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    Kambo banned by TGA

    A deadly frog mucous used in shamanic rituals in Australia has been banned by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. In “Kambo” ceremonies, a participant’s skin is burned and scraped and the secretions of the South American giant leaf frog (or giant monkey frog) is rubbed into the wound. There is no medicinal benefit to Kambo and it can be lethal. The TGA has listed it as a schedule 10 poison, in the category for “substances of such danger to health as to warrant prohibition of sale, supply and use”. It noted that Australians have adopted Kambo rituals from traditional indigenous ceremonies in South America. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/oct/06/kambo-a-lethal-frog-mucous-used-in-shamanic-rituals-banned-by-tga-after-reports-of-deaths
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    Reaper type chilli

    They'd be washing them as well. Last time I grew reapers they would weep oil on hot days.
  3. Slocombe

    P. viridis legal restrictions

    Your customer sounds like a fuck stick scammer. If the plant is getting sold on SAB then then it's highly likely to be legal in NSW. Even if you aren't in NSW this person is a cunt.
  4. I think it is open to people to connect here and speak off this platform using more secure platforms.
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    Reaper type chilli

    Carolina Reaper gets sold at my local Coles. If it's not something readily available to you, I can send you some fresh seeds after I do my next shop.
  6. Slocombe

    E.sinica or similar

    Are you a bullet dodger?
  7. An application to make MDMA and psilocybin more easily accessible to psychiatrists for mental health treatments will now be independently reviewed following an earlier rejection. The Therapeutic Goods Administration has announced a decision would not be made on their reclassification from prohibited schedule-nine medicines to controlled schedule-eight medicines on April 22 as previously indicated. Rather, a review will consider submissions received through two rounds of public consultations before making a final call, after promising results from clinical trials for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and treatment-resistant depression. An independent expert will examine the therapeutic value, risks and benefits to public health outcomes, as well as seeking advice from the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling, according to the Department of Health. Psychedelic advocacy group Mind Medicine made the application to the TGA in July 2020, after overseas trials demonstrated the possibility of curing the debilitating illnesses. A Health Department spokesman said the publication of submissions on the interim decision was expected to be completed by mid-May. Mind Medicine Australia founder Peter Hunt said the wrongful scheduling of these medicines was preventing medical practitioners obtaining the consents from the state and territory governments. "We are delighted with this development," he said. https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/7203240/drug-regulators-reconsider-mdma-and-magic-mushrooms-for-rescheduling/?cs=14329
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    covid 19 vaccination

    Well, the scientists are saying I should hold out for Pfizer, while Scummo is saying I can talk to my GP and get a Astra vaccine against the recs of his own scientists. Personally I don't trust Scummo when he says to go with Astra, but I also don't trust Scummo to get Pfizer rolled out either. If I was in Sydney right now I'd probably be trudging off to get Astra without even the protection of legal recourse if something goes wrong. Thankfully I'm not in Sydney, so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope the PM doesn't fuck anything else up before I get the medically recommended vaccine for my age group.
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    P. som seed varieties giveaway

    Number 4 doesn't even look like a poppy flower to my inexpert eye. It's a shame these things aren't legal. I think keeping up appearances has a lot of benefits and if you listen to your nana she will probably agree.
  10. Came across this today through another source, thought I'd post it up here, only to find you beat me to it Flux! Lots of interesting and less-known info that goes beyond brewing up an acacia/aya tea that you won't get from the facebook groups.
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    Murdoch media empire's attack on democracy

    The independence and government funding for the ABC should be enshrined and guaranteed in the Australian constitution.
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    Post your track of the day

  13. Slocombe

    Server donation auction: cuttings [ended]

