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  1. i ended up going with amscope but a diff model. this one 》http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=200838534833&category=48741&pm=1&ds=0&t=1432868259951 i like the idea of led and is cheaper. im keen for one with the extra 20x eyepiece that goes up to 2000x because i want to have the 800x option over 400/ 600. i doubt ill bother with the 2000x as itll be nothing pretty colours to me
  2. this one: http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/141669638751 or this one: http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/331541328390 i dont need anything fancy. just want to be able to see spores and have some nerdy fun ;)
  3. thats ok! haha, i was wondering what was going on.i do like that option though
  4. yeah.. now to the og question at hand.. which is better out of those two links in my first post?
  5. cool. ive got a little pocket one but wondering - what do u think of the ones in the link above?
  6. Laila

    Piper Longum

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone has a piper longum plant (indian long pepper) theyd be willing to share a cutting or seeds from. Alternatively, if you know where to purchase in spice or seed form in QLD your wisdom would be highly regarded.
  7. Laila

    PLease help my buddie start her trade

    Cool Mad style
  8. Heres an interesting article. http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20141221-truffles-contain-bliss-molecule 'Maccarrone believes truffles use it to attract animals to eat their fruiting bodies, so that their spores are spread more widely and they have a better chance of reproducing.' I wonder if there are other fungi/ plants that rely on humans in particular to spread spores/ seed.
  9. Laila

    Share the good movies youve seen

    I just watched a newish movie called THE ZERO THEORUM good watch. really quirky, colourful and imaginative and slightly depressing due to its exageration of the pains of living in a man made world https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rae7_O_6EtU
  10. Laila

    truffles contain 'bliss' molecule

    Perhaps the fact that we are tool users plays into it. Maybe its a desired food that is poisonous to all animals in its natural state but weve evolved with it over time.
  11. Laila

    truffles contain 'bliss' molecule

    Haha, probably ;) Yeah we do eat a large variety of plant/ fungi.. could it be said that there are no plants/ fungi that we are able to consume that other animals can not.. (note, a big mac doesnt produce a seed)
  12. Laila

    truffles contain 'bliss' molecule

    I guess itd also be a question of what seeds or spores can survive the human digestive tract
  13. Laila

    truffles contain 'bliss' molecule

    Lol, I was just sitting on the couch thinkin bout this post I made and had similar thoughts. I came back to reword my question to 'I wonder what other plants rely on humans to spread their seed'. Editing.... now
  14. I have a collection it seems, some less weird than others.. I'll start from the earliest. When I was born my mum n dad took me home to the new house they had just moved into. It had a fire place with an old rocking chair already there. Mum used to rock in front of the fire while she was feeding me. One day the fire just burst out of the fireplace at both of us and then she started singing a song that she says she didnt know the words to, then the fire came out again and she got up and left the room totally freaked out, aware of everything that had happened. mum says she remembers it clearly and dad backs up the follow up. Which involved them bumping into the landlord and telling him what happened who sang the song back to them explaining that their mother had just died in that house and used to sing that song while rocking in front of the fireplace... apparently, a true story. It freaked me the fuck out, when it was told to me AFTER i had a similar experience at 14 yrs old.. There were two weird bits to the 'Laila world tour of 95'. I was taught to meditate at an early age and had jusy learnt a technique which was to help me to reach my spirit guides. I saw a vision of a 40 or so yr old man in the snow, the energy between us was pure and i felt extremely happy. He told me i would see him soon, his name was Frank and the number 54. I found out two weeks later we were going on a trip to the town where I was born in the UK, via LA in the U.S of A. I was already tripped out. so we arrived in LA and i was mentally refreshed, ahhh the feelin of travellin. It was my first stint. I was in a posi frame of mind but a bit tired. So i had a nap. We hadnt really experienced anything of America at this stage. So im in bed, then i sit upright and look at the TV. Totally aware of what im doing except its like im dreaming. Except the tv is turned off. I look at it, look at my brother, look back at it, then i point at the tv and just start screaming THE PRESIDENT IS DEAD arghhhhhharghh and like over the top bawling. My mum was in the shower and i just started banging like crazy on the bathroom door, like dramatically and tyrn i just fell back asleep in a heap outside the bathroom door. Then when i woke up and mum told me what happened, i could remember it all. Was so bizarre and i remember bring totally freaked out by my free use of the word 'president' when usually in that sense i would have said 'prime minister'. I always believed in ghosty stuff after that. Esp when mum told me about that rocking chair.. so we have a blast in the states blah blah and arrive in the UK. We stay at my nannas housr across the road from the cemetary. I used to stay with the granps when mum n dad had to work. My memories of walks in that cemetary when i was young with my grandad are skme of my favourite. All nature related. Finding frogs under rocks, and helping injured hedgehogs, watching helicopters land (maple tree seeds). Anyway one morning i went for a walk over there to sneak in a ciggie (haha teenage rebel) i sat on the edge of a grave and contemplated all that was happening in my life and finally the vision came into my mind, immediately the headstone caught my eye. His name was Frank and he died when he was 54 or in 54.. i cant remember. I should get that album out. It was a very reaffirming moment that meditation was more than my imagination.
  15. Laila

    Is your dog dangerous?

    Nooooo booboo! One of the last times i was at your place booboo lead me back. I walked too far n couldnt see the house, lucky for me the dogs knew the way. they were nothing but loving and so very obedient. This is so sad to hear. I just want to hurl some rotten eggs at the whinger.. not that it would help!
  16. This is the brand that ive used in cooking before. It says they use acacia aneura or mulga. Upon further inspection it says on wiki they used to make seed cakes from these. http://www.herbies.com.au/shop/product.php?productid=10087&cat=6&page=6
  17. We had a cat problem when we lived in the city. Would.not.stay.out.of.my.yard i put a note on its collar saying something like your cat is scaring my birds to death, please keep him out of my yard. Then i noticed it didnt come around for weeks and i felt bad thinking about this animal being cooped up rather being in nature. When it finally turned up again i was relieved and kitty and I became friends. Even though im allergic
  18. http://www.davidallsop.net/exercise-study.html
  19. Laila

    Cannabis Australis ?

    I cant find anything when searching online for christopher poole, university of sydney, cannabis species. Is curious.. plus - $10k reward, yeah ok
  20. Laila

    Cannabis Australis ?

    Has someone already posted this? Apologies if so http://higherperspective.com/2015/01/cannabis-australia.html?utm_source=HP
  21. T, I totally forgot I had downloaded this and just started reading (6 months after the fact, lol). The 2nd para is telling me this book is for me and the time is right to read. Thanks again
  22. What a legend! Hahaa! Great dance moves too https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ULLbBaU3NDM