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  1. morpheus

    Greetings ..!

    They are awesome little Animals, I had no idea how much he would enrich my life, so it's only fair I do the same for him. Taking them outside for a fly around is a lot easier than most people think. It's really just a matter of trust, if you have a happy bird he won't want to fly away. There's been a couple close calls with magpies and minor birds, so he has become very cautious of other birds, which is good. budgies are still parrots, I had one when I was about 12, they are clever little birds which is why it's sad to see so many birds sitting alone, bored and probably malnourished because people still feed them seed.... M
  2. morpheus

    ids please

    Hard to tell without flowers, but I'd say the Top Right pic is Acacia.elongata and bottom right pic is Acacia.longafolia sophorae
  3. morpheus

    Greetings ..!

    I found neo, but he ate all the pills .. Thx for the welcome Jox . My parrot is a Jenday Conure. M
  4. morpheus

    Chem Free Regen...

    Just in response to prioritise. If those guys were behaving the way you say, next time ask them who their employers are, and report them. You could also call.the EPA if it's an environmental issue. My experience is that a bush regenerator would never say they have done a good job if the result was a dead or deformed tree, so the people you saw are a minority in the industry. But I have to disagree about removing large areas of lantana causing more of it. I have worked in similar situations with kilometres of lantana and with persistence and using improved targeting methods like gas powered splatter guns it was completely eradicated. Yes lantana does provide some habitat but generally only for a few select species like finches it can also become so thick it will stop any plant succession from seed. M
  5. morpheus

    Chem Free Regen...

    I would have to agree on your first point, spraying is generally Over used throughout the industry. It needs to b managed correctly and with respect. I have personally witnessed the use of quite strong herbicides, such as Grazon Extra, being used without any PPE whatsoever. In some situations a selective Herbicide can be used which will limit loss from overspray. The fact that a lot of Herbicides are derived from ingredients used in warfare and chem weapon development doesn't instill a lot of safety in people. I would also have to agree on the point about certain organisations not following sound bush regen practices and trying to achieve the most visual value. This is unfortunate as bush regen is made for function not fashion. Also has anyone noticed that roundup Biactive says it's safe on frogs, fish, water animals etc. Then it says in small print somewhere up the back of the user instructions, Do Not Use On or Near Water. [email protected]$"n Monsanto. M
  6. morpheus

    Greetings ..!

    I also have a couple of pereskiopsis.d and Psychotria.n plants , I will b putting these and maybe a few others on the trading thread ASAP M
  7. morpheus

    Greetings ..!

    I just wanted to make my first post and introduce myself. I have been growing various ethno's for around 10 years. I am a Horticulturist and a greenie at heart. I have worked a lot with our native flora, such as identifying and eradicating noxious weeds and WONS listed plants in various locations, mainly on the East Coast NSW as I live on The Central Coast. I have a beautiful free flighted parrot, who is 12 years old, who regularly flies outside, but he is a little bit scared of other bigger birds, so he always stays close to me . Look forward to many more posts.. M