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  1. Hi all Chasing bulk HBWR or morning glory seeds Hit me up with what you've got and I'm sure we can arrange something
  2. I would like to add that I've got loph seeds I could trade for some kratom seeds atm and a heap of cactus cuts
  3. It only has to go to the government if it is found on public or government owned land, otherwise the owner of the land has ownership of the rock. However even if it is found on private land it cannot leave the country. Have checked all of that out pretty thoroughly. Hey Matt1208 can you flick me an email to Heaps easier for me to email pics and what not. Cheers
  4. Anyone have any ideas where you would look to sell a meteorite or pieces of? Have done an XRF scan on it and it has some pretty nice peaks in zirconium, platinum and iridium Not really sure where to go from here
  5. If anyone who one has any seeds to share I would freaking love a couple of them. Have wanted this plant for years and years. Thanks in advance if anyone can spare a few.
  6. Maybe if I put my advice here you wont be able to throw it back in my face.


    So, you're early twenties I guess.  Life not meeting your expectations?  Welcome to the club, population: everybody that carries expectations.  Next thing youll be getting old, maybe youll find a better perspective or maybe your outlook will slide, but count on getting older, and if your were smart at twenty then pencil in 50% wiser at 30



    Why do you need to try to stay sober?  Its your life bro, the gift of life is that its yours.  In my experience, daily alcohl/drugs usually has a long term negative effect on opportunities etc, in your case you are succeeding about as much as any young person could be expected to so sensible dose/frequency shouldnt jeopardise your career, im sure there are techniques to defeat a uronwe THC test so that shouldnt stop you. The only guarantee in life is the right to choose from whichever shitty options present themself, like working around the clock in young adulthood to hopefully assure a better future career (not quite panning out for every graduate anymore.  Easy debt = Glut of students = higher course fees = Glut of graduates burdened with debt at the beginning of adulthood and nothing to show for it)


    Youve made it this far, i suggest you take whatever steps ensure employment in your field of study and dont become one of those debt slave degree holders with a menial job. the payoff, which should improve life satisfaction, is a few hours of each day and a few days each week that are yours, and that will be as good as it gets, sixty hour work weeks plus study is a heavy load and its hard to imagine that isnt impacting your mood.  Unfortunately I think your generation were born to inherit the world as its financial systems enter a chaotic and damaging period which is all the more reason to press that advantage  because its one thing to disagree with modern life as a concept, its another thing to actually suffer the slings and arrows of shitty fortune.  Thats all waterboy meant, from the perspective of somebody in a real dilemna, complaining about your life ticking all the basic boxes is stupid.  I'll take a mental crisis over a physical one every time.  Can you imagine if life DID have a meaning?  Lame!  Why even play?  For a medal? Better to just be thrust, literally just shot into an unfamiliar world, when you slide out of the Hole youve already decided this is the worst thing ever.

     You experience and react to countless chaotic scenarios, decide for yourself who you want to be, how you want to influence society and history from a point of near total ignorance, you bleed on the thing, your dreams are crushed upon it, often people lose all hope, cause, optimism, they declare the world a . your life is an artwork like the sequence of expressions of a rollercoaster passenger or rather a big colourful pattern of vomit splatters. You cant go back in the tunnel anymore than mum would let you back in hers. you have to play, you have to leave a big unique spew, and try as many have you wont understand what is happening or why.  Despite the illusion of slow and orderly years history is lucky to be understood at any time much less during its unravelling, same with your life, nobody will comprehend it including you, in fast forward you probably look like a monkey stumbling around moronically with a stunned expression, because you are surfing a chaos tidal wave in each moment but somehow you, me, everyone perceives it as humdrum.  Im not having a go but merely illustrating a point here, would your prefer if you could press a button for boredom and a troupe of clowns from nowhere entertains you until something else interests you?  The point is life doesnt exist to satisfy your impulses but it allows some avenues for you to satisfy some of them for yourself.  Anything else would produce weak character.  The ability to forego personal enjoyment (to benefit another or to benefit yourself later, for instance) is vital. now, you work 60 hour weeks, work earns my respect and an impulsive person who seeks immediate benefit wouldnt do that, but to some extent mammals must delay pleasure, its part of life, if you cant do it you will harm your own interests.  Life cant all be highlights, that would be cool but if you had that life you couldnt cope with the slightest dissatisfaction.  Working hard to achieve modest ends is very respectable, I have 1 billion times more respect for the lowliest worker than a thieving banker.  One pays his way and then some, the other is a parasite.  We'd all enjoy being the parasite but it would never be enough.  there is meaning and humanity in humility, and there is emptiness in satisfaction, so this applies to boredom and its perceived cure.  Having an elixir on tap that can immediately raise your mood just teaches you that an elevated mood is normal.  the reward system seems to functioin modern socety nearly as well as it did Hunter gatherers!  It still works anyhow, but throw in a cocaine habit and all of your other priorities lose their reward sparkle.  The cocaine will be awesome though, maybe i will have heaps of cocaine but only tonight