    I can't believe you don't have any bids yet Caster. Or is this a silent auction? If not I'll open the bidding at $20.
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  15. I really really hope this happens. I realise that's not the most intellectual response, but I'm just so sick of our bullshit drug laws. I also don't give a shit about who is driving this. Any progress is better than no progress.
  16. Canberra drug decriminalisation proposal should have been taken to election: Liberals The Canberra Liberals say Labor has blindsided Canberrans and should have taken its proposed drug decriminalisation laws to the October territory election. Backbencher Michael Pettersson says he will introduce a private members bill in the first sitting week of the Legislative Assembly next year. It would allow people to be dealt with through civil penalties for possessing drugs including heroin, ice and MDMA. Liberal leader and shadow attorney-general Elizabeth Lee said the party was open to working with the government on the proposed legislation, but the community should have been consulted before it was sprung on them. Mr Pettersson wants to introduce civil fines for possession of 2 grams of ice, cocaine and .5 grams of MDMA. Other drugs like LSD and amphetamines would also be included in the private members' bill. The consultation draft bill, seen by The Canberra Times, would allow police to issue $100 fines to people caught with drugs instead of charging them criminally. "The biggest concern we had is this comes less than two months after the ACT election, there was no indication whatsoever in the lead up to the election this was even on Labor's radar," Ms Lee said. "I'm very concerned there has been a complete lack of consultation with our health experts, with our legal experts and with various stakeholders including people who have experience in this space." Ms Lee said she supported any measures that would reduce the harms of drugs. "But I don't think it needs to be a mutually exclusive thing," she said. "On the one hand from a criminal justice perspective and on the other hand from a health perspective. I think there is scope and room for looking at it holistically." Ms Lee pointed to a motion Mr Pettersson put before the Assembly earlier this year. It resolved a feasibility study into partially decriminalising drugs would be completed by November 2021. She questioned why he was jumping the gun. Australian Federal Police Association president Alex Caruana says the organisation didn't necessarily oppose the idea, but questioned whether the ACT had the necessary diversion health programs in place. "There is also a large jump from cannabis, to MDMA and then to heroin and ice, which will require a lot more consultation and engagement," he said. "In relation to road safety, ACT Policing can't detect heroin, LSD or magic mushroom via a roadside drug test, so this will need to be addressed. Also, 2 grams of heroin is quite a lot; it's roughly $800 worth of drugs. "We also don't know what position the federal government may take on the matter. As previously mentioned, cannabis is one thing: ice and heroin is another matter." Mr Caruana was also disappointed Mr Pettersson had not consulted with the organisation before releasing the consultation draft legislation. "We've had some great early-day discussions with the ACT Greens on drug reform and raising the age of criminal responsibility. If the ACT Greens can consult before legislative work is done on matters, why can't ACT Labor members?" he said. Mr Pettersson says consultation can be done, and amendments made, while the bill is before the Legislative Assembly. Attorney-General and Greens leader Shane Rattenbury has so far declined to comment on the proposed legislation. But ACT Greens drugs spokesman Johnathan Davis said he was excited by the proposed legislation. "The Greens took a bold election commitment to the last election to minimise the harm that drugs cause in our community," he said. "I am very excited and keen to work through this legislation with my progressive Legislation Assembly colleagues to get the best outcome for Canberrans." Chief Minister Andrew Barr said he personally supported drug decriminalisation. "This is an important public policy debate," she said. "I'm pleased Mr Pettersson has put this on the legislative agenda for 2021. "I personally support the policy direction of the proposed reform but will want to look at this bill closely next year. "The process from here will most likely see a Legislative Assembly Committee conduct an examination of the policy issues and the proposed legislation." Mr Barr said cabinet would consider the bill and any proposed amendments multiple times throughout out next year. "It may then come before the Legislative Assembly for a vote towards the end of 2021," he said. Barrister and former president of the ACT Bar Association Steven Whybrow welcome the proposed legislation, saying similar proposals overseas had not "opened the flood gates" to more drugs use. "People who are dealers and manufacturers of drugs are not going to benefit from this," he said "Delivering people who are using drugs into health and education intervention programs is in my view going to be a more productive and positive approach to the problem of illicit drugs than sending them through the courts. "People would still need to understand it's not becoming legal to use these drugs but it's being moved into a lower category of criminal offending like a traffic infringement notice." An ACT Policing spokeswoman said the force would need to consider the bill in detail before forming a view on it. "ACT Policing is committed to harm minimisation initiatives, and has always actively engaged with government and other stakeholders on strategies and legislative change," she said. "Any decision on these matters ultimately is a matter for government and the ACT Legislative Assembly. "Our message first and foremost is not to take illicit substances at all. "ACT Policing actively works to detect, disrupt and prosecute those who supply and profit from the illicit drug market."
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    Proposal to decriminalise drugs in Canberra

    I read that the amounts have been selected to be just under Federal trafficking thresholds.
  18. Slocombe

    Proposal to decriminalise drugs in Canberra

    I should add to this that the MLA that is proposing the change has put up an exposure draft for comment. I'm sure he would welcome constructive feedback.
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    Coincidentally, I've been looking at both electric vans and van conversions. Unfortunately I'm a bit tight so I won't be purchasing the dream electric VW anytime soon. https://electrek.co/2020/03/23/vw-and-eclassics-unveils-e-bulli-converted-electric-van-available-for-69500/
  20. Ez test are handy, but the colour charts they supply with the kits are somewhat limited (probably perfect for their target audience). The chart I've attached here is more expansive, and can be used with Ez tests (pretty sure the kits themselves identify the correct test names, which is essential information if you use this chart).
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    Post your track of the day

    Came across these guys today, even though they have been around for a few years. I think they're great.
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    Canberrans where you at?

    Lol. No maps directly to where to look in the Brindabellas then? Big hint there but not exactlyaa secret. I'm personally going to have very toned thighs by the end of the season if I don't get any guidance.
  23. Slocombe

    The poor Victorian.

    I've seen Victorians posting up photos of some epic patches. Edit: in other forums / groups.
  24. +1 for The Proposition, especially if you enjoy films with their own soundtracks. Also, you mentioned Peter Weir but no one has mentioned Picnic at Hanging Rock (another film with great music). My favourite scene....