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  1. groovedude

    S.Albidum, Red Khat, Hoja Santa wanted

    Hey guys, I am after seed or cuttings of Sassafras Albidum and also cuttings for Red Khat. I would also be keen on Hoja Santa (spelling?) the so called 'root beer plant', seed or plant/cutting. Many thanks for your time Cheers.
  2. groovedude

    Large red leaf catha edulis

    Hi mate, Would delivery be possible at all? I know thats probably a dumb question, but thought I'd check. Cheers
  3. groovedude

    Piper Auritum for Bris Trade:)

    Hi miss meandor, would you be keen to sell some of this plant? Cheerio
  4. groovedude

    Mushroom hunting on Mid North Coast

    Thanks buddy :-) Found a cluster of giant mushrooms today, one near the size of a dinner plate! Not sure what they are, but still awesome
  5. groovedude

    Mushroom hunting on Mid North Coast

    Hey guys. Not sure if this is the correct space so apologies if its wrong. I am looking for someone who might like to go looking for mushrooms in Coffs Harbour area? I am basically an amateur and also don't know where I can go that is not private land. Keen to take pictures etc. Cheers
  6. groovedude

    Fresh finds today :-)

    thanks Berengar! I did think they looked like photos I ahd seen of parasols. These were everywhere, unfortunately did not have permission to go beyond the side of the road; private land etc. Went for another drive today and found a massive cluster of big mushrooms, slightly peach colur and some nearly as big as a dinner plate. Will chuck photos up later.
  7. groovedude

    Fresh finds today :-)

    Hey guys, found these giants everywhere down the road. I am an amateur, any ideas? Do these indicate that other species may be in the area? I am sub tropics, fair bit of rain lately, warm and lots of cows in this area. :-) Cheers!
  8. groovedude

    Sassafras Albidum and Sarsparilla

    Hey there Mountain Goat, thanks for taking the time to help. Thats unfortunate...I have seen Piper Auritum and wondered if it could be used. If it is the Safrole that adds the flavour I imagine it can be used.....in fact some say piper has uses in root beer. That may be the way to go. I would still love to try S. Albidum or at least to have some seeds for my collection. Thanks again Mountain Goat, and if anyone else may have some seeds of Sass or Sars, please let me know! Also if anyone can help me with Piper Auritum I would be happy to pay $, I have little to trade currently. Thanks Groove
  9. groovedude

    Sassafras Albidum and Sarsparilla

    Hey all. I am seeking seeds or cuttings of the Sassafras Albidum and the Sarsparilla plants. I have developed a taste for American root beer and decided I want to make my own, sassafras tastes great. I imagine occasional small uses of Sass would not be much of an issue in terms or carcinogenicity. Root bark is used in the beer, hence the name Root Beer. Thankyou!
  10. Hey guys, nice to be back. Sorry if this is not int he right space, I was a bit vague as to where I should post. Anyway; Sida Cordifolia...I have read a detailed report by a fellow who claims the hairs on the plant made him very sick. I have not been able to find any other account of this happening and wonder should I be taking measures to strain the hairs out of a tea? This is assuming I am in a country that allows this. Prior filtrations with thick paper towel showed some hairs still made it through. Using green fresh herbage is alot more convenient but I think if the hairs are an issue I would like to avoid this. I would imagine that if the hairs are a problem it would be much more common, many folks use green fresh undried/cured herb as a tea. Thankyou for your time groove
  11. groovedude

    Looking for rarities...

    Ok thanks, that just shows up as a "cannot show picture" box on mine!
  12. groovedude

    Looking for rarities...

    Hmmm, sorry to sound silly, but how do I PM, cant get onto anyones profile... Thansk!
  13. groovedude

    Looking for rarities...

    Hey Quaterflesh! I'm in Australia :-)
  14. groovedude

    Looking for rarities...

    Thanks dudes, will get onto the PM later bullit, many thanks!
  15. groovedude

    Looking for rarities...

    Hey guys. I've been a lurker here for ages, but only recently registered. Love studying plants and such related matters. I am looking for seeds or cuttings of any rarities that folks may have. I don't have a lot of plants, except san pedro, so I can only really offer cash. I like obscure/rare foreign stuff, poisinous plants, medicinal plants. So if you have any uncommon, saught after, hard to get plants or seeds drop me a PM! Thankyou!!