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  1. moon_unit

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Very generous, Happy wattle day :-)
  2. moon_unit

    Seeds for sale

    Seed $5 a pack, PM me if interested in any, Cheers Datura Box of chocolates 410 B Datura Box of chocolates 310-11F Datura Box of chocolates 310-11A Datura Discolor Datura innoxia Datura Double yellow Chlorantha Datura stramonium Var Tatula Datura wrightii (has a purple tint to the edge of the white flowers) Datura Wondrous Bella Datura Hybrid (white and purple stripe, a friend of mine grew out some standard triple purples and was lucky enough to find this stunning hybrid pop up, if you love your daturas, then this stunner will blow you away) Heavenly blue morning glory Mopacho king of bitters fresh psychotria carthagensis berries Feverfew sambung silene capensis dream root calea zacatechichi dream herb huacatay Peruvian black mint spilanthes yellow or red eye giant red salvia spendens salvia splendens burgundy Halo Desmanthus leptolobus Desmanthus leonotis leonorus leonotus nepetifolia Feel free to message me for pics or browse my album uploads ;-)
  3. moon_unit

    Meet up: Perth

    Sound good, I'll be there for sure ;-)
  4. moon_unit

    Meet up: Perth

    @Gimli great idea bro, I'd be keen Last camping trip I had in WA was at dwellingup, hard to beat, awesome spot for a kayak too, Always keen to try other spots too :-)
  5. moon_unit

    B.caapi cielo

    @Skellum sorry bro, only just seen this message, I’ll check my inbox bud :-)
  6. moon_unit


    Nice work getting her to fruit, keep us posted on your success with seedlings mate, I've never been able to get mine to fruit, plenty of flowers, perhaps a lack of pollinating insects in my greenhouse? A wonderful teacher plant, I also hope to work with myself one day. Have you propagated via cuttings? I have a couple in my humidity chamber, waiting on them throwing roots, but been a long wait, (maybe 4-5 weeks so far) fingers crossed
  7. moon_unit

    Meet up: Perth

    @Gimli glad you guys had a good time, I'll make sure I'm free to come along to the spring meet :-)
  8. moon_unit


    Nice, did you pollinate the flower by hand? ;-)
  9. I'm looking for TBM's if your selling any specimens moon_unit.
    I noticed a few months ago you had one or two up on ebay that were nice.

    Let me know. Cheers.


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    2. moon_unit


      Lol yup as @smithy said, there's a couple of units on here ;-) think I just gave my last spare TBM away to a mate the other day too. Good luck @Skellum

    3. waterboy 2.0

      waterboy 2.0

      Lol... Yep anyone can hit the status

    4. Drildo


      Waterboy  =  Boss

      Oi it looks to me like only the sickest cunts in the whole of SAB are the ones utilizing this status update feature.
      If any new comers are aiming to become a fully sickunt in as little time as possible, then I recommend the introduction & heavy use of  "status updates".
      You'll be fully barred like a pedigree mongrel, in next to no time at all, thats my promise to y'all.


  10. moon_unit

    Desmodium gangeticum

    Thanks for identifying @LokStok
  11. moon_unit

    B.caapi cielo

    Oops my Bad forgot to label, b.caapi cielo, 1season of growth from a 10cm cutting,
  12. moon_unit

    Meet up: Perth

    @Cockyboy Not to sound like an old nanna bro, but as far as I'm aware a few of the plants listed are a big no go zone, I would prob edit your last post, we can still keep heaps of interesting but legal plants, good luck ;-)
  13. Whoah awesome I've never won anything before ha ha thanks a bunch @MeanGreen your an absolute legend, I promise to share around ;-)
  14. moon_unit

    Meet up: Perth

    Some plants of interest to me are, Tabernanthe sp. piper sp. (kava would be great now that the ban has been lifted) v.africana a few different viridis cultivators or just a few leaves of each for propagation mansoa alliacea e.australe m.pudica a.courtii a.obtusifolia a.siplicifolia tropicals (mangrove plants, vines, ornamentals, beehive gingers, strangler fig, anything that's cool and unusual)