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  1. Fractikat

    Bulk Acacia Acuminata seeds for trade.

    Hello there do you still have seeds? I would be real keen on a trade of sorts if that is still possible [:
  2. Fractikat

    Give away (assorted seeds) Haiku comp

    Drop of flame now falls Amidst darkness light recalls Lost arcane wonders Dreamscape of the minds Longing plant power's deep finds The ancients plunders
  3. Hello all [: This is my first thread here but I figured I would ask some of the peoples here. Does anybody have any terschekii or werdermannianus seeds or plants or even a cross of either with a scop? Been having a fantasy recently to one day have a cross of all three and due to the slow growing nature of some I figure I should probably get on the grow sooner rather than later. If not does anybody know of any good seed vendors that wouldn't have O.P. seeds of the terschekii or werdermannianus? Any help appreciated thanks [:
  4. Fractikat

    NZ Seed and plant trades - not buy and sell

    Hey just got authentication and I would love to get some rustica seeds and some viridis seeds if you would still have any spare? I have a bunch of trich seeds, Phalaris aquatica, Acacia longifolia, Peganum harmala, and a few others if your interested