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  1. I recently started collecting salvia species that are reported to be psychoactive. Some are hard to track down so I've been starting most from seed. I had a few more germinate than I was planning on so I've got a few plants spare, thought I'd see if anyone here was interested I currently have available for trade: 3 x Salvia Coccinea (Snow Nymph variety) 4 x Salvia Splendens (Blaze of Fire variety) Interested in any interesting plants, seeds, or cacti
  2. Sure man, send me a PM and we'll get it sorted
  3. I don't currently have this culture on agar yet, it's high on my to do list however. I'd be happy to part with some grain if you were interested
  4. Thanks mate, appreciate the response
  5. Harvested this cluster of Grey Oyster today, weighed in at 550g (1.2lbs) Think I've finally got my grow chamber conditions dialed in
  6. Hey all, Wondering if anyone here knows roughly what Oysters, King Oysters and Shiitake sell for in Aus? Wholesale and market price I'm guessing it varies depending on location, just looking for a rough estimate
  7. Anyone?
  8. Hey guys, I've been interested in researching Glaucine for a long time now. Can't find any domestic sources so I was thinking about ordering a small sample from overseas. Wondering what the legality of Glaucine is in Aus? is it scheduled? all I can find is information about it being banned in horse racing.
  9. Hey guys, I have a Psychotria Alba plant for trade if anyone is interested (pic below) Roughly 25cm tall. Plant will be sent bare rooted Below is a list of plants I'm chasing (seeds or cuttings, some are very rare, but doesn't hurt to dream) Interested in any other offers too! Tabernaemontana Orientalis Laurelia Novae-Zelandiae Alstonia Scholaris Pedicularis Densiflora Picralima Nitida Piper Methysticum Artemesia Ludociviana Lagochilus Inebrians Glaucium Flavum Galbulimima Belgraveana Scutellaria Humilis Diplopterys Cabrerana Virola Calophylla Virola Theiodora Pausinystalia Yohimbe Turnera Diffusa
  10. If anyone can help with seeds, cuttings or established plants, please let me know Have items to trade or $$$
  11. I moved some of my sensitive plants into an indoor greenhouse for the winter and they've all started growing this white fuzzy mold on the pots, the top of the soil and on some of the stems of the plants themselves. So far I've tried some Cupric Hydroxide (Kocide Blue Xtra) fungicide, which didn't seem to do anything. I then removed each plant individually, wiped off the growth with some isopropyl alcohol, and removed the top layer of soil and replaced it with fresh, dry soil with some cinnamon mixed through. The top layer of soil seems to now be resistant to the growth, however it's reappearing on the pots and some of the plants stems. The plants are under T5 lighting, and I added a fan to try and circulate the air a bit more.and dry things out. Can anyone help? I also have 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, Vinegar, and Baking Soda on hand (which I've heard can be used to make a DIY fungicide)
  12. Having a lot of trouble getting these seeds to germinate. If anyone has a cutting or established plant please let me know