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  1. I'm looking for TBM's if your selling any specimens moon_unit.
    I noticed a few months ago you had one or two up on ebay that were nice.

    Let me know. Cheers.


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    2. moon_unit


      Lol yup as @smithy said, there's a couple of units on here ;-) think I just gave my last spare TBM away to a mate the other day too. Good luck @Skellum

    3. waterboy 2.0

      waterboy 2.0

      Lol... Yep anyone can hit the status

    4. Skellum


      Waterboy  =  Boss

      Oi it looks to me like only the sickest cunts in the whole of SAB are the ones utilizing this status update feature.
      If any new comers are aiming to become a fully sickunt in as little time as possible, then I recommend the introduction & heavy use of  "status updates".
      You'll be fully barred like a pedigree mongrel, in next to no time at all, thats my promise to y'all.


  2. Thanks for identifying @LokStok