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  1. Sure is man, many medicinal benefits. PM me if you're interested in some spawn and we can work something out
  2. Good to hear man. I only have Grey Oyster and Reishi available at the moment.
  3. I'm actually waiting on a Lions Mane culture to get delivered. Once I clean it up etc I'd be happy to make up some spawn bags for anyone interested. Not sure how long until it arrives however. How did that Grey spawn go Botanist?
  4. This was easily the best episode this year. This is what JRE used to be many years ago, fascinating conversations with interesting people. Lately I feel like JRE has been nothing but comedians and the same conversation about social justice over and over. Really hope JRE goes back to its roots
  5. PM'd
  6. Very interesting thread Glaukus! glad to hear you were feeling a bit better in your last check in. I've heard of many people using Caapi tea to combat depression/anxiety. I actually wasn't aware that Caapi was noticeably active on it's own, I'm curious what kind of physical effects you notice after consuming the tea?
  7. Been waiting for these to be published since hearing Dennis McKenna mention it on the Joe Rogan Experience. Can't wait to check them out
  8. What an amazing prize. Better get some tickets
  9. Cheers Insequent! I scoured the interwebs for hours trying to find a vendor for P. Densiflora powder and had no luck! guess I must have skipped over this one. I had some G. Flavum seed but could never get it to germinate. Might buy some more and give it another try
  10. Hey guys. I sent an email to the Department of Agriculture to find out the legal status of Pedicularis Densiflora, Picralima Nitida, and Glaucium Flavum. I've never been able to find out for sure if importing dried material from these particular plants is allowed despite scouring the internet, and found nothing in the BICON tool for any of them. I received the following response from DOA. Would you guys interpret this to mean that importation of these particular dried herbs is allowed? Dried herbs for human consumption will no longer require an import permit as soon as 17 October. A BICON alert has already been published in BICON to inform the publish of this change. The import requirements for dried herbs can be summarised as follows: · All herbs that have been thoroughly dried can be imported into Australia · Goods must be commercially prepared, labelled and packaged. · An ingredient list must be provided with botanical names or common names · Goods must be inspected on arrival to verify that they have been thoroughly dried
  11. Does anyone have seeds or herb available? or has anyone tried importing either from overseas?
  12. Awesome! #15
  13. I recently started collecting salvia species that are reported to be psychoactive. Some are hard to track down so I've been starting most from seed. I had a few more germinate than I was planning on so I've got a few plants spare, thought I'd see if anyone here was interested I currently have available for trade: 3 x Salvia Coccinea (Snow Nymph variety) 4 x Salvia Splendens (Blaze of Fire variety) Interested in any interesting plants, seeds, or cacti