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  1. rottenjonny


    Really excited about this, I've waited years for my obtusifolia to flower. I grew this from seeds I got right here from the Australis site.
  2. rottenjonny

    Free Purple Corn

    How did you dry them to be viable. I also have purple corns and I've just hung them on the cob
  3. rottenjonny

    I'd please is it edible

    Cute puppy
  4. What mushrooms were affected by the change?
  5. rottenjonny

    Banisteriopsis caapi cultivation notes and discussion

    What would be the recommendation for potting medium or soil prep?
  6. rottenjonny

    Growing on my boat

    Green grocer just for scale haha
  7. rottenjonny


    my recipe is 1g light malt - from the home brew shop 1g Agar - from the asian grocer 50ml water - from the tap Never had any problems with oysters etc. I use a method called pasty plates which uses little containers like you get from the chinese restaurant for sauce.
  8. rottenjonny

    Salvia D

    I'm not sure sometimes. They are wrecking machines.
  9. rottenjonny

    Salvia D

    My chickens ate mine they love it so beware.
  10. rottenjonny

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    What soil temps do you guys look for and at what depth?>
  11. rottenjonny

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Still a long way off where I am
  12. rottenjonny

    growing oysters

    I thought I would share my most recent yellow oyster flush. Oat spawn, 5L bucket and unsupplemented pasteurised straw Culture from a member here. I'm looking for more varieties if anyone has.
  13. rottenjonny