decided to make use of some spare space under a desk in my office and build a propagation chamber, size is roughly 70cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 70cm (H) Found a small 2 tier greenhouse that fits perfectly in this space, with about 18cm gap above to fit some sort of grow light I'm shopping around for a light but I can't decide between T5 and LED, and I'm not sure how many watts I should be aiming for? Chamber is just for general use, planning on taking cuttings of any and all of my ethno collection for trades, sale, etc.
  19. Anyone else see this? I wonder what the chances are of it being passed. https://www.tga.gov.au/consultation-invitation/consultation-proposed-amendments-poisons-standard-july-2016-medicines
  20. squidgygoanna

    Post your track of the day

    Been in a Viking mood today. Wardruna - Blood Eagle
  21. Hey guys, I'm putting together a martha (greenhouse) for my gourmet grows but I can't find a cool mist humidifier anywhere in Aus! Everything I find is either a steam humidifier or ultrasonic. Apparently Vicks 400 is the most used humidifier for mycology, but I can only find them in the US, I could always get one online and get a voltage converter but that could turn out more expensive than I was planning. Any aussies here with a martha setup? what kind of humidification setup are you running?
  22. squidgygoanna

    Cool mist humidifiers for Martha in Australia?

    Only got some Turkey Tail colonizing atm. I've just decided to make the switch from Mono's/SGFC to a Martha, so once I get that up and running I'll have some gourmets on the go
  23. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Gonna be building one of these once I'm back from vacation. Commerical flow hoods are just way too expensive for a hobby mycologist. Awesome stuff man!
  24. Hey guys, found a heap of these trees up the back of my property in Rural Victoria. Anyone able to ID them? http://imgur.com/a/SPn3X
  25. squidgygoanna

    Acacia ID? Possibly Longifolia / Obtusifolia?

    Updating with more pics in hopes of getting a positive ID. http://imgur.com/a/sk0oP Anyone able to help?