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  1. Slocombe

    Happy COVID Party 2020

    I'm shitting bricks.
  2. Slocombe

    Home brew.

    Two tips: 1. Over a decade ago, I made a single long neck of my own "champagne" from supermarket grapes. Never again - the entire contents exited the bottle on opening, so don't do that. 2. Everyone needs to play Russian Roulette at least once in their life. When bottling your home brew, cut up a superhot and put it one or two of the bottles (make sure you can't tell which one). This game is best played with friends and housemates.
  3. Is the facebook group taking up the mods time/distracting from this forum? I recognise it takes alot of work to keep a forum like this going, but it'd be a shame to see it wither away, (or worse) or be pulled offline altogether. There's so much good information here I'd hate to see that happen. Plus, the forum offers a level of pseudoanonymity that just isn't available on facebook.
  4. Sounds like a useful last resort. In most cases it's probably better to ride it out no matter how difficult, but there are other cases where it is better to stop the ride.
  5. I'm sure this movie doesn't quite fit with the rest, but 'gone girl' left me traumatised.
  6. Slocombe

    QLD Parliament epetition to legalise cannabis

    Would sign, but I don't live in Queensland. I don't care which State is the first to legalise since I reckon the rest will fall like dominoes once they see the revenue. There's also a sense of being 'left behind' in State politics (except for WA which has always been happy being different).
  7. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-07/ato-seize-and-destroy-millions-worth-of-black-market-tobacco/11943500?pfmredir=sm
  8. Slocombe

    Trichs now not allowed on eBay?

    "Dangerous new African drug turns people into sex fiends"
  9. Slocombe

    Tip of the day.

    Ouch! I get why people graft onto these, but I refuse to use them.
  10. Slocombe

    Nangs: A guilty pleasure

    Never enjoyed nangs all that much myself. I reckon one of the hospital tanks would be different...
  11. Slocombe

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Check out this absolute legend https://www.sydneycriminallawyers.com.au/blog/my-moral-duty-to-rebel-an-interview-with-scientist-dr-martin-wolterding/
  12. Slocombe

    Looking for Mongy ABC

    Without risk there is no reward. Even if you found someone living in the ACT giving away cannabis seeds for free, it would be against the law.
  13. Slocombe

    Looking for Mongy ABC

    humboldtcsi allegedly