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  1. Matt1208

    What’s causing this ?

    cheers, I’ll put it under a bit more cover, could be either frost or water dripping onto it considering where it’s placed
  2. Matt1208

    What’s causing this ?

    what’d be causing this ? just plain graft stock plant, don’t want to be spreading any disease or viruses to other plants
  3. Matt1208

    Medicinal Weeds

    poppy spp grow here everywhere, all along the highways with these little green seed pods, had a real unique smell so I took a heap to make an extract I could use to make incense, if I lite a few and the room gets kinda Smokey, I get really relaxed almost like those otc codeine and cough syrup ‘sick days’ we all know everyone’s had, not sure exactly what plant but a few had petals on them still, looked just like the Californian poppies I got just bigger bright white and had huge seed pods
  4. Matt1208

    Looking for Sage clones

    haha I wish I was in such an area to grow some sage, never make it past winter
  5. Matt1208


    Will look into them after work today
  6. Matt1208

    CBD oil?

    a site last year was selling cbd vape oil and products, since closed, i got in a week before it was all shut down
  7. Matt1208


    i use essential oils since i have a kid running around, theyre expensive and often cut down with other oils as essential oils take a lot of plant material to produce, im looking into experimenting by slightly heating different oils slightly with flowers/herbs to try and infuse the oil, first drunk attempt yielded deep fried rose petals and lavender flowers, anyone have any info if this would be viable or a waste of time ? i much prefer burning the sticks and cones but the little fire hazard loves to play with them
  8. Matt1208

    Wanted loph seed

  9. Matt1208

    Looking for Sage clones

    prohibited plant in aus, wont have much luck asking in an OPEN thread, something cut off from the public and google searches may aid your search aha
  10. having a bit of a cashflow problem and considering selling a smaller cutting off this graft, looking for $, or $ with trade currently looking for var lophs or var tbm one their own roots cutting will be 7-10 cm cheers
  11. Matt1208

    Seedling heat mat

    lining a box in foil and putting it all in that might help keep it all warm, honestly though heat mats aren't too expensive just be sure you can control the heat, and check to see how warm it gets before putting it under the trays, wouldn't want to cook the seedlings
  12. Matt1208

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    been sticking succulents on cacti lately, succulents don't get water until the roots hit the soil in the pot with the cactus, over time the roots will get woody and look as if the plants grown up the cactus from multiple areas, haven't had rot issues yet but I haven't been doing this to cacti long enough to experience any problems -cactus is a Pedro crest