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  1. ace1928

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    If anyone else is super keen I can do this offer again one more time
  2. ace1928

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I'll take that offer Quasi-J I'll offer Selection of edible mushroom cultures incl.: - Blue Oyster, Pink Oyster, Gold Oyster, Pearl Oyster, Hypsizygus ulmarius and probably a few others (depending what is trying to break free) Large foil sheet of wild cube prints 50 x northern locale l williamsii seeds (mixed variety) 20 x bird of paradise seeds 5 x cycad seeds collected fresh (unknown species) 5 x ~10cm pieces of perskiopsis (to get you started with those button seeds) @Ajnadurga send me a PM and I'll sort you out with a couple little cactus tips and I think I have some chilli seeds, desert rose seeds and maybe even some acacia seeds.
  3. ace1928

    Edible Cultures for Sale Australia

    @jo myco No dramas at all. Flick me a PM and I'll help you out with any questions you've got. Sometimes I will disappear for a couple days or a week but I'll get back to you Cheers
  4. ace1928

    Edible Cultures for Sale Australia

    Thanks mate I'm hoping to end up with 2 - 3 times the number of species by the end of this summer. Finally have the space needed to set up some individual fridges and incubators to maintain such a varied library. Been a dream for a while
  5. Hi Everyone, My foray back into mycology is chugging along nicely. I've managed to get my hands on a number of edibles and am now hoping to offer some for sale to anyone else keen to get into the game Also open for trades for anything not on the list (I do have a few others on the way so trade isn't guaranteed if it isn't on the list but pretty likely) The next 2 - 3 weeks are pretty good for me in regards to uni study, then there will probs be 3ish weeks that I sort of disappear. Then I will be back and pumping out even more over summer. For orders of cultures I'd like to keep it to a minimum of 3 plates, don't have to be of the same species. Price is $15 per plate + postage. Happy to arrange pick up/drop off in the Hunter Area (and I pass by warnervale area of central coast frequently too). The list is: Shitake Enoki Swiss Brown DFAM - Victorian Origin Wild Pearl Oyster Monster - Victorian Origin Wild Pearl Oyster Victorian Blue Oyster Sordid Blewit - Lepista sordida Maitake Black Morel (morchella importuna) Elm Mushroom Hon-Shimeji/Beech Mushroom(brown) Paddy Straw Almond Agaricus (blazeii) Abalone Oyster (pleurotus cystidiosis) Pink Oyster Golden Oyster White Ferula (pleurotus nebrodensis) (Turkey tail currently cloning) Milky Mushroom (calocybe indica) I've also got some prints from wild sub, cyan and cube specimens from around the Hunter, Watagans and Bulahdelah region. I've also got some ready to go agar nutrient media that you just soak in water for a couple hours, dissolve as normal for agar, strain to remove sediment and then sterilise and go. Works out to be 120g of nutrient mix per 1L water. Could chuck in enough for 1L for $5. FYI, I sometimes disappear for a few weeks at a time. I have a tendency to get into a heap of projects at once and then go AWOL to get them finished. I will always get back in touch if we are half way through a trade/order or whatever. And if I go AWOL you are likely to get extras Cheers
  6. ace1928

    Keeping my eye on this!

    Did you end up getting some decent spore prints from them?
  7. ace1928

    What's the consensus on these?

    There is some definite bluing that I can see near the stem in those pics. I'm curious to know if a spore print was taken too. They look interesting.
  8. ace1928

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Hi All Searching for any kind of fresh or dried specimens of medicinal and edible mushrooms Also searchng for spore prints and cultures of edibles and medicinals I've got shit tonnes of different psilocybe species + strains prints if anyone wants any of them for a trade too. Cheers, Ace
  9. ace1928

    microscopy prints wanted

    Hey mate i can probs help you out Are they cordyceps fruits in the second picture? I'm super super keen if so. Also keen on any other edible/medicinal species spores/fruits/dried fruits you might have Flick me a PM if you're still keen
  10. ace1928

    Monstrose/Weird Tricho seed

    Yeh chemical treatments can be super hazardous to the person using them, especially due to the subtle damage they cause as compared to out right chemical burns or some other obvious reaction (although many will cause an obvious reaction as well). Definitely not something trivial to play with lightly. Polyploidy is not something I've played with much yet but definitely one I want to have some with with soon. I think oryzalin would be a better option than colchicine though. Colchicine does kill a large number of what you use it on. And I defo need to get me some of those variegate misplant seeds. Anyone got some nice variegate producing seed they want to exchange a few of the induced mutant seed for?
  11. ace1928

    Monstrose/Weird Tricho seed

    At the moment I'm keeping it a bit of a secret. Been a long project with a lot of trial and error and keen to recoup some investment before spreading the info around freely. I can say it is non-gmo though and won't give you cancer (unless a gene mutation happens to cause it to now produce some carcinogenic phytochemical)
  12. ace1928

    Monstrose/Weird Tricho seed

    I've got some seed I could trade. It's been treated to induce mutation so any mutations present are likely unique and not inherited from mum/dad. Mutation percentage is around 10% Send me a message if you're keen. Here's a little guy who's about 18 months old on own roots from an earlier batch. Send me a pm if interested
  13. ace1928

    Bulk HBWR or Morning Glory Seed

    Pretty pricey though for seeds from a plant that grows like a weed. But definitely always an option :-)
  14. ace1928

    Bulk HBWR or Morning Glory Seed

    Ebays not a great option. Thank's though
  15. ace1928

    Datura flowering

    They are really nice flowers