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  1. Slocombe

    Tip of the day.

    Ouch! I get why people graft onto these, but I refuse to use them.
  2. Slocombe

    Nangs: A guilty pleasure

    Never enjoyed nangs all that much myself. I reckon one of the hospital tanks would be different...
  3. Slocombe

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Check out this absolute legend https://www.sydneycriminallawyers.com.au/blog/my-moral-duty-to-rebel-an-interview-with-scientist-dr-martin-wolterding/
  4. Slocombe

    Looking for Mongy ABC

    Without risk there is no reward. Even if you found someone living in the ACT giving away cannabis seeds for free, it would be against the law.
  5. Slocombe

    Looking for Mongy ABC

    humboldtcsi allegedly
  6. Slocombe

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    Nicotine shouldn't be underestimated, but I'd never compare it to being stoned. If I have a cigarette now (especially if I'm pissed) it blows me away. When I did smoke it almost felt like nothing, BUT if I didn't have it the cravings were overwhealming. I reckon the drugs that don't 'feel' like they are doing anything once you've got a habit are the most addictive.
  7. Slocombe

    Why isn't this site using https yet?

    On my PC it's loading as https but now also saying https hasn't been fully implemented "Parts of this page are not secure (such as images). On mobile it is using http...
  8. Slocombe

    Why isn't this site using https yet?

    So I'm either tripping or we have https now
  9. Slocombe


    Bump. ABC seems to be making a resurgence.... but I can't justify the cost myself. Allegedly this is a stable improvement on the original. https://humboldtcsi.com/product/subterfuge-1/
  10. Slocombe

    Youtube vids

    Anyone come across this? www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ose8u5egtA
  11. Very cool... "Scientists are constantly re-discovering knowledge that others have not had the time to publish and improving existing methods without the ability to share the improvements. Our mission is to change this with a free, up-to-date, crowd-sourced protocol repository for researchers." http://www.protocols.io
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eD0XcqhUXM
  13. Slocombe

    Looking for Sage clones

    Woolies Isle 6. Salvia recognita is my second favourite as far as sage goes.