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  1. Hey guys, My dog recently had a cancerous mast cell tumor removed, it doesn't appear to have spread but the specialist wants to do some follow up chemotherapy sessions just to be on the safe side. If she responds negatively to the treatment I won't be continuing with it (quality of life is my only concern) so I'd like to have a backup plan just in case. I started giving her Curcumin and Turkey Tail mushroom extract (made especially for pets) but I've read about people treating their pets with CBD oil and I'd like to do the same. I know source discussion probably isn't allowed here, but if anyone has any helpful information they could share I'd be extremely grateful.
  2. Check your private messages brother. Sent you a message Feb 13th. Package has gone to Thatplantguy
  3. I haven't been able to get a hold of Commethswan, sent private message etc... Should I put my offer up again? 1 x small Carnegia Gigantea 'Saguaro' (rooted pup) 1 x small Tabernaemontana Pandacaqui plant some Psychotria Carthagensis seeds some Withania Somnifera seeds (Ashwagandha) some Desmanthus Illinoensis seeds some Acacia Floribunda seeds some Acacia Acuminata seeds some Salvia Splendens seeds some T. Peruvianus 'John' x T. Pachanoi 'Yowie' seeds
  4. Does anyone have any spare prints or spawn for this species?
  5. Still have a couple left mate Thanks! collecting interesting books is another hobby of mine
  6. Thanks man!
  7. This mystery Acacia recently came into my possession, is anyone able to identify?
  8. I have 6 young rooted LW buttons available, roughly 1.5cm in size (give or take a few mm) Looking for $30 ea inc postage (can express post for extra $$) Will be posted bare rooted Trade offers are also welcome
  9. Typical grandma-cactus lol! thanks for that mate, any idea if any mammillaria are active?
  10. My grandmother gave me this cactus yesterday, anyone able to ID?
  11. Nice little collection you've got there, may I ask where you acquired the wooden shrooms? I've also always wanted one of those shroom head stones after seeing the real deal in multiple books. I attempted to make my own using clay but they didn't turn out so well haha. I'll hit up the etsy store owner and see if they're planning on making more
  12. Scale and mites seem to love psychotrias for some reason. I have to regularly apply neem oil to mine cause the bastards just keep coming back. Haven't noticed them on any of my other plants.
  13. Please PM if you're able to help
  14. Also interested in this plant
  15. Found this growing in one of my pot plants. This plant was sitting next to my Calea Zacatechichi and looks kind of similar.. Wondering if anyone can tell me for sure?