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  1. katu

    variegated Astro or just weird patterns

    It's not variegation, not sure what caused it? Sunburn maybe? Possibly pests.
  2. katu

    L. jourdaniana

  3. katu

    Free P.carthagenensis

    Gentlemen your seeds are on the way...
  4. katu

    Free P.carthagenensis

    Cool...That's it for now...ph7 pm me your details and i will get em off..
  5. katu

    Free P.carthagenensis

    Emerald and Jester, please pm me your details and I will get them sent out...One pack to go..
  6. First 3 posts gets a 30+ seed pack...Aust only...I pay postage..
  7. katu

    Tagetes lucida

    Nice giveaway, i'll pm you
  8. katu

    Happy B'day M.oyster

    Happy B'day bro, should catch up in the new year yeah!
  9. katu

    I'm back!

    Welcome back mate
  10. katu

    Getting into cactuses

    Just get them all...Welcome to the forums bro..
  11. katu

    HAPPY 9-20

    Man that zoomquilt's cool..
  12. katu

    ISO Caapi

    lol...G'day P, long time no speak man, glad to see we're all still around..
  13. katu

    ISO Caapi

    What's ISO caapi if you don't mind me asking??