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  1. F*ckF*ckMD

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Taken! Offering- 1x T. Bridgesii cutting 1x T. Peruvianus cutting 1x small bag of N. Tabacum (Will post pics)
  2. I'm late to the party but i'll take any stragglers
  3. F*ckF*ckMD

    Sassafras albidum seed giveaway

    The gift giveths. I'll gladly receive.
  4. F*ckF*ckMD

    Free Heteropterys angustifolia

    Aphrodisiac sounds fun. Pm'd
  5. F*ckF*ckMD

    Acacia Acuminata giveaway

    Ill take one off your hands.
  6. F*ckF*ckMD

    Give away Cassava

    I'm interested in your tapioca pudding my friend.
  7. F*ckF*ckMD

    Trichocereus Seeds Peru

    Pm'd Legend
  8. F*ckF*ckMD

    Gourmet mushies please

    Howdy all, I would like to get into growing Oysters, Shiitake's etc So to get me off the ground I need some live culture or spore. In exchange I can offer some wild Sub prints as well as some South African Transkei. This could also work ( as I understand people who who grow mushrooms already have different types ) by me giving my prints to someone who 'needs' them and someone who can afford to part with some culture gives it to me, so we have a karma transaction of sorts going on I am willing to pay for postage, all sorts of edible mushrooms are welcome. Pm me.
  9. F*ckF*ckMD

    peganum harmala giveaway- all taken now

    Thank you kindly