    Tldr keep being successful, fuck life but ima still get me mine, worry about how shit life is when youve lived more, calling it at 25 years is judging the book by its cover plus you acknowledge that youre a miniscule meaningless event in the universe,  yet another indicator that your perspective may be lacking

  7. All cool paradox. I get what you are saying and don't disagree with it all. It just doesn't exactly touch on the exact kind of issues I'm dealing with. I do intend to reply thoroughly to your posts though because I quite like what you are saying and where you are coming from.
  8. Hey paradox. I appreciate the input. It just happens to go way off on a tangent that isn't at all what I'm trying to get at. I'll respond more thoroughly later in the week when I'm not so burnt out after a long day at work. Anodyne, I'll respond more thoroughly later in the week when I'm not half burnt out from a long day at work too.
  9. @waterboy I think that what yo are trying to say that it is idiotic for someone who believes they have some level of intelligence to wish they were stupid because the life of a stupid person is wrought with difficulties. I think you are trying to hint towards intelligence being a gift rather than a curse and that an intelligent person would never wish to be stupid. But maybe I'm entirely wrong. Or maybe you don't understand how trivial I find life to be. Either way I don't really care. Your statements/comments were not constructive in the least and not helpful in the situation... And @responsible choice, I did have an avatar. For some reason it vanished and I don't really care for replacing it. It makes me stand out in anyways because I don't know of anyone else on here who has no avatar. So I won't bother changing it because it's pretty irrelevant anyways.
  10. I'm glad you can read my mind bruh. Good job :D
  11. Oh I totally get what you are saying. I just simply disagree with it. And I would imagine that the vast majority of folks on this forum get what I, and you, are saying. To walk away though is the easy way out lol. Each to their own I suppose.
  12. Hey Glaukus. I've come very close to death myself, one occasion I'd dare say I'd already started to step through the doorway, but on others I was just in a situation where if things had gone slightly differently I'd be gone. And you are right, it does put life into perspective. To me it outlined how meaningless alot of it really is... Probably not the message that most would take from such an experience but I am so insignificant that it doesn't really matter.
  13. @Alice – I keep as busy as is humanly possible too. It just isn’t enough to completely preoccupy myself. I definitely get what you mean about using the busy to simultaneously engage and disengage from life. It just isn’t quite effective enough for me. And there is no possibility of fitting more into my schedule without sacrificing sleep. Pretty much doing 60 hours of work a week at the moment and doing uni and working on home projects at the same time. Thanks for the input though. @Halcyon Daze – I don’t really have much I can respond with to that other than the fact that I’ve never really gotten a “natural high” from any kind of activity. Things just never really feel fulfilling or worthwhile. I get where you are coming from but the “natural high” so many people speak of is just completely illusive from my point of view. Cheers though. @Responsible Choice – I most definitely never feel guilty about taking illegal or legal substances as I don’t really care what most of society thinks. Who are they to decide what is fundamentally good or bad? Most are idiots to begin with that have no Idea about what they are talking about so their opinion doesn’t concern me. I do not watch TV, read newspapers or listen to radio all that often at all. Not sure how else I can easily avoid the media. I rarely listen to music that invokes too much emotion as well because I do not really have an outlet for any kind of emotion that may build up, especially in relation to anger or anything that could be remotely destructive. Caffeine I don’t go near very often but alcohol is pretty much the only thing I can touch at the moment (as I am likely to be drug tested for a new job in the coming month), because of this alcohol is my go to sedative at night at the moment. I don’t particularly enjoy it compared to weed, which is my usual go to, but it does the job at allowing me to fall asleep a lot easier. I most definitely do not drink the day away. As for the healthy relationship thing, I kind of just feel like they are shallow most of the time. You only feel close to those you are around frequently and for long duration. There is nothing inherently special about any person you are close to, just as there is not usually anything inherently bad about other people that you aren’t close to. And my needs of life are met but what is the point to that? So I can slowly exist throughout the next couple of decades, being a “productive member of society” and then fade out of existence leaving essentially no mark of any kind of meaning on the world? It’s fairly pointless and I think that is the crux of the problem. Don’t stress about being patronising. It’s all g. @Etherealdrifter – Relationships can most definitely be healthy and “good” while life is simultaneously dreary, mundane and boring. That’s essentially the issue. @Marty Achuma – Most definitely chronic. Something that has pretty much been on my mind since quite a young age. I tend to overthink things and always have. Winter for sure makes it worse because I bitterly hate the cold and it makes the mundane “chores” of life seem just that little bit worse. Lol. Pretty petty complaint but nonetheless it still affects my mood. Perhaps I do need one hell of a mindfuck of a trip to try and reorganise my “priorities” in life, but numbing emotions is most definitely an easy way to not care about them anymore. From my own experiences that is about all that anti-depressants usually do anyways and to the medical community that is a good thing as it allows you to be a productive member of society. I don’t disagree with productivity being good but what are the point of emotions if they tend to just get in the way of life anyways? I think one of the issues I have with sharing how I’m feeling with those around me is that I am a burden on them and they are most likely going through the same shit. Sharing it through the corroboree