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  1. The gift giveths. I'll gladly receive.
  2. Aphrodisiac sounds fun. Pm'd
  3. Ill take one off your hands.
  4. I'm interested in your tapioca pudding my friend.
  5. Pm'd Legend
  6. Howdy all, I would like to get into growing Oysters, Shiitake's etc So to get me off the ground I need some live culture or spore. In exchange I can offer some wild Sub prints as well as some South African Transkei. This could also work ( as I understand people who who grow mushrooms already have different types ) by me giving my prints to someone who 'needs' them and someone who can afford to part with some culture gives it to me, so we have a karma transaction of sorts going on I am willing to pay for postage, all sorts of edible mushrooms are welcome. Pm me.
  7. Thank you kindly
  8. god damn, mine have'nt even sprouted yet.
  9. Maybe if one has an impressively large clitoris.