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  1. Erewin

    Giveaway - Arnica montana seed

  2. Erewin

    Ethanol inquiry

    As Gimli said, for what use? It all depends on what you are trying to extract. For general use, brandy is a good solvent. It is about 35% alcohol, which is the proportion of ethanol to water herbalists use for most tincture making. For extracting more difficult constituents such as resins you need to raise the ethanol fraction of the solvent, sometimes up to 95%. To get ethanol you need an ethanol license & to get an ethanol license you have to have a darned good reason i.e. be a registered herbalist & then you have to keep a log of your use. So no recreational use there. Anything else I might recommend would be illegal, so let's leave it at that.
  3. Erewin

    Rosa gallica officinalis seeds

    Oh thanks again. I've just figured that out ... dur.
  4. Erewin

    Rosa gallica officinalis seeds

    Wow. That was quick. Thanks, found it!! How do you PM people? I'm not very familiar with this website.
  5. Erewin

    anyone grow roses and have seed?

    Hi. I have some Rosa gallica officinalis bushes that have rose hips on them at the moment. The seed won't be viable until the first frosts, so if you are willing to wait ... let me know.
  6. I was idly looking through the posts & my eye fell upon a relatively recent post by someone wanting rose seeds. I logged in & was redirected miles from the post I wanted to post on & couldn't find it again. Hopefully whoever posted that will read this: I have some Rosa gallica officinalis plants with rose hips on them right now. The thing with using rose seeds as opposed to cuttings is that they may produce 'sports' (different types from the parent plant) plus I've never had much luck getting the seeds to grow. But if you're willing to wait until after the first frosts, which is when the seeds will be viable, I'm happy to send you some. R. gallica off. is the "Apothecary's Rose"; it is an ancient single flowering rose, first introduced into Britain by the Romans. It is one of the major scent roses & still used in perfumery. As far as I know the best way to extract the scent is by enflurage. Cheers.