is a bit different as there is a little more anonymity and people can choose to read it or ignore it as they see fit. Plus you do get some real assholes on here occasionally (I can most definitely be one) that are more than willing to cut you down in a way that no close friend could. Sometimes that is very productive. Cheers for the advice and help. I get where you are coming from. I just haven’t been able to get so much help from doing those things (and don’t worry, the seasonal vs chronic thing is a pretty genuinely important question to ask relating to these types of things). @Wert – Although the substances are different I most definitely think that you would understand where I’m coming from, due to your own issues with alcohol (which can be one hell of a beast to deal with). Time and effort seem to be the key to all things. Hopefully the end destination is somewhat enjoyable and not just a state of further boredom and existential dread, albeit a “healthier” one for the body. @CrayZ – I really do think that almost all hobbies and activities, sometimes even work, are used to help people escape from the things they don’t want to confront in life. An example I often think of is when people on low to middle class incomes get bored when they have holidays. Are they genuinely unable to think of satisfying things to do or do they just simply lack the means to do the things they want? I tend to think it’s the latter and that is the situation that most of us are stuck in. @Distracted – You sir have found the best meme ever in regards to summarising my day to day life. Thank you. @Waterboy2.0 – Perhaps you just don’t know where I’m coming from. For example, have you seen many idiots out there that torment themselves over why they are doing the things they are doing? I haven’t, in fact it seems to be one of the hallmarks of a fool. Not knowing why, nor caring why, you are doing the things that you are doing in life. Additionally, wouldn’t it be good if one day I saw the stupidity behind the statement? That would be a sign that I’ve changed and things are progressing in a “good” way. Nice input though. Lol. @botanika – Well, it isn’t tedious or boring with substances. It is either different, and therefore interesting, or it is challenging, and therefore not boring. I’m definitely passionate about the things that I do, and people do notice that, as you point out. It doesn’t mean that I don’t find the rest of life to be boring. And one cannot simply do what they are passionate about 24/7 because of, you know, life. As for the “you only live once” statement: Thank fucking god for that. If I die and find out there is a “second life” I will not be there for long. Fuck doing all this shit over again. And it’s rad that you can find enjoyment and accomplishment in skiing and riding bikes. I do not get the same kind of accomplishment by simply going up and down hills. I’m glad that I come across as a lazy person to you. That must be the underlying root cause as to why I find life a tedious pain in the ass. Cheers bro. Much good input. @WiZKiD – I eat as healthy as I can afford to as often as I can afford to, I sleep as well as I can but that is very difficult at the moment because I used to use weed to help me get to bed. At least I have some sleeping tablets now that help. And My job is very physically demanding on the best of days, I walk very frequently and when possible I try and go hiking around different hilly terrain that is challenging. As for getting healthy, I most definitely have adopted that. I’ve managed to lose over 30 kgs of weight and keep it off since deciding to get out of my “live on Centrelink doing nothing” lifestyle. Healthiness most definitely makes life less difficult but I don’t find it to make life any more fulfilling. Unfortunately no matter how good I feel physically it does very little for my state of mind. Sorry to all for the long winded post. I do appreciate the input and I’ve been waiting long enough to be able to reply to multiple people at once, so that I don’t end up just messaging backwards and forwards to everyone every ten minutes or so. I really do understand where each of you are coming from and I have genuinely tried to implement almost everything that has been said. It just doesn’t help for me. I’ve also been to doctors and gone through the medication route, as I most definitely come across depressed when I voice how I feel about life, but every medicine I’ve tried numbs me to everything in life all the time. Which is fine for productivity but it doesn’t actually help the underlying problem and I’m productive enough as it is even when I’m unhappy. No amount of unhappiness or disappointment in life will stop me from doing what I have to do. I just simply don’t enjoy much of what I’m doing on a day to day basis, even if it’s something I’m passionate about. No idea why. Would love to hear from anyone else who has this same kind of issue. Cheers everyone.
  14. I know what you're saying and I do all I can to keep myself as busy as possible. I'm working two jobs, maintaining a healthy relationship and I'm going to uni (even considering going on to do a second degree with double major in biology and chemistry) yet none of this is enough to distract me from life AND I'm able to do all of these things no matter how fucked up I am (ie high as all fuckery and still able to perform my jobs and do my uni without a hitch). I do get that busy-ness is good for keeping your mind off of the shittiness that is life yet I somehow seem to have this background thought process going on at all times that is analyzing all of the shit around me. It sucks. I honestly wish I were brain dead at times and struggling through life because at least then life would not seem so tedious as it would be a challenge.
  15. The title pretty much says it all. How do people get through each day without some kind of mind altering substances? Currently I don't know how. Life is tedious, boring and generally uninteresting. Doesn't matter what I do to try and change that I'm still just stuck in this rut. Probably the signs of a deeper underlying issue. But still. Maybe peoples idea as to what an enjoyable sober day is will help me get through this shit. Life is hard. Substances make it easier by numbing the pain of existence. I need to figure out a way to numb that pain without them because my sources are so fucking unreliable that it just causes more problems than it can ever help solve. Cheers Ace