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  1. Mirtazapine certainly helped me - but I am no substitute for a doctor. If you have a doctor you get along with, maybe have a chat? im lucky and my doctor is a bloody champ
  2. Hi guys, For those who have made infusions with propylene glycol; you'd understand dosing in mL is a pest. So has anyone found a decent excipient to go with propylene glycol, which can then go in capsules and not turn them to gel? Can it be turned into a solid? sorry if this is an inappropriate question for this section. EG
  3. Mate that absolutely blows; fuck nature she's a right old bitch some times - I would know, she left me with epilepsy haha.. but oh well I'll try and help ya out already PM'd so just waiting on a reply
  4. Entheogenic garden

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Trying to get catha edulis, platned cottage garden mix/california poppy varieties - from Bunnings. Setting up hydroponic lights and need to get cloning chambers for humidity, so I can get my clones in coco coir happening - then I'll get all the strains ect happening. Woo!
  5. Entheogenic garden

    papaver somniferum

    I was addicted to poppy seed tea and it's taken 4 years; 3 of which on suboxone to sort my life out, So just be careful boys and girls!
  6. Entheogenic garden

    Cacti Newbie: What are the classic/essentials to sow?

    If you have any extra seeds I'd be happy to buy them! also do you do the takeaway container tek
  7. Entheogenic garden

    Cacti Newbie: What are the classic/essentials to sow?

    Thanks niggles, I really appreciate that - because I see beautiful pics of all these different pups under fluoros and well.. it does something for me ;) hahah
  8. Guys all out except for psychotria viridis.
  9. Hey guys, So I want to get into growing cacti but I'm overwhelmed by all the trichocereus strains and what not. Could someone make my life easy and recommend what they consider to be the 'classic' or 'essential' varieties/strains to begin with? Cheers! EG
  10. Zedo yours is all good to go! Australian dream you've got to give me an address mate. I've only got heaps of P. Viridis and one person's worth of S. Rue
  11. Entheogenic garden

    Massive cactus sale, pickup only Melb

    Might have to have a chat soon as well, get my uncle to pick some stuff up.
  12. Entheogenic garden

    Catha edulis, papaver (all kinds) & the different salvia's (apania, splendens.....)

    Brilliant man, oh I've seen pictures of those they're really cool - yeah I'm keen.. I wonder how they'd go hydroponically. I didn't know you were meant to store them in the freezer though? hm
  13. Hey guys, Keen to buy catha edulis, all different type of poppies (gotta love the different colours) and salvia (where you've also gotta love the different colours). Please feel ffree to PM me! Thanks, EG
  14. This is just to give back (in a small shitty way) to the community that I've lurked in for so long. Don't worry about postage guys it's sweet, I reckon I should split the syrian rue/nicotiana seeds for 2 people & there's enough viridis for like 4 people? Just PM me with whatcha want. Cheers guys!